Hulkamania once again ran wild as WWE presented the 2005 edition of Backlash, live from Manchester, NH. While the eyes of the wrestling world were glued to Hulkamania returning for one more match, Triple H was gunning to become an 11-time World Heavyweight Champion. Would “The Game” be able to tame “The Animal,” or would Batista prevail?

With a sea of Hulkamaniacs in the crowd, the stage had been set. Hulk Hogan was back again to fight off his foreign enemies, this time team with Shawn Michaels to face Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. Hogan and Hassan started things off and Hassan was immediately sent into the turnbuckles. Hogan double clotheslined both his opponents and then he and Michaels teamed up with a big double boot to the face of Hassan. Michaels missing an elbow drop turned the tide as Daivari tagged in but was met with a series of chops. Daivari was tossed outside where Hogan pounded away at him. Michaels hit Daivari with a flying forearm and a nip up, flying elbow, shades of Randy Savage, and tuned up the band, but while the referee was distacted by Hogan, Hassan hit Michaels with a lead pipe. Daivari rolled in for the cover, but Hogan broke up the count after one. Behind the referee’s back, Hassan and Daivari double-teamed Michaels out of his boots.

Hassan motioned for the execution of Shawn Michaels and locked him in the Camel Clutch. Michaels fought his way to his feet and dropped Hassan with the Electric Chair Drop. Daivari and Hogan tagged in, and Hulkamania ran wild, taking down both Hassan and Daivari. Big boot to set up Daivari, but the leg drop attempt resulted in Hassan hitting him with the pipe. Daivari’s cover only got a two count. Hogan “Hulked up” and connected with the big boot to Daivari, Hassan tripped up Hogan but was knocked to the floor. Michaels stepped in with Sweet Chin Music to Daivari allowing Hogan to make the cover and put a win in the record book. Daivari was thrown out of the ring as Michaels and Hogan played to the crowd. The Hulkster invited a fan into the ring and he and Michaels ripped the fan’s shirt to reveal a Hogan tattoo on his back. He posed with Hogan and was obviously happy as can be. Hulkamania does indeed live on.

After weeks of anticipation (snicker) the rematch the world was waiting for finally arrived as “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair made his way to the ring to introduce “The soon to be 11-time World Heavyweight Champion” Triple H. In the opening seconds Flair grabbed Batista’s leg, providing the distraction necessary for Triple H to attack Batista and gain an early advantage. Both men attempted to hit their finishers early on, but to no avail. Another Pedigree attempt resulted in Triple H backdropped over the top rope and to the floor. HHH rallied by driving Batista’s back time and time again into the safety railing, before eventually getting sent into the crowd. Triple H charged at Batista, but was caught with an elbow and the fight has once again found its way back into the ring. Batista’s advantage did not last long, as Triple H returned right to the back of “The Animal.” With the ref’s back turned, Flair pounded away on Batista, delivering up a series of chops and closed fists after ramming his back into the ring apron. Batista returned to the ring and walked into a Spinebuster for a two count. Batista mounted a comeback, taking out “The Game.” Triple H grabbed the championship belt and cracked the champion over the head during a Batista Bomb attempt for a two count. All hell broke loose as the referee was knocked out, Jack Doan hit the ring and made a two count on a spinebuster by Batista. A second Batista Bomb attempt was stopped with a low blow. HHH made a mistake of trying to punch Batista in the corner ten times and got planted with the Batista Bomb to end the epic Batista vs. HHH 2. After the match an enraged Triple shoved Ric Flair and pedigreed Mike Chioda, but when all is said and done, it is known that Batista’s reign as champion continues on.

The next WWE pay per view is Smackdown’s Judgment Day May 22

Backlash 2005 Results

Match One: WWE Intercontinental Championship Match – Shelton Benjamin (champion) vs. Chris Jericho (challenger)

The match started out with some technical, mat based wrestling, but quickly degenerated into a fight. Benjamin hit a nice springboard reversal off the ropes, but Jericho countered later on with a huricanrana off the ring apron to the floor. Jericho brought the fight back into the ring, slapping a chin lock on Benjamin. Both men continued to brawl, utilizing chokes to their advantage. They fought to the top rope, Jericho shoved Benjamin off, Benjamin leaped back to the top rope, hitting a superplex on Jericho. Shelton Benjamin is one of the most agile stars on WWE’s current roster, and he shows that every match. Jericho fired back with some clubbing blows to Benjamin, literally walking all over him. Running enziguri by Jericho got a near fall. Benjamin hit the springboard bulldog, but it was not enough for a three count. Benjamin hit the T-Bone suplex, but Jericho was saved by his foot under the ropes. Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, but Benjamin also saved himself with the ropes. Jericho hooked the ropes to avoid a Benjamin dropkick and went for a second Walls, both men scuffled around for the three count, but in the end Benjamin pinned Jericho’s shoulders to the mat.

Winner: … and still WWE Intercontinental Champion.. Shelton Benjamin at 14:38.
Match Rating- 7/10


The Coach spoke with Edge, who cut a promo on his upcoming match with Chris Benoit. He spoke about how he became “Mr. Money In The Bank” and said that he will be the Last Man Standing, and you can bank on it.

