Category: PPV Reports 1997

Hart Stings Hogan

 They don’t call him the “Hit Man” for nothin’. Living up to his famed moniker, Calgary’s Bret Hart made his presence felt in World Championship Wrestling by single-handedly rubbing out the New...

An Outsider wins the War

  Arms and legs flaying. Bones snapping. Muscles tearing. Bodies flying. WCWis World War Three sixty-man, three ring, battle royal resembled your regular soccer game riot. Broadcast from The Palace in Auburn Hills,...

Undertaker gets Cain-ed at Badd Blood

The shocking death of wrestler Brian Pillman casting a pall over the proceedings, the WWF’s Badd Blood broadcast delivered what its title promised. Blood and plenty of it. In need of a blood transfusion, WWF European...

Hit Man dismantles The Patriot

 During the Gulf War, the U.S. Army’s Patriot Missiles weren’t the great defenders military intelligence promised they were. Designed to engage incoming enemy missiles, the Patriots often missed their targets...

Hit Man wins WWF title for a fifth time

Some would say Canada has better beer than the United States. Others would even go as far as to state that Canada has superior hockey players and a better health care system than our best friends and neighbors to the South. Like...

Rodman, Hogan Bashed At Beach

A year ago, professional wrestling was Pearl Harbored from behind. At the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, the world stood mouths agape as Hulk Hogan vanished and Hollywood Hogan took his place. Betraying his fans and the...


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