With the recent string of suspensions, WWE has been given no choice, but to rush talent back from the injury reserves. At Summerslam, Triple H and Rey Mysterio made their returns to the ring, but at Unforgiven, it was “The Deadman” that stepped back into the squared circle and ironically enough, cast a bright light on an otherwise dim PPV.

For the past couple of weeks, signs have been evident of The Undertaker’s impending return. Between the mounds of sand and the fire engulfed symbols, WWE made it quite clear that he would walk again, and that he did. After a PPV filled with lackluster matches, The Undertaker made his grand return.

Granted, his match-up with Mark Henry wasn’t a classic by any measure, but the return itself, entrance included, was one of the few bright points of Unforgiven. After a back and forth encounter, much like their one at Wrestlemania 23, The Undertaker was able to send Mark Henry on his last ride. In his post match celebration, Undertaker symbolically showed his next target was the Heavyweight champion — himself newly crowned on this night.

Going into Unforgiven, The Great Khali appeared dominant, but whenever he gets on a roll, WWE finds a way to slow him down. After using his vice grip to destroy Rey Mysterio and Batista, Khali fell to defeat after a double team effort took him down and allowed Batista to reclaim his title. As was to be expected, this match, much like many others on the PPV didn’t have the PPV feel to it and was decent at best.

WWE Unforgiven 2007 Report

The show began with hype for The Undertaker’s return. Joey Styles and Tazz kicked off Unforgiven and recapped CM Punk’s ECW title win.

Match One – ECW Championship Match – CM Punk (C) vs. Elijah Burke

It’s a wonder the ECW brand hasn’t folded up yet. There is no sense of flow, rhyme or reason with anything that goes on in ECW. This match was solid, but nothing special. Punk and Burke have had better matches on Sci-Fi. The end result was a surprise rollup that caught Burke off guard and kept the title around the waist of “The Straight Edge Superstar.”

Winner Via Pinfall at 12:00 min and STILL ECW Champion – CM Punk

Match Rating – 6/10

Michael Cole and JBL were on deck next as they did some hyping for the WWE Tag Team Championship encounter between Deuce and Domino and MVP and Matt Hardy.

Match Two – WWE Tag Team Championship Match – Matt Hardy and MVP (C) vs. Deuce and Domino w/ Cherry

This was an okay match, MVP played off his dislike for Hardy, even walking out on him at one point, however MVP came to his senses and returned to the ring, only to be forcefully tagged in and unleashed on the former champs. In a bit of sweet revenge, MVP hit the Ballin’ elbow drop, only to be sent out of the ring by his partner, as Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and got the pin. After the match, Hardy held all the gold and mocked MVP. This has been a good feud.

Winners Via Pinfall at 9:20 min and STILL WWE Tag Team Champions – Matt Hardy and MVP

Match Rating – 5.5/10

Rey Mysterio was shown in the back talking about how he was still in pain, but he promised to prove the naysayers wrong and capture the World Heavyweight title.

Match Three – No Disqualification Match – Triple H vs. Carlito

Well this ending wasn’t hard to predict. Carlito basically pounded the tar out of Triple H, hitting him with an array of foreign objects including powder that surprisingly, or not so surprisingly had a reverse effect on Triple H, firing him up. He went to use a chair, but the ref pulled it away, giving Triple H the opportunity to connect with a low blow and a Pedigree for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall at 10:40 min – Triple H

Match Rating – 5.5/10

Batista was on the promo stage next to say that he was going to walk out of Unforgiven a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. A package was then shown for the Candice Michelle vs. Beth Phoenix Womens title encounter.

Match Four – WWE Women’s Championship Match – Candice Michelle (C) vs. Beth Phoenix

Candice is getting better, which is a good sign. Beth seems to have been handed down the task of pulling off a Chyna/psycho Victoria character, whereas Candice has a techno-themed entrance that is reminiscent of “Dancing” Victoria. Beth is very talented and with any luck will take the title off Candice, however, not at Unforgiven, as a backslide took Beth down and kept her pinned for the three.

Winner Via Pinfall at 7:18 min and STILL WWE Womens Champion – Candice Michelle

Match Rating – 4/10

The Great Khali was in the back with Todd Grisham who got to check out Khali as his little sidekick handed him a cantaloupe with a Rey Mysterio mask and watermelon, to which Khali squeezed both until they erupted. Pretty cool way to get Khali over.

Match Five – World Heavyweight Championship Match – The Great Khali (C) vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

This wasn’t a bad match, better than expected. Khali showed his strength, but the quickness and power of Mysterio and Batista combined was too much for the giant, who succumbed to the Drop of the Dime, a Batista Bomb on Mysterio to his stomach and then a devastating Spinebuster, making Batista a three-time World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Mysterio showed his appreciation and clapped for Batista.

Winner Via Pinfall at 8:10 min and NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Batista

Match Rating – 6/10

They recapped the Vince McMahon Bastard Son angle. Hornswoggle McMahon, ha ha. In the back, Batista and Triple H met up and hugged. Triple H then told Batista that it was one thing to win a title, but it was another thing to keep it.

Match Six – World Tag Team Championship Match – Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (C) vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick

This was a good match as both teams have been really solid and consistent. After some back and forth action and a few near falls, Cade and Murdoch were able to scurry away with another victory over London and Kendrick. WWE better keep this feud going as it keeps getting better and better.

Winners Via Pinfall at 12:00 min and STILL World Tag Team Champions – Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch

Match Rating – 6/10

A package was shown hyping the John Cena/Randy Orton feud. John Cena Sr. was shown at ringside.

Match Seven – WWE Championship Match – John Cena (C) vs. Randy Orton

Cena went ballistic on Orton and wound up getting disqualified, which by all rights was a terrible finish. After the match, Randy Orton was able to put down Cena by guzzling him over the top rope. He then threw Cena Sr. over the rail on his neck. Cena ran out out and defended his father, by putting Orton in the STFU and letting Cena Sr. kick him silly. Great kick.

Winner Via Disqualification at 7:33 min – Randy Orton

Match Rating – 5/10

After being escorted to the back by security, Jonathan Coachman caught up with John Cena Sr. and told him that because of his actions, Randy Orton deserved a rematch at No Mercy, and it was going to be a Last Man Standing match. John Cena then ran in and said that if Coach messed with his dad, he was messing with him, he then proceeded to toss Coach away and leave with his father.

Match Eight – The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

The Undertaker has always been great when it comes to his entrances. The match wasn’t stellar, but at least it was decent. Henry showed some added agility and was able to fend of ‘Taker for a bit, however, the Last Ride was enough to put him away and send ‘Taker back on his quest for gold.

Winner Via Pinfall at 11:58 min – The Undertaker

Match Rating – 5.5/10

Overall PPV Rating – 5.5/10

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