Saturday, March 19 will be a great day for wrestling fans in the Tri-state area, as Terence Brennan presents Legends of the Ring from the Ramada Inn in East Brunswick, NJ. With a star-studded guest list including everyone from Jake “The Snake” Roberts to Gail Kim, this fan fest of sorts, promises to be one of the more memorable events of its kind.

New Jersey has grown to become a state widely known for hosting events in which fans can meet multiple superstars in a single sitting. Fan Slam, Wrestlereunion, and other events have populated New Jersey from end to end. This begs the question, is there an oversaturation?

“It depends on who you ask,” promoter Terence Brennan said. “They have definitely popped up more in the last two years. It?s like anything else, someone does something successful and others will follow. This area is oversaturated, but I feel if a show is promoted right and with certain guidelines, it will draw.”

Keeping that philosophy in mind, Brennan decided to incorporate a little bit of everything into his event, thus making it appealing to all types of people.

“I tried to listen to the fans to see who they wanted to see, no one is getting Hulk Hogan for a convention,” Brennan exclaimed. “Jake (Roberts) was a last-minute addition. Everyone knows the ‘legend’ of Jake, he has a special mystique, and people want to meet him. As for the rest of the guests, I tried to give something for everyone, the ‘Hardcore’ people got Sabu, the people who like the ladies got Gail Kim, we have (Marty) Jannetty and (Jim) Neidhart who were two major tag team players, and The Missing Link (Dewey Robertson) and Kamala who have never spoken on camera. I also have a mystery guest who is a current WWE hall of famer.”

Brennan is happy with the reception the event has received. “I have already doubled my pre-sale tickets, and I still have a month left.”

With guests being added seemingly by the day, there is no telling what Brennan has in store for fans, but he wants the fans to know what his goals are. “I want to make everyone happy and let them know they got their moneys worth. I’m a late eighties, early nineties fan myself, so I will enjoy this just as much as them.”

For fans interested in attending the event, more information, and hotel accommodations, you can visit the website, Special guests outside of the event being brought in, include Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch (Sunny), as well as Road Warrior Animal.