Recently, SLAM! Wrestling teamed with Viewers Choice Canada to offer our readers a chance to interview TNA superstar Robert Roode. Here is the result of that fan question and answer session.

Robert Roode. Photo courtesy TNA.

1. Karen David — Halifax, Nova Scotia:
“Who was your hero growing up?”

Roode: “I grew up watching Hogan and Savage as a kid. As I looked to get into the business I focused more on the likes of Curt Hennig, Rick Rude, and Ric Flair,” he reminisced. “I liked especially how Mr. Perfect combined psychology, athleticism, and charisma. That’s what I wanted to develop.”

2. David Vigder — Ottawa, Ontario:
“How do you stand having a steel chair hit over your head?”

Roode: “(Laughs) Well it’s definitely not fun. You just try to avoid it and if it is coming then you brace yourself.”

3. Jane Cierpicki — Ottawa, Ontario:
“What is your favourite move?”

Roode: “My personal favourite is the Beer Money Suplex. As for all time favourite I’d go with the Styles Clash and[Samoa] Joe’s Muscle Buster … I’ve taken that one enough.”

4. Donald Phillips — Toronto, Ontario:
“Does your mother approve of your chosen vocation?”

Roode: “My mom and family were always supportive. It’s tough for my mom to watch my matches though.”

5. Grant Zwarych — Peterborough, Ontario:
“Which independent wrestler should TNA sign that would succeed in the current TNA booking philosophy?”

Roode: “I’m not overly familiar with the indy scene right now since I don’t wrestle on it. The TNA office has asked me in the past who I thought would be good for a tryout. Probably some Ring Of Honor guys.”