Established in 1997, as a part of the CANadian Online Explorer — CANOE (get it?) website, Slam Wrestling benefited for its first 23 years from its partnerships with Sun Media, Quebecor and Postmedia.

On June 1, 2020, was launched, and the partnership with Postmedia came to a close.

The Slam Wrestling team is primarily made up of professional journalists, who generally have other full-time work of their own. The site covers pro wrestling with the respect that it deserves. To that end, scroll down to see some of the historical columns and editorials that prove that has always been in the fight.

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Producer: Greg Oliver
Editor-in-Chief: John Powell
Hollywood Headlock Editor: Dave Hillhouse
“The Gary Howard Memorial Library” Book Editor: Jamie Hemmings
Grappling with Gaming Editor: John Powell
Photo Editor: Mike Mastrandrea

Senior Editors
Bob Kapur
Dale Plummer
Nick Tylwalk

Senior Reporters
Matt Bishop
Nolan Howell
Steven Johnson
Alexandra Robertson
Kari Williams

Social Media Managers
Dorathy Gass
Kari Williams

Matthew Asher
Matthew Byer
Ranjan Chhibber
Jason Clevett
Don Davies
Dorathy Gass
Marty Goldstein
C Nathan Hatton
Bertrand Hebert
Gavin Hillhouse
Stephen Dean Johnson
Jon Langmead
Patric Laprade
Matthew McFarlin
Ryan Nation
Alex Podgorski
R. Caleb Smith
Marshall Ward

Ricky Havlik
Joe Hrycych
Andrea Kellaway
Brad McFarlin
Minas Panagiotakis
George Tahinos

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