REAL NAME: Robert Rancourt
BORN: May 10, 1955
HOMETOWN: Jonquiere, Quebec

Sunny War Cloud circa 1999.

Sunny War Cloud has been in the wrestling business since 1984.

At 5’10, 242 pounds, He began his wrestling career in Jonquiere during the 1970’s, training under Pat Girard.

He was wrestling on the independent scene in the province of Quebec and around Canada (such as Stampede Wrestling) for most of that time, but War Cloud has performed around the world.

You’ll often find him as an early card wrestler on WWF or WCW shows.

He started the Quebec City-based CCW promotion in 2000, however, he sold it in 2003.


Does anyone remember little Suni Warcloud – I think he used to do a Suni Indian Rain Dance before he put his victim down for the 10-count. I loved that guy – anyone know whatever happened to him? I remember he and Mil Mascaras teamed up for a totally great tag-team against Gordman & Goliath and kicked the stuffing out of them.
Stan Dubyn

Sunny is my brother…
I’ll always love you Robert…

J’ai beaucoup de bon souvenir de mon frere Robert.
Ca fait tres longtemps que je ne l’ai vu…
Te souviens-tu Robert de la famile Landry qui demeurait en face de la maison…..

Quelques instant pour dit que tu est un copain de voyage pas ordinaire. Nous avons vécue des moment spécial ensemble qui font partie de nos souvenir de jeunes.
Donne de tes nouvelles.
A bientot