So sweet, so incredible, so spectacular WrestleMania 40 was. They delivered on everything and more!

New champions were crowned, retentions were made and funny/weird moments aplenty. The three year reign is finally over and by the hands of the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. I thought to myself that if anyone was going to remove that title from Roman, it would be between Jey Uso, or Cody Rhodes. And it’s not only because they’re my favorites, mind anyone who thinks that. Ha! Sami Zayn deserves his round of applause for defeating the most dominant Intercontinental Champion, Gunther.

And speaking of favorites, what about them entrances, hmm? I have a top six…ish. Here, I’ll explain. At number one, we have Rhea Ripley’s entrance with the band Motionless in White playing her music. I felt emersed despite it not fully being my genre of melody, I loved it. When it comes to my second memorable entrance, that goes to Naomi, Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair. Like a trio of Superheroes, they came swooping in so majestically that I screamed the entire time. The Big Three suits them well. For the third spot, Becky Lynch takes it. I appreciate the usage of quotes from her New York Times bestselling book to really get an understanding of who she is, regardless of the fact she lost that battle.

As for number four, Seth Rollins impressed me with his. I enjoyed the flamboyant and circus-like clothing the instrumental performers were wearing. It matches Rollins very well. There is a silly moment I have to mention here. You know the one I’m talking about, right? Drew McIntyre becoming champion for five minutes before losing his title to Damian Priest, who finally cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. All this could have been avoided if McIntyre stopped focusing on CM Punk. I find it amazingly hypocritical of him to complain about how Seth wasn’t focused only for him to do the exact same thing. Karma bit him in the ass hard.

Moving onto my fifth favorite entrance being the unfocused man, Drew McIntyre. Given his Scottish background, I liked the Scotsmen playing the bagpipes and the warriors holding their swords. Fitting isn’t enough to describe how beautiful it was, and it would have been more if he wasn’t overzealous. And the sixth one is the one I’m the most shocked by because I liked and hated it at the same time. I’m sorry to say, but it’s Jey Uso. I’m a small Lil Wayne fan. Growing up, the sound of his voice was always nice to hear because it felt invigorating, unfortunately, his voice wasn’t his most admirable trait this year. It sounded itchy, stuffed and crackly. The second you hear him rap along the lines of “We ain’t got time,” that’s when everything gets significantly better. Ha! He was done rapping.

I did consider his voice was done like that on purpose, but at the end of the day, it didn’t work for me. Not his best. Jey would have been placed higher if it weren’t for this massive trip up. Honorable mention goes to our new Undisputed Champion.

Here’s something else I found weird, the Philly Street Fight between The Street Profits and Bobby Lashley versus The Final Testament. I got to say, it looked wacky… I could tell that the focal point was Lashley and Kross. The levels of animosity would have been the same if no one else was there. This feud started between those two, and the others were just additional body meat.

Also, no more Undisputed Tag Team Championships since two separate teams captured their respectable brand titles, Waller and Theory have the blue ones while The Awesome Truth have the red ones. Oh, well…

As we open the night, the WWE universe relentlessly and excitedly applaud Cody Rhodes for finishing his story, that he indeed deserves it. You know, I have to get used to the fact that Roman isn’t Champion anymore just like Gunther isn’t either.

Because if this, The Rock interrupted Rhodes this past Monday. It’s an upset, but a great one. The Rock said he’ll be going back to Hollywood, but he’ll come back looking for Cody. So, the American Nightmare welcomes him.

Now, onto the future. In three weeks, Backlash will be going to Lyon, France where one of six Superstars will face Rhodes for the Championship. Wow… so soon. Kevin Owens, Bobby Lashley, Santos Escobar, Rey Mysterio, LA Knight and AJ Styles could be Rhodes’ first challenger. He makes sure to reintroduce himself to the blue brand as their Champion.

Backstage, The Bloodline were making their way to what they thought was their locker room only to see the American Nightmare’s name stamped on the door. Ha! Ha! Ha! Owens rubbed it in their faces. Because of this, Paul Heyman advices Solo Sikoa that if they want their room back, the title has to return to The Bloodline.

