Puck News’ Matthew Belloni, the former editorial director of The Hollywood Reporterhas an update on the AEW, Warner Bros. Discovery contract negotiations.

He states in his report that AEW, Tony Khan are not happy with the offer currently on the table from WBD. Word is that WBD want to remain the home for AEW but the deal being offered is what it is.

Belloni writes: “I’m told the exclusive window closes in July, and AEW leader Tony Khan is said to be disappointed with the offer currently on the table. Khan also surely knows that Zaz (David Zaslav, CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery) losing the NBA would give AEW more leverage, even though the money to re-up AEW is a mere drop in the NBA bucket. If the window closes without a deal, others could swoop in for those rights, as Comcast has done with the NBA. (Extra awkward because WBD is said to own a stake in the league.) .”

He also notes: “I’m not sure how alluring AEW would be to another platform, especially since only non-WWE partners could bid. But the wrestling shows still do okay on the Turner networks, it’s reliable programming, and a rival suitor could further push Zaslav into hot water in his cable carriage deals. For now, though, both sides are playing nice.”

Right before Double or Nothing, Khan told Sports Illustrated: “It’s a really exciting time for AEW,” said Khan. “We’re in active negotiations for the AEW media rights. Warner Bros. Discovery continues to be the best possible partner, and they’ve helped us grow this brand. It’s going to be a very exciting remainder to this year, and we’ll find out where AEW is going to live. For everyone who cares about AEW all over the world, we’re in a great position. This is going to work out really well for AEW. We’re having great talks, and people should feel very confident about what that means for the wrestlers, the staff, and the fans. As a result of everyone’s hard work and endless support from the fans, there will be a tremendous deal for AEW. The outlook for the company is so bright moving forward.”