TNA’s April pay-per-view offering, Lockdown, is tomorrow, and to me, there are a slew of great matches that I will be watching closely.

The NWA title match of Christian Cage vs “The Monster” Abyss has had all the dramatic buildup a great title match needs. The star of this story so far has been the evil James Mitchell. His promos and maniacal manner have truly shone through as one of the best talkers and managers in recent memory. I truly feared for Christian’s wife whilst Abyss and Mitchell stalked and toyed with her. And a great aspect of this feud is the side of Christian fans are getting to see. The serious side. Until now fans have always thought of Christian as the fun-loving, sharp as a tack, five-second posing guy we all love. But now we get to see the deadly serious lengths to which Christian will go to protect his family and their safety.

The Wargames match between Sting and his team of AJ Styles, Rhino, and “The Truth” Ron Killings vs Jeff Jarrett, America’s Most Wanted and Scott Steiner is another match with a great build-up and fire to it — elements that have been lacking in so many storylines in wrestling as of late. Drama, suspense, real animosity, and a desire to see the other man come to harm! How many thrown-together feuds have we been subjected to as of late? Isn’t it nice to have a story to follow that we can get behind and see brought to an end, be it for good or ill? I certainly think so and I know there are fans like me out there who agree. Hooray for continuity!

There are a set of three other matches I will be watching with a special interest in the World X Cup tourney preview match, the Xscape match, and the Anthem match with Team Canada and Team 3D. All of which should be self explanatory. I will refrain from making any predictions at this time, except one: I am confident it will be the Canadian national anthem played at Lockdown.

I am also very curious as to whom will be Christopher Daniels opponent? Since losing the X title back to Samoa Joe, I know Daniels feels he has something to prove and will be taking his frustration out on whomever is in the ring with him. Mystery opponent, I feel for you.

I also feel for Sabu in a way. What did he do to deserve having to face the Samoan Submission Machine? I know Sabu is a lover of all things painful, but I’d be a little angry with Larry Z if I were him!!!

On the WWE front, apparently Palmer Cannon has quit the company due to taking some ribbing (hazing/joking) from the Smackdown crew, most notably JBL. No, I am not privy to how bad the ribbing was exactly — but if the guy quit over it, it must have been fairly bad. This business can be a harsh place for guys sometimes when they are thrown into a situation they are unaccustomed to. There is no remorse or pity for guys who quit because of ribs or practical jokes. I am curious what a guy like that would have done if he’d been in the locker room with a guy like The Dynamite Kid or Davey Boy Smith? Those guys played some of the harshest practical jokes I have ever heard of. My favorite is the time they set Stampede legend and mainstay Bob Johnson on fire! It is, of course, a story for another time but the point being I am pretty sure Palmer wasn’t set on fire, so really, how bad could it have been?

I have been known to play a rib or two in my time. Perhaps one of these days I will do a column about some of my favorites. I will warn you now though that they will be PG at best!

Well this week’s column is a little short. Things to do. Make sure you check out TNA’s Lockdown PPV this Sunday and watch Impact for the World X Cup matches. You might even see a familiar face! 😀

Support your local indies as always. Take care and be safe all.