A year ago, professional wrestling was Pearl Harbored from behind. At the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida, the world stood mouths agape as Hulk Hogan vanished and Hollywood Hogan took his place. Betraying his fans and the positive messages he preached, Hogan revealed himself to be Hall and Nash’s mystery partner as the trio laid a beating on Randy Macho Man Savage. United, the diabolical threesome established the New World Order gang forcing wrestlers to choose sides (WCW or nWo) in a cutthroat turf war.

Tonight, the Ocean Center played host again to not a page but a full chapter in wrestling history. NBA bad boy, Dennis Rodman showed everyone he can slam and jam in the squared circle. Piper and Flair proved they aren’t ready for Shady Pines and Diamond Dallas Page had the Perfect surprise explode in his face.

Guitar God – Jimi Hendrix – began digging out of his grave as Hogan and Rodman strutted down the aisle to the tune of Voodoo Child. It is announced that Macho Man will be their manager. A splash of glitter and make-up on his face, Rodman left the wedding dress at home preferring an nWo t-shirt, black jeans and boots. Hogan motions that he will slam The Giant.

Hogan and Luger start things off. Both wrestlers knock each other down and engage in gratuitous posing. Hogan slams Luger. Luger slams Hogan. Rodman tags in and the crowd pops. The Worm backs away from several lock-ups with Luger conferencing with Hogan in their home corner. nWo bandanna and sunglasses still on, Rodman stalls by pacing around the ring. The crowd chants “Rodman Sucks!”. Lapping it up, The Worm begs them on.

Luger is arm-dragged by Rodman during their first lock-up. Looking stunned, Luger jobs well to Rodman. Luger arm-drags Rodman twice. The crowd whoops it up. Whipped off the ropes, Rodman leap frogs Luger then shoulder butts him to the mat. The sequence of events is repeated but this time Rodman is clotheslined. The nWo regroups and huddles outside the ring.

Fans cheer for The Giant. He tags and Hogan wails on him. The Big Man ends the barrage that has him weak on his feet with an atomic drop. Rodman offers his hand out and Hogan slaps it. The Giant absorbs The Worm’s blows, catches him in mid-leap frog, reverse atomic dropping him. Rodman lays face-first on the mat. The Giant spanks him like a spoiled child.

Luger kicks out of Hogan’s finishing leg drop. A fake Sting (way too tall and way too muscular) enters the ring punking The Giant with a baseball bat. The Giant falls to the floor where he lies motionless. Rodman and Hogan double-team Luger Irish whipping him into the ropes. Hogan haymakers Rodman by mistake sending him sprawling. Luger Torture Racks Hogan in the center of the ring. Hollywood submits within seconds giving Luger and The Giant the win. Rodman and Macho Man are racked as well.

The next WCW pay-per-view is Hog Wild renamed Road Wild on August 9th.

WCW Bash At The Beach ’97 Results

Mortis / Wrath Vs Glacier / Ernest The Cat Miller

: Wrath holds Glacier’s head between a steel chair and the steel post. Mortis karate kicks the chair giving Glacier a migraine. Ernest Miller is looking good and working with a lot of enthusiasm. Vandenberg slips a steel chain around the bottom of Mortis’ boot. Mortis catches Glacier with his own finishing kick.

Winners: of the Mortal Kombat match…Mortis / Wrath at 9 minutes and 49 seconds.

The Ultimate Dragon Vs Chris Lion Heart Jericho (Cruiserweight Title Match)

: Jericho attempts a power bomb, Dragon spins and rolls the champ into a pin. The quick-thinking Jericho reverses it for the 1-2-3. A Kodak moment as the competitors shake hands.

Winner: …and still WCW Cruiserweight Champ…Chris Jericho at 12 minutes and 54 seconds.

: Mean Gene interviews Raven sitting at ringside. In response to Mean Gene’s question about whether he has signed with the WCW, Raven spouts indecipherable poetry. (Love..Hate..Dreams..Blah..Blah..Blah.) Stevie Richards tells Mean Gene there will be an announcement about it on Monday’s Nitro. Raven rings Richard’s bell for opening his fat yap.

