On The MMA Hour, CM Punk lifted the veil on the incident at ‘All In’ which led to him leaving AEW and heading back to the WWE.

Punk told host Ariel Helwani his side of the Jack Perry story.

According to Punk, Perry wanted to film a segment involving smashing out the window of a rented car with a steel pipe. Punk says Tony Schiavone asked him to intervene. Perry had been told he couldn’t do the spot and was “cussing out” everyone involved. Punk didn’t think it would go over well with the car rental company if they returned a car with the front window smashed out.

“I walked up to Jack (Perry) and he was sitting in a rental car. What he wanted to do was smash the window of the rental car with a pipe. I was like: This is a rental car and I very politely, because I like Jack, the doctors have told you ‘no’, everyone else has told you ‘no’ and now I have to tell you ‘no’ and apparently you have cussed them all out so I am telling you ‘no’. We don’t do that here. If you want to do this go to Wednesday and do it. He had no problem with that…I wasn’t throwing my weight around. He wanted to do it because he didn’t want to fly back to Canada,” he said.

CM Punk explained that situation was never addressed by AEW management.

There are people who work one day a week and they don’t want to. They show up, wrestle, film promos and then sit at home for four weeks. Great. Not my company. Do what you want but NOT on my show. That was my attitude,” said Punk about Perry. “It is very much who he is friends with and s—t never got squashed. Nobody is in charge and it turned into what it turned into.”

During the Zero Hero preshow at ‘All In’ Perry wrestled Hook for the FTW Championship. As Perry and Hook were wrestling on top of a limo that Perry came out in, Perry looked directly at a camera.

“You know what this is? REAL glass. Cry me a river,” he said before being suplexed on the windshield by Hook. Perry ended up with cuts on his shoulder and arm.

Punk saw it all play out in his locker room. He immediately went to Tony Khan and asked him to deal with the situation.

I went to Tony Khan and I told him to please handle that. He said: What do you want me to do? I told him I wasn’t telling him what to do but to be the boss, please. I am tired of this s—t. I told you this was a mistake. I told you separate shows wasn’t going to work and now we are all here. I told him to please handle it because you aren’t going to like the way I handle it,” said Punk.

Punk then described what happened after Khan refused to sort the situation out.

Jack came back from his match. I was the next match. I was sitting there. I’ve got people with me. I am not going to say who they are. I have a lot of friends who work there. I wish them all well. I don’t want them to be punished because they are friends with me. I went up to him and said: Why do you insist on doing this dumb Internet s—t on TV? He said: If you have a problem about it do something about it. I am like: Come on, man. I would f—–g kill you…I thought I was doing the responsible thing. I didn’t punch anyone. I just choked someone a little bit. Samoa Joe was there. He told me to stop. Then, I quit. I turned to Tony (Khan) and told him this place is a f—–g joke. You are a clown! I quit!” said Punk.

CM Punk went out and completed his match with Samoa Joe with the feeling that it was indeed his last match under the AEW banner.

“For Samoa (Joe), for Paul Turner the referee, for Jerry Lynn the agent on the match because I respect him. I thought it was the professional thing to do especially for the fans. There were a lot of fans there,” said Punk of why he went out and wrestled Samoa Joe in their match even though he quit the company.

CM Punk said the last time he spoke to Tony Khan was at All In.

“I never did anything that would make him fear for his life,” said Punk about Khan assertion after the incident. Punk insists there has been a concerted effort to slander his character.

“Why are you lying? Why are you spreading rumors, lies and b——t about your top guy? It doesn’t make any sense. You are only hurting yourself,” said Punk about Khan.