During Saturday’s Elimination Chamber live broadcast the WWE went to a black screen to censor what they believe was offensive content from the show.

Dominik Mysterio’s appearance and interference during the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship between Judgment Day and New Catch Republic ticked off many Aussie fans in the front row. When a group of them simultaneously stood up and flipped off Mysterio the broadcast went dark. Mysterio was eventually barred from ringside due to his constant interference and shenanigans. Judgment Day ended up defeating New Catch Republic.

Apparently, that wasn’t the only troubling moment for WWE this week.

Wrestling Zelina Vega on Smackdown to qualify for the Elimination Chamber match Tiffany Stratton suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Stratton’s top exposed more than it should. The broadcast also went to black to give Stratton her (Tiffy) time to readjust things. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to her on the recent NXT Deadline broadcast.

The sensitivity comes at a time when NXT producers warned the crowd at a recent taping to stop chanting phrases that might be offensive to some such as when they chanted “F–k you, Melo!” to show their distain for Carmelo Hayes. Producers censored the live chants and cautioned fans during commercial breaks.

Elimination Chamber clears the road to WrestleMania