Although the WrestleMania picture is far from complete it has come into better focus after Elimination Chamber: Perth. Not only do we know who will be challenging Seth Rollins and Rhea Ripley for their respective titles at WrestleMania but we also kind of know who else will be feuding at the Showcase of the Immortals.

52,590 WWE fans in Australia were there to witness Elimination Chamber. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

With him costing LA Knight the Elimination Chamber match it is clear that AJ Styles and LA Knight will be heading to Mania. The same can be said for Logan Paul, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens. Owens and Paul continued to throw gasoline on the fire that is their feud in the Chamber match while United States Champion Logan Paul cost Orton the bout by just clobbering him with his trusty brass knuckles.

Despite Chamber setting the table for Mania it suffered from very predictable outcomes and that took much of the excitement out of the show.

Elimination Chamber: Perth Results

The Kabuki Warriors (c) vs. Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match

Although they tease “hometown” favourite Indi Hartwell possibly scoring the BIG victory it is the Warriors who come out on top. From the floor Kairi Sane pulls LeRae down from the top rope. Kairi bounces Hartwell off a steel post. Kairi hits her flying elbow smash to retain.

Winners: …and still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions…The Kabuki Warriors.

Match Rating: 7 / 10

Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi vs. Raquel Rodriguez – Women’s Elimination Chamber Match for a Women’s World Championship match at WrestleMania XL

Lynch and Naomi start things off. Lynch knocks down Naomi with a shoulder tackle and flexes muscles she doesn’t have. Naomi does the same thing back to Lynch minutes later but doesn’t pose. Lynch starts doing her thing of awkwardly talking to herself. It never looks genuine. Becky look tentative running the ropes. Not sure why. Becky and Naomi have a back and forth that looks like they are wrestling in slow motion. The sequence is really silted.

Lynch and Naomi battle on the platform, pod area. As Naomi is whipped into the chain link cage she leaps up onto it. Naomi catches Lynch in a head scissors ramming Lynch’s head into the cage. Naomi lands a split-leg drop on Lynch as she hangs from the cage.

The first person to exit their chamber is…Tiffany Stratton.

Stratton has the crowd cheering on as she does her flippy elbow smash thingy on both Lynch and Naomi in opposite corners. Stratton wastes no time trying for the pinfalls. She gets a two after spinebustering Lynch. Naomi body splashes both women. They kick out of the double pin. Stratton picks up both Lynch and Naomi at the same time. Naomi escapes. Stratton slams Lynch down and slaps Naomi in the face and slams Naomi down on Lynch. Lynch halts the Prettiest Moonsault Ever with a Russian Leg Sweep off the second rope. Naomi almost pins both Lynch and Stratton with another split-leg drop.

The second person to exit their chamber is…Liv Morgan.

Lynch looks to end Tiffy Time. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

Morgan goes right after Stratton. She whips Stratton back and forth into Belair’s pod and an empty pod. Morgan flattens Lynch and Naomi with Code Breakers. Naomi scales the cage once again with Stratton in tow. Lynch gives Stratton a Bexsploder into the cage. Lynch puts Stratton’s arm through the cage for a Disarmer. Naomi leaps off the top of the pod to sunset flip powerbomb Liv Morgan off the second rope to the mat below. A great spot that. Stratton takes advantage of the distraction rolling up Naomi for the pin.

Naomi has been eliminated.

Naomi flies. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

Naomi is furious. The crowd is behind Stratton though and has been the entire match.

The third person to exit their chamber is….Raquel Rodriguez.

Raquel picks up Lynch ramming her back into the cage repeatedly. She then catches Stratton swinging her into the cage. Raquel stops Liv’s attempt at a Codebreaker. She holds her up for a suplex, gently bounces her off the cage and over the ropes back into the ring.

The fourth person to exit their chamber is….Bianca Belair.

Belair and Stratton get it on. The announcers play up the bad blood between the two. Belair knocks the stuffing out of Stratton depositing her inside a pod. Belair uses her strength to overpower everyone else…except Raquel. Bianca counters Raquel’s suplex and Tornado DDT her. Liv goes splat on Raquel with a seated senton from the top of a pod. Stratton and Lynch brawl on top of a pod. Stratton shoves Lynch off the pod onto Raquel below. Stratton gets a massive cheer as she jumps off the top of the pod onto everyone below. Unfortunately, Morgan would pin Stratton a few minutes later. The crowd booed and booed.

Tiffany Stratton has been eliminated.

Raquel double Tejana bomb to Lynch and Morgan. Belair pins Raquel with the KOD.

Raquel Rodriguez has been eliminated.

Belair springboard moonsaults both Lynch and Morgan. They kick out. Belair catches Liv swinging her into the cage. Belair gets vicious ramming Lynch’s head into the cage next. Liv superplexes Lynch. Belair tries to follow up with a 450 splash. Lynch puts her knees up. Liv counters the KOD with yet another Code Breaker. Please, someone teach Liv some new moves. The handful she knows are stale. Lynch escapes the KOD so that Liv can roll up Belair.

Bianca Belair has been eliminated.

Lynch pins Live with the Manhandle Slam.

Liv Morgan has been eliminated.

Lynch is your winner. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Rating: 9 / 10

The Judgment Day (c) vs. The New Catch Republic  РUndisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match

New Catch are about to win the belts. Dominic Mysterio pulls Balor’s leg under the ropes. Tyler Bate spots Mysterio. Mysterio leaps onto the apron arguing with the official. She sends Mysterio back to the dressing room. Priest chokeslams Dunn on the ring apron. Bate reverses a Razor’s Edge which sends Priest flying into Balor’s “lower abdomen” as he stands perched in the corner to hit the Coup de Grace. Bate rolls up Priest for a two count. Bate and Dunn give Priest a BurmingHammer for a two count. Priest splatters New Catch with a double South of Heaven from the second rope. Balor pins Dunn with the Coup de Grace.

Winners: …and still WWE Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions…The Judgment Day.

Rating: 8 / 10

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