TNA has received a lot of criticism, as any wrestling promotion does, for some of their past poor pay per view efforts and matches. As last night’s “No Surrender” pay per view proved, however, when everything clicks they can put on a fantastic show that gives fans their money’s worth.

The main event dog collar match between NWA Champion Raven and Abyss was a bloody and violent encounter, as one would expect with those two in the ring. Weapons quickly came into play when Raven tossed chairs into the ring and pulled Abyss using the chain headfirst into one. Abyss fought back and laid Raven out on a stack of chairs, but missed a legdrop. Raven grabbed a staplegun and attached dollar bills to the challenger’s head, busting him open. Raven bled shortly thereafter as they brawled up the rampway and Raven sent Abyss crashing off the stage through tables. Back in the ring, Raven hit a bulldog and the Raven Effect DDT for a two count. Jim Mitchell, who made his presence known several times in the match, attacked Raven with a cane.

Abyss regained the advantage and pulled a (overused) bag of tricks out from under the ring filled with thumbtacks which he poured into the ring. Cassidy Riley, who looks like he may be the start of a new flock, hit the ring and tried to Powerbomb Abyss out of the corner onto the tacks, but Abyss fought out and chokeslammed Riley over the top rope through a table to the floor. Abyss went back to pound on Raven and was powerbombed onto the tacks for a two count. Abyss came back with the Black Hole Slam for another two before Raven finally scored the pin with the DDT on the tacks.

After the match, a bloody and exhausted Raven was confronted by Jeff Jarrett, who told Raven to turn around right into a gore by the debuting Rhino. Jarrett and Rhino then celebrated as the camera cut out.

On the undercard, fans are debating which bout was the best on the show. Three stand out as fantastic matches on a solid undercard — AJ Styles vs. Sean Waltman which was undoubtable Waltman’s best match in years, a hard-hitting match between Samoa Joe and Chris Sabin, and the X-division title tilt between champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels and Petey Williams.

Regardless of which match fans liked the most, everyone who paid for TNA’s “No Surrender” got their money’s worth and more.

Now if only every pay per view offering from every company could do that.

The next TNA Pay Per View is “Sacrifice” on August 14.

TNA “No Surrender 2005” Results

The intro ran, which apparently has backwards messages in it.

Match 1: America’s Most Wanted vs. Michael Shane and Alex Shelley

TNA tries to put out hot openers, and this was a fun, solid tag match to kick things off. Shane and Shelley had a matching color scheme on their tights. Part of the storyline of the match was that James Storm and Michael Shane are feuding over who has the best superkick. After some great ring action, things headed outside where Storm did a dive off the entrance onto Shelley. Tracy Brooks, who seconded Team Shhh low blowed Chris Harris, who backdropped out of Shane’s piledriver attempt on the floor. This resulted in Brooks being handcuffed to the post. After some more back and fourth, Storm superkicked Shelley for the pin, only to walk into Shane’s superkick.

Winners: America’s Most Wanted at 11:48
Rating: 7/10

They aired a clip from the pregame show with Jarrett arguing with Mike Tenay, saying that with all the WWE releases, TNA would be hiring a bunch of them and the first guy to be fired would be him. Right. And then Triple-H will ask for his release and join TNA as well. Team Canada was interviewed while preparing for their matches when Jarrett interrupted and asked for their support. Petey Williams said they had his back, but after Jarrett left, Bobby Roode made it clear that Jarrett was the last man they should trust.

Match 2: X-cup Qualifying Match — Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy vs. Elix Skipper vs. Mikey Batts.

TNA is doing another round of the Super X tournament, which should be a lot of fun. The winner of this one got an automatic entry. A fast-paced, fun spotfest with too much going on to recap properly. Early on Skipper went for the ropewalk rana and slipped, which was a very scary moment. In the end, Dutt hit the Hindu Press off the top onto Batts for the pin.

Winner: Sonjay Dutt at 8:22
Rating: 6/10

Shane Douglas interviewed Ron Killings and Konnan, who said they didn’t trust BG James anymore.