LA Knight vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Santos Escobar – Triple Threat Contenders match

Earlier today, Kayla Braxton interviewed Legado del Fantasma about their loss this past weekend. They had a plan going in, and it was thwarted by the sudden replacement of Dragon Lee with Andrade. Santos made it clear that they didn’t touch Lee. So, the question still remains… who did? I suspected it last week, and I’ll say it again. Andrade is the culprit. And if I’m wrong, I’ll be fine.

Anyway, as the bell rings, Santos goes after LA Knight early as Lashley joins in soon after. It almost seems like a two-on-one situation for the moment. LA Knight nearly pinned Bobby with sneaky maneuvering.

Lashley and Escobar are perched at the top of the ring as Bobby attempts to overpower Santos, but to no avail. LA Knight swoops in with a superplex, yet he was overshadowed by Lashley grabbing hold of both of men to enter a failed cover.

LA Knight makes a comeback with a crucifix driver on Bobby, but he couldn’t get all of it as Santos breaks the cover. Escobar is rolling as he delivers double knees to Lashley and LA Knight.

Knight was making progress, so of course, Humberto and Angel slide in offering Santos some assistance knowing there are no disqualification or count outs. Lashley tries to his hand against Legado del Fantasma and gets tramped real quick. Luckily, The Street Profits and B-Fab arrive to rid of them.

Santos once again almost pinned Lashley. Bobby was able to deliver the Flatliner. However, the All Mighty finds himself smashed into the post. Due to all that kafuffle, LA Knight capitalized with a winning BFT in order to advance.

Winner: LA Knight 

Elsewhere, Rey Mysterio is asked about Santos’ earlier loss. He labels it as Karma. Ha! The thing is, despite the information we got from Escobar regarding who attacked Dragon Lee, the LWO don’t believe him. “The truth will eventually come out,” says the Hall of Famer. Oh yes, it will. Oh yes, it will.

Moving on, the stage welcomes Solo, Heyman and Jimmy by order of the Tribal Chief… who isn’t here. Ha! Apparently, they’re not blaming anyone who helped Cody; Jey, John Cena, The Undertaker and Seth Rollins, instead they might know the definition of “Accountability”. I wish a lot of other people knew what that meant.

Sikoa repeats what Heyman told him about the meaning of winning and losing something to The Bloodline, and that it’s followed by consequences and changes. I was a little surprised when he hugged Jimmy and called him his brother, which he is, but we all know that’s not the end of it. Solo tells Jimmy he loves him before the typhoon of pain begins in the form of Tama Tonga.

He was one of the founding members of the Bullet Club in NJPW alongside Karl Anderson of The O.C.

Heyman was left breathless… He did try to get Sikoa to stop the onslaught of Samoan Spikes, but he only seized on his own terms. My God… Heyman was trying to call Roman, but Solo destroyed his phone. Jimmy’s punishment wasn’t over as Solo places a chair around his neck then backs it up. The fans were calling for Jey, unfortunately, he didn’t show.

He might later on.

Cameron Grimes vs. Bron Breakker

In the early goings of this match, Bron already has Cameron locked by the waist followed by a few body takedowns against the mat. Grimes momentarily fights back until that thunderous clothesline turns him inside out.

Grimes continues to strike back with a kick to the side of Breakker’s head followed by a couple to the chest. However, he’s picked out of mid-air by Bron then smacked on the mat.

Breakker gains a victory with a snap-worthy spear.

Winner: Bron Breakker

Up next, we have the new WWE Women’s Champion Bayley making an appearance in hopes of celebrating her victory. Annoyingly so, Tiffany Stratton arrogantly thought that Bayley was offering an open challenge, hence the interruption. The champ, instead, informs Stratton that she already has someone in mind she’s been waiting to get back in the ring with. Naomi. YAY!!

“She couldn’t win a title if it glowed in the dark,” said Stratton only to encourage Naomi to strut her way to the ring. Before Naomi could speak, Tiffany reminds her that she beat her once already. Bayley, on the other hand, is rooting for Naomi to drag Stratton for filth. She doesn’t accept Bayley’s offer just yet, since she wants to trample “Clueless Tiffany” first. Ha!

Backstage, Braxton is looking to get an update on Jimmy Uso after what happened earlier tonight. Regrettably, new arrival Tama Tonga prevents him from speaking by confusing us all by saying “By orders of the Tribal Chief,”. The gist of it is that Jimmy isn’t okay.

