It looks like the pinnacle of Jacques Rougeau Jr.’s Lutte International 2000 will actually come at the end of the year 2001.

On December 30th at 2 pm, Rougeau’s promotion will tag team with the monstrous House of Blues promotional company to put on a gala at the Molson Centre in Montreal.

“It’s a big, big breakthrough for International Wrestling 2000,” Rougeau told SLAM! Wrestling.

Running the massive Molson Centre — one of the biggest arenas in Canada — is a big undertaking for the young promotion, but Rougeau has drawn consistent 3,000-4,000 people to smaller locales like the Verdun Auditorium and the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau in Montreal.

The key was the partnership with House of Blues Concerts Canada, who will do “all the marketing… all the filming, all the producing of the equipment” for Rougeau. “The only thing I have to worry about now is bringing in a good show.”

Though it’s a little far off, Rougeau is already planning much of the show. He hopes to use 15 students from his wrestling school, along with five Americans. King Kong Bundy and the Nasty Boys are names that he mentioned bringing in.

Aldo Giampaolo, Executive Vice President, House of Blues Concerts Canada was the kingpin in the deal, and Rougeau couldn’t be happier. “He will now take me in like I was his son.”

Rougeau wants the word to get out about his coup. There will be a big story in Saturday’s Journal de Montreal.

“It’s a major kick in the ass,” raved Rougeau. “I feel like The Lion King, the movie The Lion King. I’m coming to regain what was once mine.”

Rougeau’s uncle Johnny was a major promoter in the 1960s and 1970s in Quebec.