Match 3: Simon Diamond & David Young vs. Sonny Siaki & Apollo

Apparently Diamond is creating a stable of wrestlers with untapped potential, dubbed “The Diamonds in the Rough.” Cool name actually. David Young is the newest one, but it wasn’t enough as Siaki and Apollo, who have really gelled as a team, scored the duke when Apollo pinned Young.

Winners: Apollo and Siaki at 5:32
Rating: 4/10

Match 4: Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Tenay said Joe was 6’8″. That would make me 7′ tall. An awesome, awesome match that continues Joe’s TNA push while proving Sabin’s value. Sabin dropkicked Joe on the apron, resulting in the Samoan up against the post, where Sabin did a pull over dropkick that sent Joe crashing into the barricade. Joe hit a powerbomb and a number of submissions before Sabin came back and tried the Cradle Shock. Joe kicked Sabin in the head to break it, but Sabin came back with an enziguri and headed up top. Joe kicked him, connected with the musclebuster and finished Sabin off with the rear naked choke.

Winner: Samoa Joe in 14:00
Rating: 9/10

Match 5: Team Canada vs. Lance Hoyt and The Naturals

Hoytamania continues to run wild. A really good tag match, I kind of miss Scott D’Amore. Bobby Roode tossed the hockey stick to Jimmy Hart and then fell as if he had been hit, resulting in Hart being sent back to the locker room. He forgot his megaphone and the Canadians capitalized when Roode hit Douglas with Hart’s megaphone for the win.

Winners: Team Canada in 14:45
Rating: 7/10

Monty Brown and The Outlaw were interviewed. Since BG James’ family had been so good to him, he was changing his name to Kip James. Oook. Jarrett barged in and asked if they were with him, Brown reminded him their alliance was based on Brown getting a title shot, and that since Jarrett didn’t have the belt, it would be hard for him to meet his end of the bargain.

Match 6: Street Fight — Ron “The Truth” Killings and Konnan vs. Monty Brown and Kip James

The worst match on the show, a dull brawl that ended when Brown surprised Killings with a pounce for the pin. After the match BG James came out, took a chair, and then didn’t hit anyone. By the time there is a payoff on this angle no one will care.

Winners: Monty Brown and Kip James at 5:18
Rating: 3/10

A video recap with comments from Jerry Lynn ran to promote Waltman vs. Styles. Lots of history with Lynn for both men, leaving it up in the air if he could be unbiased.

Match 7: Sean Waltman vs. AJ Styles with guest referee Jerry Lynn.

Styles is still the MVP of TNA as his streak of great pay per view matches continued. Waltman was like the 123 Kid and X-pac of old, including busting out a sommersault dive off the top to the floor. Lynn called things down the middle as AJ hit the Styles Clash for a two count. Waltman came back with the X-factor for a two count of his own. Waltman tried to bring a chair into play, which Lynn removed and scolded him over. Styles hit a sunset flip, Waltman held the ropes, Lynn kicked his arms off and Styles rolled Waltman into the Styles Clash for the pin.

Winner: AJ Styles at 14:40
Rating: 8/10

Match 8: X-Division Championship — “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels (champion) vs. Petey Williams (challenger)

As usual with Petey’s matches things started fast with a series of moves culminating in a brutal powerbomb by Daniels on the outside, sending Petey’s back into the apron. Samoa Joe watched from the entrance as Petey locked on the sharpshooter, which Daniels escaped by getting to the ropes. Petey tried a Canadian Destroyer but Daniels blocked it. A-1 slipped Petey some brass knuckles but Daniels had his own set, blasted Petey and connected with the best moonsault ever to retain the belt.

Winner:… and still X-division champion… Christopher Daniels in 16:25
Rating: 8/10

Match 9: Dog Collar match for the NWA Championship — Raven (Champion) vs. Abyss (Challenger)

Winner:… and still NWA Champion… Raven at 19:20
Rating: 8/10

Overall event rating: 8/10

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    Sonjay Dutt leaps onto Sharkboy and Elix Skipper – courtesy TNAwrestling