Ask anyone who has wrestled Otis. The man hits hard. Baron Corbin can now attest to that fact.

Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin took on The Alpha Academy in the main event of NXT last night. It was a hard hitting encounter especially for Akira Tozawa who was bounced around the ring like a rubber ball taking some big hits and bumps during the match.

Corbin though took a nasty clothesline from Otis which not only 0nly knocked the air out of him but apparently also tore his ear to the point that it had to be actually glued back together.

Tissue glues are often used with sutures so that bandages don’t have to be worn while healing occurs and there are also no stitches to be removed later.

Although it might trigger Mick Foley, Corbin posted the news on his Instagram account with the comment: “When @otis_wwe clubs you with his big Bear Paw you have to glue your ear back together haha. I love it!”


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In NXT, Corbin’s career has reignited. He and Bron Breakker are the current NXT Tag Team Champions heading into the Stand and Deliver show.

Recently on The Bump, Corbin had this to say about his return to NXT:

“It feels amazing to have this and walk around with this title and be proud of that. I went into NXT with no expectations. They’re like, ‘Hey, let’s let you do your thing.’ They have kind of let me really come into my own and it’s made it exciting for me to go to work every day again,” he said.


Top Photo: Baron Corbin at NXT Deadline on Saturday, December 9, 2023, at the Total Mortgage Arena, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Photo by George Tahinos,