Imagine my surprise and elation when I was invited to the one-year anniversary party of The Fight Network in Toronto last week. My friend Mauro Ranallo is the new voice of The Fight Network, along with being the voice of Pride fighting, and it was great to see him and catch up on old times.

For those of you not in the loop, The Fight Network is a specialty channel here in Canada (for now) catering to — you guessed it — fights! It has contact sports TV shows, movies and news all the time. To say it is my favorite channel is to say that oxygen is my favourite breathing gas!

Featuring the best mixed martial arts, boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and everything else from around the world, it is impossible to turn on for a contact sport fan and not find something you like. Currently my favorite shows have been IVC MMA from Brazil which has some different rules (head butting is allowed and no gloves) which is both brutal and un-called (no play by play, so you can hear the corners and fighters), and ROH and NOAH wrestling which are both awesome products.

The party itself was what you might expect from a channel called The Fight Network, with lots of booze and some displays of kickboxing and MMA. They have a ring in the office! How sweet is that? As well, they have done a great thing in bringing on board as the face of The Fight Network and their MMA authority none other than former world champion (and one hell of a nice guy) “The Natural” Randy Couture. I had the extreme pleasure of meeting Randy at the party and cannot say enough nice things about the guy. I mean, I could take him, but I have nothing to prove. Heh.

But seriously I hope everyone out there, if they don’t already have a subscription make sure you get one, to the best thing on television. And best of luck to The Fight Network in its second year. I am sure it will grow in leaps and bounds.

* * *

I have been inundated lately with requests to train guys again and have finally found a suitable location to do so. So as of next week, I will be taking applicants for Devine’s Dungeon, in Oakville, Ontario, at Prime Time Fitness. For those of you available, there will be a meeting/assessment on Tuesday, October 10th at 6:30 p.m.

The training will cover all the bases as far as professional wrestling goes from the basics to flying, promos to backstage. There will be guest instructors as well as fitness and dieting classes, so that everyone can excel at presenting a complete package.

I will warn potential students now — I will not accept everyone as a student as I do not believe everyone deserves to be a wrestler. But for those of you who think you can hack it and have the right stuff, I encourage you to email me and make arrangements as soon as possible.

* * *

For those of you in the Rochester, NY area, check me out at Next Era Wrestling’s Ascension 2 at Clarkson-Sweden Community Center in Brockport, NY on Saturday, October 14th. As well I will be making my first GCW title defense in Oshawa, Ontario, on the Friday, October 13th at the Legion on Simcoe. My opponent will be my current TNA nemesis Chris Sabin, in what is sure to be a great challenge. More info can be found at

* * *

I hope to see you all at a show soon. Make sure you are supporting you local indies and watching TNA’s Impact Thursday and Saturdays on Spike TV. Remember we are moving to primetime in November and just signed the incomparable Kurt Angle, so things are really heating up! I will touch more on Kurt next week.

In the mean time and in between time, that’s it! Another Edition of Devine Intervention!

Bye Now