Well it’s all about “The Game”, or so it has seemed since 1999. Triple H has been obssesed with the World Title picture to the point where a PPV Main Event will normally consist of him and whomever his next victim is. Having lost at Wrestlemania and at Backlash to Batista, would Triple H’s perfect record in Hell in a Cell and obsession for the World Heavyweight Title be enough to propel him (yet again) to the promised land?

The match started off on a bad note for the former ten-time world champ as Batista dominated him. The fight quickly spilt to the floor with Batista getting well aquainted with the ring post and the ring steps. HHH came back though, sending Batista off the ring apron and into the cell, tearing away at The Animal’s back.

Triple H would soon get ahold of a steel chain, hanging Batista over the top rope and letting his feet dangle in the air as he screamed in approval for himself. It wasn’t long after Batista reversed The Game’s momentum that Triple H was bleeding all over the place. Triple H was again able to break free of Batista’s hold, this time going underneath the ring and grabbing a steel chair wrapped in Barbed Wire.

Triple H proceeded to deliver to blood curdling shots to the back of Batista, again ripping the skin clean off his body. The fight went on and grew more and more intense with the introduction of a sledgehammer, that when Triple H dove off the top rope, caught him right in the face. Triple H used a low blow and a Pedigree, a recipe that won him many titles in the past, but this time to no avail.

With the steel ring steps in the ring, Triple H attempted to Pedigree Batista onto them, but instead caught a spinebuster on them. Batista went for the Batista Bomb, Triple H had the sledgehammer in hand, but was dropped down and pinned before he could use it. The Batista era does indeed live on, but for how long?

WWE Vengeance 2005

A video package is shown highlighting tonight’s show.

Match One – WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Carlito (C) vs Shelton Benjamin
This match was not good at all. Shelton kept clotheslining and attempting to pin; it just wasn’t up to his usual quality matches. Carlito used a lot of wear-down moves including the reverse chin lock and headlock, keeping Benjamin grounded. Benjamin’s downfall came when Carlito exposed the turnbuckle and Benjamin Stinger Splashed it. Carlito then hooked the tights and was proclaimed victor. Now that’s cool.
Winner Via Pinfall and still WWE Intercontinental Champion – Carlito
Match Rating – 5/10

HHH and Ric Flair are shown arriving to the arena together.

Match Two – Victoria vs Christy Hemme
Even someone who has never watched wrestling before in their life could have predicted how this match turned out. Do the words “Train wreck” come to mind? Just a whole lot of choking and sloppy wrestling garbage. Christy can’t wrestle so let’s move on from her. Victoria gets the win with a little help from the middle rope.
Winner Via Pinfall – Victoria
Match Rating – 3/10

Todd Grisham interviewed John Cena about being the “New kid on the block.” Grisham told a story about how he went to the bathroom in his pants in high school during biology and everyone called him “Todd Pissim.” I think the heat is getting to the WWE writers. Cena talked about how Chris Jericho thinks winning the title will help him sell records; What do you think it did for you Cena? Cena basically said he will walk out the champ.

Match Three – Edge w/ Lita vs Kane
Same start as the Victoria vs Christy Hemme match. Kane dominates Edge throughout, but with interference provided by Snitsky and Lita, Kane is slowly beaten down. Snitsky caught Kane with a boot, but that wasn’t enough to put him away. Lita comes in, only for her to get choked down and have her head put in a chair for him to stomp on. Edge and Snitsky broke that up, Edge caught Snitsky with the briefcase and Kane chokeslammed Edge for the one-two-three.
Winner Via Pinfall – Kane
Match Rating – 5/10

Todd Grisham is shown standing by with Shawn Michaels who said that vengeance will his.

Match Four – Shawn Michaels vs Kurt Angle
This was really the turning point of the PPV. Both men started out with the heavy technical mat based wrestling. The fight soon spilled out to the floor with Angle delivering a belly-to-back suplex on Michaels onto the Spanish announcers table. Once the match got back into the ring, Michaels went to go for Sweet Chin Music, but got met with a stiff clothesline. Michaels was sent to the floor, landing on his knee and the trainer came out, but Angle continued the beat down. Angle locked on the Ankle Lock several times, but to no success. Michaels hit Sweet Chin Music once, but only got a two count. The end came when Angle jumped off the top rope, and was caught with Sweet Chin Music.
Winner Via Pinfall – Shawn Michaels
Match Rating – 8/10

WWE The Great American Bash will be live on Sunday July 24th in Buffalo, NY.

The Coach was backstage for an interview with Batista. It turned ugly once “The Game” got involved. Both men stood their ground and a shoving match ensued until a bunch of road agents and referees got involved to break things up.

There was a couch in the ring and Todd Grisham welcomed Lillian Garcia to come on down. Lillian was beaming as she introduced Viscera. She sang him a song and then proposed to him. Viscera said he would take her proposal into consideration, but no sooner than those words came out of his mouth, The Godfather made his return with ho’s by his side. In the end, Viscera left Lillian behind and took a ride on the Ho Train!

WWE Championship Triple Threat Match – John Cena (C) vs Christian w/ Tyson Tomko vs Chris Jericho
Tomko got ejected early on. All three men really put forth a tremendous match. A lot of reversals and tons of near falls that almost saw brand new champions. Tomko came in during the match, clotheslining Cena and giving Christian a really close two count. When all was said and done, Cena lifted Christian for the F-U, used his legs to knock Jericho out, and proceeded to execute the F-U with perfection. Awesome match.
Winner Via Pinfall and still WWE Champion – John Cena
Match Rating – 8/10

World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match – Batista (C) vs Triple H w/ “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair

Winner Via Pinfall and still World Heavyweight Champion – Batista
Match Rating 7/10

Overall Event Rating – 6/10

It was a horrible first half, but a great second half as the last three matches really saved the PPV. It will be interesting to see how Triple H will work himself into the World Heavyweight Title scene; my bet is Elimination Chamber at Summerslam. You have Jericho, Cena and Christian going for the WWE Title on Raw. You have Batista and Triple H going for the World Title on Raw. Don’t forget Edge still has one of his two title shots left. Six men going for World Titles on Raw equals Elimination Chamber at Summerslam.

Chris Sokol is from Long Island, NY and thinks his Elimination Chamber theory is money in the bank. If you agree, you can email him at CJS137@aol.com.