BUFFALO – A wrestling ring in right field can only mean one thing…it’s time for the BallPark Brawl! Chris Hill (promoter) and company returned for another year to Dunn Tire Park to host BallPark Brawl IV Friday Night Smash! With a packed crowd and the rain holding off, let’s go to the recap.

BallPark Brawl IV Results:

Jordan Olivencia opened things up by singing the National Anthem.

The biggest surprise of the night opened the show, as CM Punk made his way to the ring. Punk grabbed a mic and said that Teddy Hart couldn’t make the show, so he didn’t have a match for the night. This prompted “The Notorious 187” Homicide to make his way to the ring, and challenge Punk to a No DQ Match for later on in the evening.

Jennifer Blake stood by backstage with The Backseat Men who ran down the Western NY tag team division, saying there weren’t any tag teams up there that they had ever heard of.

Match One – The Backseat Men (Johnny Kashmere and Trent Acid) vs The Outkast Killaz (Diablo Santiago and Oman Tourtuga)

This was the first tag team match in BallPark Brawl history, and it was excellent. The match started off with The Outkast Killaz sending The Backseat Men into some compromising positions. Tourtuga was able to catch The Backseat Men with a tope con hilo to the outside. The match finished up with The Outkast Killaz hitting “The T Gimmick” on Tourtuga on top of Santiago for the one-two-three. After the match, The Outkast Killaz got up and double superkicked The Backseat Men as they got off the second ropes.
Winners Via Pinfall – The Backseat Men

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles came out and talked about how he was never pinned to lose the NWA World Heavyweight Championship or the TNA X Division Championship. He tells the crowd that he is The Natural Champion and that his match with “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels later on will be a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match.

Backstage, five of the men involved in the six-man scramble got into an argument, which led to Johnny Devine challenging “The Fabulous” John McChesney to a five minute challenge.

Match Two – Five Minute Challenge For A Spot In The Six-Man Scramble Elimination Match – “The Fabulous” John McChesney vs “Hot Shot” Johnny Devine w/ Coach Scott D’Amore

Another fast-paced match which saw Devine wearing down McChesney via a plethora of submission moves. McChesney got in some good offense and lasted the five minutes to defeat Team Canada’s “Hot Shot.”

Winner Via Lasting Five Minutes – “The Fabulous” John McChesney

Devine was in the ring still as The Ultimate Warrior’s theme music hit, but it wasn’t The Ultimate Warrior who came out, it was The Ultimate Striker. Striker cut a promo in The Warrior’s voice, and took time to catch his breath from running to the ring. This was pure gold, and it lead to…

Match Three – “Hot Shot” Johnny Devine w/ Coach Scott D’Amore vs The Ultimate Striker

Striker incorporated moves from The Great Muta as well, using the Cartwheel Elbow to the corner, and spitting the “Water Mist” in the face of D’Amore. Striker hit some clotheslines, a press slam, and splash for the win.

Winner Via Pinfall – The Ultimate Striker

Slyck Wagner Brown made his way to the ring accompanied by April Hunter. Slyck issued an open challenge to any Western NY talent. This led to…

Match Four – Slyck Wagner Brown vs Crazy Steve

Special Referee – April Hunter

Slyck Wagner Brown demolished him in under a minute.

Winner Via Pinfall – Slyck Wagner Brown

Slyck asked if that was it, but it wasn’t…

Match Five – Slyck Wagner Brown vs Dunn (From The Ring Crew Express)

Special Referee – April Hunter

Again Slyck made things look relatively easy and escaped another challenge.

Winner Via Pinfall – Slyck Wagner Brown

Match Six – Slyck Wagner Brown vs Ben Smythe

Special Referee – April Hunter

You guessed right. Slyck threw out some more moves out of his impressive arsenal and cleaned Smythe’s clock.

Winner Via Pinfall – Slyck Wagner Brown

Match Seven – Slyck Wagner Brown vs Damien Alexander

Special Referee – April Hunter

Slyck continued his path of dominance, advancing to 4-0 at the BallPark Brawl.

