TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view this Sunday is an impressive milestone for the rebel wrestling promotion. Returning to the great state of Tennessee and where it all began five years ago, the once struggling federation has come a long way since hosting shows at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

While some will be pulling out the party hats and noise makers, “Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm will be celebrating by doing what he does best: beating the living crap out of someone.

“Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm – courtesy

Well, that should be “someones” as his singles match against former NFL’er turned Tennessee sport talk radio host Frank Wycheck has been changed to a tag match pitting Storm and the returning Ron “The Truth” Killings against Wycheck and Jerry Lynn. While he is somewhat disappointed that he will not get the chance to show that he carry a match alone with a non-wrestler, Storm is looking forward to paying Wycheck back for the guitar shot he received at the Slammiversary press conference and teaching Jerry Lynn to mind his own business.

“Jerry Lynn is a great wrestler. I have no beef with Jerry but now that he’s stuck his nose where it don’t belong, I am going to have to shut him up too,” Storm said during a media conference call Thursday.

Even though Storm also calls Tennessee home, he expects Wycheck will get all the cheers in the Municipal Auditorium this Sunday and that’s fine by him. It just another day at the office for Storm.

“I hate them just like I hate everybody else. It don’t matter where I go,” Storm joked and laughed. “Naw, it is my job to make people boo me and if I can do it very well in my home state then I am doing my job VERY well.”

On last week’s TNA television broadcast, Storm and his former America’s Most Wanted tag team partner “Wildcat” Chris Harris could not answer the referee’s 10 count after a bloody ringside brawl. In the end, both were disqualified from the King of the Mountain TNA World Heavyweight Title match at Slammiversary.

“Everyone wants to win the TNA World Title but this is my destiny right now to beat up Frank Wychek, who thinks he can come into pro wrestling and make a name for himself just because he was a football player. It ain’t gonna happen on my time,” Storm explained.

Considering it to be an honour to have been with TNA since its inception, Storm has many great memories over the last five years but nothing thus far tops the steel cage match America’s Most Wanted had against Triple X (Christopher Daniels and Elix Skipper) at Turning Point in 2004.

“That match raised the bar and set a standard for tag team wrestling, in my eyes. When we went to the back and all of the other workers were applauding. It made us feel really good,” he recalled.

Storm revealed that it was the decision of TNA management to break the America’s Most Wanted team up for the time being. He was a bit hesitant at first about striking out on his own but with all the accolades both wrestlers have received for their jaw-dropping Texas Death Match at Sacrifice, he is becoming more and more comfortable with his new-found role.

“When him (Chris Harris) and I get in the ring, we just like to kick the crap out of people so we love to kick the crap out of each other. It is kinda one of those brother things. I enjoy wrestling Chris a lot but if I ever catch him with his back turned I am gonna hit him again with a beer bottle,” Storm kidded.

When it comes to ideas that would enhance the company as it continues to garner more acclaim and success for being a welcome alternative to WWE programming, there are two things that stick out in Storm’s mind. The company desperately needs a mid-card championship like an Intercontinental or United States title belt and more television time wouldn’t hurt either.

“We do need another hour because our roster is full of wrestlers who can go out and perform at a high level,” Storm surmised. “An extra hour would give some of the other guys a chance to get on television and showcase their abilities.”