Did Roman sanction this??

Naomi vs. Tiffany Stratton

Naomi drop kicks Stratton as the match was already underway while we were in the background. Naomi drives Tiffany’s face against the mat for a near fall. She makes sure to stay on Tiffany as she twists her arm around to the point it could have broken.

Tiffany turns things around by escaping Naomi’s power over her then trapping her opponent against the turnbuckles. The match was moving in her favor until Naomi delivers a striking knee to her stomach.

Stratton trips Naomi up then squishes her momentum by pounding onto her back. Naomi makes her pay by rocking her challenger, but she ultimately ends up face first against the post.

Naomi builds herself up with a couple of well-placed crossbodies followed by a kick to Stratton’s ear. She nearly pins Stratton with that spilt cover. Tiffany catches her off with a near win too due to that double stomp. It’s been equally measured thus far.

Tiffany smacks Naomi with an Alabama Slam, and she could have won if she was able to perform a successful Prettiest Moonsault, luckily, Naomi moved out of the way in time. She continues with her score by planting Stratton with a winning jackknife pin. Yes, that’s my girl!

It is not Tiffy time. Naomi gets to rightfully challenge Bayley for the title.

Winner: Naomi 

New Catch Republic and The Street Profits are seen backstage watching the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions Austin Theory and Grayson Waller boasting about winning. Nick Aldis is looking for their first challengers for next week.

Piper Niven & Chelsea Green vs. Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair – Tag Team match

Piper and Chelsea were upset to find themselves against unfairness on RAW at the hands of Adam Pearce, so they expect Nick Aldis to be better. Ha! Only, Cargill happens to be the one on the other end… again. And with Bianca Belair as her partner. Green is livid.

Belair wastes no time as she plants Chelsea against ring like a sack of turds on a hot day. So, Chelsea tags Piper in. She was far too overwhelmed. Niven does powerbomb Belair, but she misses with a body splash. Ha!

Bianca manages to avoid Niven as she tags the storm into the battlefield. Chelsea got upset she couldn’t find Piper to tag out, so she’s now at the mercy of Jade, who ends her with a Jaded conclusion.

Winners: Jade Cargill & Bianca Belair 

Next week, Noami faces Bayley for the WWE Women’s Championship. Also, in order to determine who will face the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, a Fatal 4-Way match including New Catch Republic, The Street Profits, Legado del Fantasma and AoP has been initiated. One more thing, whoever wins the following Triple Treat match meets LA Knight in the ring and from there will face Cody Rhodes at Backlash.

Kevin Owens vs. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio – Triple Threat Contenders match

Here we go, as AJ is the one with the upper hand on his opponents. Rey turns the tied by sending Styles bouncing off the middle rope. Unfortunately, Kevin slides Mysterio into Styles’ grip outside the ring then plants him on the apron.

Now, Owens and Styles go at. AJ nearly collides with the barricade the first time, but Owens was able to do it the second time. Clear the deck, a cannonball to Styles. Mysterio makes a comeback with a sit-out Senton to Owens.

Rey counters an attack by flipping Kevin into a tornado DDT before pursuing AJ with another tornado DDT. Later on, Styles catches Rey’s 619 and reverses it into a modified neck breaker then he turns his attention towards Kevin with a face plant. He nearly got him there.

Mysterio happens to be another Superstar who tried to superplex Owens, but he gets planted instead. At the last possible second, Styles stops Owens’ near fall. However, a momentary hesitation from Styles cost him as Kevin delivers a Super Kick. The Phenomenal One does make a slight comeback by avoiding the Pop-Up Powerbomb with a Pele kick.

Mysterio thwarts AJ’s efforts with a fast crossbody off the middle rope. Owens amazes us with a double suplex to both Rey and AJ at the same time.

A Swanton attempt from KO collides with AJ’s knees to his back as Styles is the one ending this match with a beautiful avalanche Styles Clash on both opponents awarding him the victory.

LA Knight realizes who he’s facing the following week in a mission for gold.

Winner: AJ Styles

TOP PHOTO: LA Knight and AJ Styles getting in each other’s faces. Courtesy of WWE


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