Winner Via Pinfall – Slyck Wagner Brown

Slyck again grabbed the mic and asked if that was it, which brought NWA Upstate promoter, Hellcat out with his new “Client,” “The Monster” Abyss. This brought us to…

Match Eight – Slyck Wagner Brown w/ April Hunter vs “The Monster” Abyss w/ Hellcat

Both men went at it until the referee was knocked out. April Hunter grabbed a chair, and mayhem ensued, as Hellcat’s belt was used as well, leaving the referee to call the match of and rule it a No Contest.

Winner – No Contest

Match Nine – Street Fight – Homicide vs CM Punk

This was just an absolute brawl that saw both men scrambling all around ringside and just pounding away at one another. The crowd was really into this one, letting CM Punk have it. Once the fight spilled back into the ring, Punk got the leverage, rolled Homicide up and hooked the tights for the three count.

Winner Via Pinfall – CM Punk

Match Ten – Six-Man Scramble Elimination Match – Petey Williams vs Chris Sabin vs Sean Spears vs Jay Lethal vs Roderick Strong vs Mastiff

Sean Spears was announced as being the newest member of Team Canada. The match was pretty solid with Spears getting kicked out of Team Canada during the match via a Petey Williams low blow. This was another match that had the crowd begging for more. Lethal, Spears, Strong and Mastiff would be great additions to the X Division, as they seemed to pair up pretty well with Williams and Sabin. In the end, it was Sabin who was able to outlast the other five men and pick up the victory.

Winner Via Pinfall – Chris Sabin

Match Eleven – Kid Kash vs “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

Kash and Rhodes played off one another, with Rhodes telling Kash that he wasn’t going to get his 15 minutes of fame, he was only going to get 14. Kash went to town on the legs of Rhodes, attempting to make “The Dream” tap out. Rhodes fought back to his feet and finished things up with a Bionic Elbow.

Winner Via Pinfall – “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

Johnny Puma was backstage with Ariel. He tried hitting on her, but got absolutely nowhere.

Match Twelve – April Hunter w/ Slyck Wagner Brown vs Ariel

Two tremendous women’s wrestlers that put forth a great match. The crowd was into this match from the beginning. Hunter went to finish off Ariel, but instead got caught, rolled up and pinned.

Winner Via Pinfall – Ariel

After the match, Slyck Wagner Brown jumped in the ring and proceeded to double team Ariel. Abyss and HellCat came out, Slyck then threw April into The Black Hole Slam, as HellCat grabbed a mic and said that at the August 13 BallPark Brawl, it will be Abyss vs Slyck Wagner Brown in a strap match. Slyck said that if he wins, he gets Abyss’ mask, to which they agreed on.

Backstage “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels cut a promo on his main event 2-out-of-3 Falls Match for the Natural Heavyweight Championship, saying that the first fall must be by submission and the second fall must be by pinfall.

Match Thirteen – 2-out-of-3 Falls BallPark Natural Heavyweight Championship Match – “The Phenomenal” AJ Style (C) vs “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Jimmy T, a local DJ did the guest Ring Announcing for this match. These two men played the crowd big time. A lot of good chain and mat wrestling, mixed with some action outside of the ring really made for a good way to end the show. The fans got a little bit of everything and got their fair share of involvement. In the end, Daniels, through great cheating, hooked the tights of Styles for a three count to become the new BallPark Brawl Natural Heavyweight Champion.

1st Fall – “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

2nd Fall – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

3rd Fall – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Winner Via Pinfall and NEW BallPark Brawl Natural Heavyweight Champion – “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Another successful BallPark Brawl. You can look all over the Indy scene and not find a card to match up to these BallPark Brawl cards. The venue is nice, the wrestling is great, it’s just an experience unlike any other. If you haven’t already done so, make plans to visit Chris Hill and the gang for BallPark Brawl V “Bang! Bang!” on August 13 in Rochester, NY, and then again on August 14 in Buffalo, NY.

For more information on the BallPark Brawl visit www.BallParkBrawl.com

NOTE: SLAM! Wrestling will have a feature on promoter Chris Hill’s chaotic day backstage at BallPark Brawl in the coming days.