It’s been said before “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Over the last two weeks there has been a rash of firings and a bunch of hirings. There some angles run that are good and some that are awful.

At last I heard 18 people lost their jobs at the WWE and there were a bunch that didn’t make the sheets. Wow. That’s a house cleaning. I wonder how many will turn up at TNA in three months when the 90-day clauses run out. Obviously there is all kinds of internet speculations and polls as to who should or shouldn’t be hired but it’s all speculation and opinion. With everyone chiming in, here is my two cents worth.

We will start with the obvious. The Dudleys would be a great addition and really add to the tag division in TNA. And it never hurts to have former champs helping younger talent learn and improve. Akio (James Yun) was a member of the Flying Elvis’s in the early days of TNA and could easily return and do well in the X division along with Kidman. An interesting idea would be for Kidman to come in and The Flock is reborn with some new members of course. Maven as a new heavyweight might be a good addition. There are a number of options TNA has as far as picking up these releases. Unless of course they are simply being set up into the new Matt Hardy anti-WWE storyline. It’s possible but as I see it not likely. But with wrestling you never can tell.

Speaking of the Matt Hardy storyline I have to say I really enjoyed the actual in ring appearance but thought the early backstage jumping was a surprise killer. If they had simply had him do the in ring I might have believed it was a shoot but the early warning killed it. The angle itself was pulled off exceptionally well with both Matt and Adam doing an excellent job and doing business. If they let this angle run right and use it to its full extent it has money all over it.

I was reading some internet stuff yesterday on the Death Valley Driver Board, the place populated by the “smartest” wrestling fans, and was amazed by the “sellout” venom that was spewing everywhere. So much “Matt Hardy=Sellout” crap!! How can these armchair quarterbacks fault a guy for making a living? What would be great is if Matt could respond to these jackoffs with a “No you’re a sellout. Working at Burger King just because they give you more hours than you could get at McDonalds. You putz!” Man that freakin makes me mad. Yeah you’re not allowed to MAKE money, just entertain us for free!! Dance Monkey Dance!!!!! Muah Ha HA HA HA!!

Whoa. Sorry. Just got carried away.

This Sunday is TNA’s July PPV offering in No Surrender and the card as it stands looks great! I would pay for this PPV if I wasn’t employed by them. Yeah … I know how stupid that sounds but it’s true. I think Raven and Abyss will be a lesson in psychological manipulation and violence. And the X title match between The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels and my captain Petey Williams will be off the hook. I can’t wait for the return to PPV of my hero Jerry Lynn. He has been training his ass off for a return and I’m sure will blow some minds.

Samoa Joe has really been cutting a swath through the roster since his debut but he will face his toughest challenge to date in Chris Sabin. I for one have been impressed with Joe and his puro strong style and look forward to facing him one day. I think that his impact on the heavyweight division will be immense and intense.

There will also be a couple new faces this Sunday that will really add to the overall show and I will tell you that there will be some interesting developments in the next couple weeks that will have people talking. But I am not at liberty to speak on such as yet. Everyone better keep checking the boards and news sites though because any day now things are going to be changing. Well I guess that’s enough for this week. I will try to be back next week with a review of No Surrender and an opinion on the next episodes of Raw and Smackdown. Untill then take it easy and remember. If you don’t like it, learn to love it because we’re Canadian and proud of it!