Match Two: World Tag Team Championship Tag Team Turmoil Match William Regal and Tajiri (Champions) vs. The Heart Throbs vs. Simon Dean and Maven vs. La Resistance vs. The Hurricane and Rosey

The Heart Throbs locked up with Regal and Tajiri to kick this match off. Tajiri kicked the charisma out of The Heart Throbs, before hitting an in the ring version of the Tarantula. The Heart Throbs kept Tajiri isolated, but Tajiri rolled up Antonio with a sunset flip. Good move, squash the new coming team.

Elimination One Via Pinfall- The Heart Throbs
Simon Dean and Maven entered into the fray next, picking apart the already weakened Tajiri. Regal made the hot tag and cleaned house, putting Dean away with a brutal shot to the head.

Elimination Two Via Pinfall- Simon Dean and Maven
La Resistance came in and completely demolished the tag champs. Regal and Tajiri retaliated with a series of kicks, all four men entered the ring, and in the mayhem Regal was rolled up, with a handful of tights, ensuring new tag champions would be crowned.

Elimination Three Via Pinfall- William Regal and Tajiri
The Hurricane and Rosey were the last two men to enter the match, and provided back and forth competition for La Resistance. Hurricane was thrown all over the ring, smashing his leg on the turnbuckle post. La Resistance worked over Rosey, hitting him with the Eiffel Tower, but only a two count could be mustered up. Hurricane leapt off the shouders of Rosey who was perched on the top rope to grab the win.

Elimination Four Via Pinfall- La Resistance
Winners: … and new World Tag Team Champions- The Hurricane and Rosey at 13:37
Match Rating 5/10

Match Three: Last Man Standing Match- Edge vs. Chris Benoit

The match started out with Benoit throwing Edge around like a rag doll. Benoit was sent sternum first into the turnbuckles, and Edge continued the offensive onslaught. After more brawling, Benoit locked the Sharpshooter in on Edge, Benoit whipped off a series of German suplexes sending an unconscious Edge to the floor. Benoit dove through the ropes, but was met with a trash can lid to the face. Edge hit a superplex on Benoit through a trash can, both men made it to their feet to break the count. Edge dragged a ladder into the ring, only to get German suplexed off of it. Benoit missed a diving headbutt off the top of the ladder, Edge grabbed the “Money In The Bank” briefcase he won at Wrestlemania, but is caught in the Crippler Crossface. Much like earlier in the Sharpshooter, Edge tapped out but submissions didn’t count. Edge hit the Impaler on the briefcase, but Benoit reached his feet at nine, only to get speared. After spearing Benoit again and only reaching a nine count, Edge pulled a brick out of his briefcase and cracked Benoit in the back of his head, knocking him out for the ten count.

Winner: Edge at 18:00
Match Rating 6/10

Backstage, Lita was shown watching a monitor. Kane appeared and asked Lita if she was ready, Lita replied that she was ready to see Kane kick Viscera’s backside. Lita talked about Viscera and Trish “doing it.” There was a mental image I needed. Lita and Kane added to my misery by making out.

What’s that you say? Only six matches are booked on this show? Whatever shall we do? I know, let’s have Jerry “The King” Lawler go to the ring with a copy of the 2005 Raw Diva Swimsuit Issue. He called out the Raw Divas including Lillian Garcia so they could show their favorite pictures from magazine. Lawler was about to ask the Divas some intimate questions when “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters added to the fun and entertainment! The Masterlock challenge is now up to $3,000, and Melissa Coates from OVW steps up and is locked out.

Viscera stood lovesick outside Trish Stratus’ lockeroom. Viscera showed Trish a teddy that he bought her, she informed him that until he takes care of business, there will be no business to take care of. Viscera gave her a love tap and said that it was on.

Match Four: Kane w/ Lita vs Viscera w/ Trish Stratus

Jim Ross mentioned that Viscera is a Man on a Mission which made me laugh. Kane’s early attempts to take the big man off his feet resulted in being knocked down, but a top rope clothesline takes him to the floor. Trish tried to hit Kane with a steel chair, but Lita hit her with a crutch to the chair. The choke-powerbomb on Kane only got a two, and the Big Red Machine came back to clobber Viscera with a big boot and a chokeslam. Trish then made the foolish decision to verbally slam Viscera. The big man responsed with a bear hug and a splash, much to the delight of the fans. A squished Trish was then taken out on a stretcher.

Winner Kane at 6:05
Match Rating 4/10

Match Five: Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari vs. Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan

Winners: Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan at 15:21
Match Rating 5/10

Tyson Tomko and Christian made their way to the ring, instantly improving the show. Christian told the fans not to get upset, but this may be the last time they see him on a Raw PPV. Christian said that he is a main eventer and whether it’s Raw or Smackdown, he will be champion.

Match Six: World Heavyweight Championship Match – Batista (champion) vs. Triple H (challenger)

Winner:.. and still World Heavyweight Champion Batista at 16:29
Match Rating 7/10

Overall Event Rating- 6/10

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