The wild and crazy Jos Leduc has finally been stopped.

A lung infection killed the 54-year-old former wrestler on May 1 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jos & Paul LeDuc. Photo courtesy Paul LeDuc.

In the early ’70s, Jos teamed with his older brother Paul to form a killer lumberjack team that terrorized Canada.

Later in his career, Jos Leduc became even more famous for his feud with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler throughout the Memphis-based territory. In 1995, Leduc was inducted into the Memphis pro wrestling hall of fame along with Jackie Fargo, Eddie Gilbert, Phil Hickerson and Billy Wicks.

Leduc suffered from diabetes, and died from complications related to the disease.

He is survived in wrestling by his brother Paul, who is involved with Jacques Rougeau Jr.’s International Wrestling 2000, and Paul’s son Carl Leduc.

Jos had two daughters, Nadine and Michele, and a son named Robert. He was born Aug. 31, 1944.

In lieu of a burial, Jos Leduc asked to be cremated, and his ashes released into the air.

With thanks, and condolences, to Paul Leduc, and Michele Renee for their help with this story.