Lance Storm, from Atlanta… Georgia? Yes, now you marks can relax. The jump every has been expecting to happen for weeks has finally occurred, as ECW stalwart Lance Storm has now joined the fold of rival World Championship Wrestling.

Storm, from Calgary… Alberta, Canada, made the speculation official, with commentary from his web site today. “I have officially joined the ranks of World Championship Wrestling,” Storm said in his commentary. “WCW and I have come to terms on a three-year deal, which I am very excited about. Please don’t e-mail me with ‘You sold out!’ chants. I don’t think that would be fair. I worked very hard my two years with ECW and I will continue to do so in WCW.”

Terms of the deal were not revealed on either Storm’s ( or WCW’s web site’s, but it’s expected he was offered more than embattled ECW owner Paul Heyman could pay. Storm joins a long list of ECW alumni in WCW, including Mike Awesome, Shane Douglas, Bam Bam Bigelow, and Chris Candido, among many others over the years.

Storm stated on his site that he wasn’t sure when his debut would occur, whether it was Nitro, Thunder or PPV, but added that it couldn’t be far off, and to expect his appearance soon.

As for his switch, Storm had this to say:

“It is with mixed emotions; I look ahead to starting work with my new company. I am both excited about working with and learning from new people and, to be honest, a little nervous about surviving in a much bigger and more experienced locker room. I’m sure I will adjust with time. Everyone that I have dealt with, thus far, in WCW has treated me with a courtesy and professionalism that I can’t speak highly enough of. If the rest of my dealings with the company are half as good as my first impressions, I will have a long and pleasant relationship with World Championship Wrestling.”

Storm, whether from lack of time or a little anxiety, said some good-byes to his fellow co-workers in his commentary, such as Raven, Tommy Dreamer and Jerry Lynn, as well as Heyman.

As for waiting so long to clear the air, when the Internet have been rife with rumours, Storm defended himself by stating he really had no choice.

“In my defense, I was contractually bound to silence for the good of the PPV and ECW. I didn’t really have a choice. Other than Paul and I, and I think maybe Joey and Cyrus, no one knew for sure until Sunday. With the PPV now behind me, I am finally allowed to talk.”

Storm’s last match for ECW was Hardcore Heaven 2000, in which he lost to Justin Credible, as the challenger for the heavyweight title in ECW.