The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have released two more DVDs entitled The Very Best of GLOW Volume 3 and 4. These are no different than the first two volumes, and so go with the same feeling on whether to purchase these, if you even saw them.

Ursula Hayden, owner of GLOW, also wrestled as Babe the Farmer’s Daughter. Her character appeared on the later seasons of GLOW, and thus all four “Best of” DVDs have been from her seasons. She has been featured at least once on each volume. So if you remember Godiva, Beastie and Cheyenne Cher, then these DVDs are for you. But if you want to see Matilda the Hun, Susie Spirit and Americana, then you won’t find them here. There is some crossover, as you see some girls who were carried over from the first few seasons like Hollywood and Col. Ninotchka.

The DVDs basically consist of one weekly episode of GLOW, and does not truly depict a true “Best of” by any means. This is done partially because Hayden owns very little original footage.

It shows.

Either the transfer was done poorly or these DVDs were not taken from the originals. The quality is not what you would normally expect on a DVD. It is possible the transfer to digital was done poorly.

But overall, the DVDs are filled with action you would expected from GLOW. Odd characters, weird skits, horrible wrestling and confusing booking is what made GLOW a cult favorite. In the 1980s, besides the odd outfits and hair, many of the ladies involved were actors trying to break into Hollywood. So the attractiveness is there on many of the girls. Mix in sexier outfits than other professional women wrestlers were wearing (like the WWE and AWA), and it drew a large male audience.

A big disappointment came when fans turned in for Season Three of GLOW. Most of the characters they remembered were gone. Behind the scene a dispute over money led a lot of girls to leave to form POWW with Producer David McClain. Those left in charge created characters that closely resembled those who left. New cheerleaders, new Patriot, new large heel, new country girls and so on were ripped off. This sort of lack-of-creativeness often failed in promotions like the WWE with wrestlers like Corp. Kirschner who was created to replace Sgt. Slaughter after Slaughter left for the AWA. Fans saw Kirschner as a ripoff and were never gave him a chance. He did not last long.

The large change of characters confused fans largely because not just one or two girls left, but all but a handful left. It was like starting from scratch. The writers for the show should have used those who stuck around as the basis for the show, keeping those who followed the first seasons familiar with the product, and slowly mixing in the new characters with the established stars.

Also, as the show started to die and was on its last legs, writers introduced a segment featured on most episodes of the fourth and last season of GLOW entitled “Life in the GLOW House.” The segment often slowed down the pace of the wrestling show, lasting an entire segment of the show (sometimes 10 minutes or longer). The basic storyline was all the wrestlers were living under one house. This might have worked if the often lame and unfunny “Hee Haw” type humor did not dominate the segment. Storylines are needed for the show, but it hurts the show when a large portion of the show is a giant skit which did not further or produce any storylines for the ring. The entire concept might have worked better as it’s only special instead of spreading it over in small segments over the course of months. They segment seemed to be made almost out of desperation for the showing dropping in ratings and being moved to odd times across the country.

Match listing for Volume 3:

  • Daisy vs. Vicky Victory
  • Big Bad Mama and Mtv vs. Mt. Fiji and Zelda
  • Beastie vs. Cheyenne Cher
  • Godiva vs. Ninotchka
  • Beastie and Star vs. Mt. Fiji
  • Big Bad Mama and Mtv vs. Cheyenne Cher and Vicky Victory

Match listing for Volume 4:

  • Justice vs. Big Bad Mama
  • Vicky Victory vs. Daisy
  • “Life in the GLOW House”
  • Cheyenne Cher and Vicky Victory vs. Beastie and Habanna
  • Street fight: Sally, Babe, Tiffany and Roxy vs. Godiva, Beastie, Hollywood and Mtv