Oklahoma commissioners have ruled that AEW broke Oklahoma State Athletic Commission’s rules by having Nyla Rose wrestle Alejandra The Lion.

The match took place at the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City last December.

“The Commission will not approve sanctioning permits between human participants and non-humans or between males and females. A male participant is a person of the heterogametic sex born with XY chromosomes. A female participant is a person born of the homogametic sex with XX chromosomes,” states the OSAC rules.

Essentially, Oklahoma law bans transgender girls and women from playing on female sports teams.

In their ruling the commissioners said that AEW was warned that “there will be punitive action” against them if they hold this kind of match ever again in Oklahoma.

The commission was alerted by a “local wrestling organization that had previously done the same thing” and that promotion knew they were in violation of the rules and would refrain from breaking them in future.

In their report the commissioners state they had no idea there was an issue with the match because “the wrestler filled his wrestling license application as female”.

It is unclear of commission itself understands that pro-wrestling is scripted entertainment.

Nyla Rose herself reacted to the news with several posts on X, many of which were humorous:

A video game and comic book fan, Nyla also posted a picture of an FoH leader from the X-Men animated series and comics. The FoH (Friends of Humanity) are an anti-mutant hate group.


Anthony Bowens had this angry response to the ruling:

Some fans are also expressing their anger over the situation: