TNA returned to PPV with cage matches galore. While contesting every match in a steel cage took away from the match over time, unique moves, brawling on the outside and different styles combining helped lead TNA to its third solid PPV in a row.

The stage was set, Lethal Lockdown made its debut at this year’s PPV. Earl Hebner was in the striped shirt as “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and “Wildcat” Chris Harris started the match off. For five minutes, the two duked it out back and forth, with both men hitting their finishers early on.

Earlier in the evening, Jarrett’s army won the coin toss, therefore, the next man to enter was none other than Harris’ tag team partner, “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm. As he was about to enter, Styles kicked the cage door back at him. Storm avoided catching it in the face, instead ducking it and allowing it to hit Gail Kim in the back of the head. AMW double teamed “The Phenomenal One.”

“The War Machine” Rhino was the next man to enter for Sting’s army. Rhino attempted to Gore Storm, but he was able to avoid it. With the clock winding down, Rhino and Styles knocked down both members of AMW and made way towards the entrance ramp to attack the next entrant, Jeff Jarrett.

Jarrett was able to once again use the numbers game to his advantage, and put Sting’s army back on the defensive. Jarrett suplexed Styles into the cage, but having seen that twice before on the PPV, the crowd didn’t give it the same reaction, a key example of too many cage matches being a bad thing. Ron “The Truth” Killings emerged from the back next, and landed a few punches and a flying forearm on AMW and Jarrett. Styles ascended the cage, but was caught by Storm and Jarrett who went to double suplex him. Killings and Rhino got underneath them in an electric chair drop position, while Harris got underneath them for a powerbomb, sending everyone across the ring and planting Styles on his head.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner came out next and began suplexing Sting’s army in every direction. Steiner continued his assault until Sting appeared and cleaned house, Stinger Splashing all four members of Jarrett’s army. Sting called for the weapons to be lowered, as pyro shot down from the structure.

Kendo Sticks and Trash can lids littered the ring, as both teams squared off with weapons in hand. Styles and Storm made their way to the roof of the cage and began fighting on top. Kim tried to climb the cage, but Styles prevented her from doing so, as Gayda pulled her skirt off. Jarrett tried to use a guitar, but Sting blocked it with his bat. Sting tried to hit Jarrett with a guitar of his own, but Steiner low blowed him.

On top of the cage, Styles set up a table and a ladder. Styles placed Storm on the table, climbed the ladder, hung from a metal structure and came crashing down on Storm, putting him through the table. At this point, nearly everyone involved was a bloody mess. Back in the ring, all six men went at it, with finishers galore. Harris caught Sting with the Scorpion Death Lock, but Sting reversed it into a Scorpion Death Lock of his own, forcing Harris to tap out and giving Sting’s warriors the victory.


The opening video was another step up production wise for TNA.

Match One – Six Man World X Cup Preview Match – Team Japan vs. Team USA

This was a terrific way to open the show. Plenty of action, a variety of triple team moves and combos that got the crowd off their feet. Alex Shelley stepped up to the plate and delivered alongside Sonjay Dutt and Jay Lethal, showing that teamwork between them can exist. Team Mexico came out midway through to survey the match, which saw Black Tiger drive Lethal with a Tiger suplex after a miscommunication with Shelley. Team Japan picked up the win and the momentum going into the World X Cup.

Winners Via Pinfall – Team Japan

Match Rating – 8/10

Mike Tenay and Don West joined us from ringside to talk about the rest of the PPV, before sending us backstage to Jeremy Borash. Borash interviewed Team 3D about their match with Team Canada. After 3D expressed their hatred for the Canadians, they stormed off as TNA Commissioner Larry Zybysko stepped in. Zybysko questioned Borash about the big announcement TNA Management was making later on, but he couldn’t find any answers.

Match Two – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Low Ki

Low Ki changed his name, but due to spelling issues, I am not sure exactly the right way to write it out, so Low Ki will have to do. This was a more mat based match-up, with a plethora of chops being dished out. Ki used his patented kicks to gain an edge on his former partner, but a suplex and BME from Daniels left Ki hurtin’ for certain. Daniels attempted to hit the Angels Wings, but it was reversed with Low Ki using the ropes for leverage to pick up the win.

Winner Via Pinfall – Low Ki

Match Rating – 6/10

In the back, Jeremy Borash spoke with The James Gang, who told LAX to prepare for a strappin’.

A music video of their feud played and again the question arose, why are they having a steel cage arm wrestling match?

Match Three – Arm Wrestling Match – Konnan w/ Homicide and Hernandez vs. “Bullet” Bob Armstrong w/ The James Gang

Konnan grabbed a mic and cut a promo on Armstrong, claiming he would not be able to beat him in an arm wrestling match. Well, he was wrong. As per the new stipulation, BG grabbed a mic and proceeded to taunt LAX as the whipped them with leather straps. I broke out the Steel Cage Arm Wrestling Match Rating’s guide and determined that giving this thing any points would be a crime.

Winner – “Bullet” Bob Armstrong

Match Rating – 0/10

Jeremy Borash joined us once again with Team Jarrett, who declared that they were ready to take out Sting’s warriors. Larry Zybysko barged into the room and questioned Jarrett about TNA Management’s big announcement. Jarrett told Zybysko to ask the Hebners about it, which sent Zybysko off, still begging to get an answer.

Match Four – X Division X-Scape Match – “Primetime” Elix Skipper w/ Simon Diamond vs. Petey Williams w/ Coach Scott D’Amore vs. Puma vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy vs. Chris Sabin

Shark Boy wrestled for most of the early part of the match, getting in a good amount of offense, however, in the midst of all the action, he got caught and planted with a Canadian Destroyer for the one-two-three.

