The WWE DVD compilations on Rey Mysterio have been pretty good, but a new Big Vision Entertainment DVD featuring a handful of Rey’s matches pre-ECW, WCW and WWE south of the border in Mexico is as good, if not better, than the WWE’s pair.

There is no documentary on this DVD, entitled Before They Were Stars: Rey Misterio, Jr., and that may be its one flaw. And calling it a flaw might be unfair because the matches featured tell a story all their own.

Taped commentary does accompany each match and this is a positive of the DVD. Kris Kloss, he of Wrestling Society X fame, calls the matches with Mexican legend Manny Peeples, whose Spanish accent seems a sham. Larry Rivera (XPW) and the legendary lawsuit-seeking Konnan call the matches in Spanish.

One unique part of this DVD is that the matches are viewed from just a single hard camera. There’s probably not a ton of room for other cameras in the old bull rings and “auditorios” where the matches happen. The referees are a sideshow in the matches and usually allow weapons and interference. Peeples asks repeatedly what the refs are doing. His pseudo-accent, though, is pretty hilarious. As in Cheech and Chong hilarious.

The six matches include:

  • Rey & El Torrero vs. Jerry Estrada & Negro Aztecas
  • Rey vs. Juventud Guerrera (two epics)
  • Rey & Octagon vs. KGB & Pentagon
  • Rey, Super Calo & Leon Negro vs. Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis & Halloween
  • Rey, Super Calo & Leon Negro vs. Los Hombres De Ex

In looking at that list, this DVD offers several other treats in older matches of Psicosis and Juventud Guerrera, as well as Super Calo and Leon Negro.

Watching Rey wrestle nowadays, when he’s not injured, is to some people a privilige. But after watching this compilation, his repertoire in WWE is very limited compared to what he used to do when working with fellow luchadors.

Extras on this single disc include four non-Rey bonus matches including Konnan, Damien 666, La Parka, Ultraman 2000 and more Juventud and Psicosis. Further bonus material is comprised of trailers for five other Big Vision wrestling DVDs.

On the surface, this DVD appears to be just a bunch of matches thrown together and that may very well be the case. But each match is unique on its own terms and this reviewer wishes wrestling like this would be available more readily in North America.

To summarize, this Rey DVD is on par with the WWE’s money makers and rightly so. In no uncertain terms, Before They Were Stars: Rey Misterio, Jr. is a simple DVD, but very well done. If it’s not part of your collection, it should be. It’s that good.