The Steiner Brothers Vs The Great Muta and Masa Hiro Chono

: Muta has nWo for life painted on his face. Chono chats with the ref. Scott bulldogs Muta from the top rope and Rick covers. Next stop..The Outsiders for the tag belts.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers at 11 minutes and 33 seconds.

Juvetud Guererro / Victor Garza / Bismark Vs La Parka / Villano 4 / Psychosis

: Lucha Libre rules apply here giving the audience a taste for the way things are done down Mexico way. Referee, Mark Curtis has his hands full sometimes ducking in the corner. Guerrero uses Garza bent over as a springboard to fly through the air and over the top rope from the middle of the ring!!. At the end of the match, Villano 5 subs for Villano 4 (How many Villanos are there, anyways?). Garza splatters Villano 5 with a standing moonsault.

Winners: Juvetud Guererro / Victor Garza / Bismark at 10 minutes and 7 seconds.

Kevin Sullivan Vs Chris Benoit (Career Vs Career Match)

: Benoit’s career is on the line but where are the Horsemen? Sullivan and Jackie are pushing and shoving walking to the ring. It’s a handicap match as Hart, Sullivan and Jackie swarm Benoit. Surf boards and lawn chairs come into play as Benoit and Sullivan battle on a beach set. Hart climbs up a life guard chair and Benoit brings it crashing down. Sullivan piledrives Beniot into the concrete floor. Sullivan endures two Crippler Crossfaces. Jackie jumps into the ring wooden chair in hand. She breaks it over Sullivan’s head and Benoit lands with the Swan Dive. The broadcast crew speaks highly of Sullivan’s accomplishments. Sullivan walks away possibly heading to the ECW to join Woman.

Winner: Chris Benoit at 13 minutes and 9 seconds.

Steve McMichael Vs Jeff Jarrett (WCW United States Title Match)

: Mongo swipes the belt from Jarrett and poses for the adoring crowd. Jarrett does the same but is booed. Jarrett appears taken aback as the audience chants..Jarrett Sucks!! Mongo chokes him with an electrical cord. In the shocker of the night, Debra hands Jarrett the briefcase and he KO’s McMichael!!! Jarrett pins Mongo exiting with Debra on his arm.

Winner: …and still WCW United States Champion…Jeff (Home Wrecker) Jarrett.

Macho Man / Scott Hall Vs Diamond Dallas Page / Curt Henning

: Henning is DDP’s mystery partner. Henning carries his trademark towel and chews his wad of gum. Hall spits his toothpick in Henning’s face. Henning spits his gum in Hall’s face. Landing his reverse neckbreaker on Savage Henning proclaims…”Now that’s…” and stops mid-sentence before saying the word “perfect”. Henning and Page collide and fall to the floor. An angry Henning hits Page from behind then splits. The broadcast crew deny Henning is nWo and that even Hall and Macho are surprised by the turn of events. This infers that Henning may be a Horseman. Hall delivers the Outsider Edge, Macho the Flying Elbow Smash.

Winners: Macho Man and Scott Hall at 9 minutes and 15 seconds.

Roddy Piper Vs Ric Flair

: Fans appreciate the effort given by both icons who go for broke. Flair slips on a pair of brass knuckles. Piper wrestles them away and haymakers Flair with them. Not sure what to do as the ref halts Benoit from coming to Flair’s aid, Piper slaps his own three count. Mongo Tombstones Piper while the ref’s back is turned. Piper kicks out!! Flair submits to the Piper Sleeper.

Winner: Roddy (I don’t do house shows.) Piper by submission at 13 minutes and 27 seconds.

Dennis Rodman / Hollywood Hogan Vs Lex Luger / The Giant

Winners: Lex Luger and The Giant at a whopping 22 minutes and 29 seconds.