Elimination One Via Pinfall – Shark Boy

Williams and Sabin continued to do battle, as Chase Stevens did a shooting star press off the top of the cage. Let’s hope Andy Douglas comes back, as Stevens really doesn’t have any purpose anymore. Once he got back to his feet, Skipper hit the Emerald Fusion for the three count.

Elimination Two Via Pinfall – Chase Stevens

D’Amore and Diamond had a gameplan to keep their two men in there the longest, but this plan was messed up, as Williams rolled up Skipper for a cheap three count. D’Amore and Diamond were about to go at it, as Williams sent Skipper to the outside and onto Diamond.

Elimination Three Via Pinfall – “Primetime” Elix Skipper

Puma turned into a Cradle Shock, and joined Skipper on his way to the back.

Elimination Four Via Pinfall – Puma

Sabin and Williams fought to the top of the cage. D’Amore kept Sabin from jumping to the floor, as Williams made it over the top. The two men fought on the side of the cage, with Sabin knocking Williams off and onto D’Amore’s shoulders. With Williams still not touching the floor, Sabin jumped and picked up the win.

Winner – Chris Sabin

Match Rating – 6/10

Jeremy Borash stood in a dark area of the arena to interview “The Monster” Abyss and Father James Mitchell. Mitchell promised Doomsday for Christian Cage, as Abyss grunted in agreement.

A music video and the X-Factors led us into the X Division Championship match.

Match Five – TNA X Division Championship Match – “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe (C) vs. “The Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal” Sabu

Sabu used his chair/springboard legdrops to gain an advantage on Joe, but Joe used Sabu’s broken arm to bring him right back down. Sabu went to the well once to often and got met with a steel chair to the face and a Muscle Buster for the three count. Big disappointment.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL TNA X Division Champion – “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe

Match Rating – 5/10

Jeremy Borash caught up with Team Canada, who proudly sang their national anthem in the back. They were interrupted by Larry Zybysko, who again asked about TNA Management’s big announcement. D’Amore acknowledged the fact that he knew about it, but wasn’t going to tell Zybysko anything, as he and his teamed stormed off singing their national anthem.

They played a music video which led us into…

Match Six – Anthem Match – Team Canada (“Showtime” Eric Young, “The Canadian Enforcer” Bobby Roode and A-1) w/ Coach Scott D’Amore vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray, Brother Devon and Brother Runt)

What did you think of TNA Lockdown?
Thumbs up – 40%
Thumbs down – 6%
It was okay – 7%
Didn’t see it – 47%

Team 3D held nothing back in this one, delivering plenty of 3D’s to all the members of Team Canada. On one occasion, they had the flag and technically won the match, however, the referee was knocked out and the capture did not count. Team Canada took the flag and put it back in its holder, and the match continued. D’Amore hit the gatekeeper with a steel chair and slid a table into the ring. Eric Young attempted to elbow drop Devon through it, but missed, allowing 3D to regain control and capture the flag once again. D’Amore entered the ring after the match and took a 3D of his own as the National Anthem rang through the Impact Zone with the American Flag raised high.

Winners Via Capturing the Flag – Team 3D

Match Rating – 6/10

Mike Tenay and Don West began talking about the upcoming Title match, when they were interrupted by the debuting Christy Hemme. Hemme delivered an envelope that contained the big announcement from TNA Management. Tenay announced that there was going to be a complete overhaul of TNA’s corporate department, and the first order of business was putting Larry Zybysko on probation due to questionable activities. Zybysko came out whining, as Tenay announced the second order of business was the re-enstating of Raven. Raven came out and chased Zybysko as security broke the two up.

Jeremy Borash attempted to interview Christian Cage, but the champ had nothing to say.

A music video and the tale of the tape led us into…

Match Seven – NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match – “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage (C) vs. “The Monster” Abyss w/ Father James Mitchell

This match started off on the entrance way, with Cage tackling Abyss and the two men fighting throughout the crowd. Cage and Abyss used the cage door to attack one another. Cage hit a frogsplash from the top of the cage, but it wasn’t enough to put away “The Monster.” Referee Andrew Thomas got caught up in the action and clotheslined by Abyss. Thumbtacks came into play, with Abyss getting powerbombed off the top into them. After Thomas was chokeslammed into the cage, Mark “Slick” Johnson came out next to referee the remainder of the match. The Black Hole Slam mustered only a two count, as more thumbtacks were brought into play. Abyss attempted to put Cage into them, but an Unprettier into the tacks was enough to put this one in the bag for Cage. After the match, Cage went to attack Mitchell, but Abyss stopped him and busted him open, before choking him out with his chain and stealing the belt.

Winner Via Pinfall and STILL NWA World Heavyweight Champion – “Captain Charisma” Christian Cage
Match Rating – 8/10

Jeremy Borash interviewed Sting’s warriors who promised to destroy Jarrett’s army.

A music video led us into…

Match Eight – Lethal Lockdown – Jarrett’s Army (Jeff Jarrett, “Wildcat” Chris Harris, “The Tennessee Cowboy” James Storm and “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner) w/ Gail Kim and Jackie Gayda vs. Sting’s Warriors (Sting, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Ron “The Truth” Killings and “The War Machine” Rhino)

p>Winners Via Submission – Sting’s Warriors (Sting, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles, Ron “The Truth” Killings and “The War Machine” Rhino)

Match Rating – 8/10

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