The Grayson Waller Show with Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins

Cody says he is a fan of The Rock and then makes fun of his old catchphrases.

Cody: Maybe it is just me but I think to be the People’s Champ you actually have to be around the people.

Cody makes an announcement. He says until WrestleMania he is “wide-open”. He wants to wrestle The Rock one-on-one, anytime, any place.

Rollins says it is time to cut the head off the snake. Rollins tells Cody when that time comes he won’t be fighting that battle against The Bloodline alone.

Austin Theory mocks Cody saying “it doesn’t matter what he thinks”. He mocks Cody “finishing his story”. Rollins eggs him on.

When Theory begins to imitate The Rock, Rollins and Cody give him a Cody Cutter and a Stomp. Waller stays in a corner watching it all go down. He doesn’t move a muscle to defend his buddy and the announcers go out of their way to point that out. Hmmmmm. What could it all mean?

Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton vs. Bobby Lashley vs. LA Knight vs. Kevin Owens vs. Logan Paul – Men’s Elimination Chamber match for a World Heavyweight Championship match at WrestleMania XL

As Lashley enters the Chamber he throws his jacket at Owens’ pod. Logan Paul kisses his United States Championship before handing it off to an official. Owens scowls at Paul. Paul riles up Owens who cannot lay a finger on him as he is stuck in his pod. Orton climbs on top of Lashley’s pod to pose for the crowd. Orton takes him time getting into his chamber.

Drew McIntyre waits on LA Knight to make his way down to the Chamber. Knight stands on Orton’s Chamber to pose for the crowd. Drew just smiles at it all. Drew chops Knight from corner to corner until Knight gives him a neckbreaker, suplex and a flying elbow smash from the second rope.

The crowd begins cheering for CM Punk. Drew smirks and smiles. Drew makes the “Go to Sleep” sign but Knight blocks the move. Knight shoulder tackles Drew into the cage. Knight smashes Drew’s head into Paul’s pod. Knight does the same thing with Owens’ pod. KO cheers Knight on from inside clapping his hands.

The first person to exit their chamber is…Kevin Owens.

Owens takes on both men with haymakers. Owens chokeslams Knight for a two count. The crowd begins cheering for Randy. Owens gives Drew a frog splash from the top rope for a two count. Owens gives Drew a Code Breaker and Knight a senton at the same time. Owens takes time to go over and mock Randy Orton and pound on Paul’s Chamber.

The second person to exit their chamber is…Bobby Lashley.

Lashley slams Drew into the cage over and over again taking him out for the time being. Drew grabs the cage to stop the Hurt Lock from being applied. Lashley delivers a massive spinebuster to Drew for a two count.

The third person to exit their chamber is…Randy Orton.

Orton gives Owens a draping DDT on the outside platform of the Chamber. Orton hurts his back too by doing so. Not smart on Orton’s part. Orton writhes in pain on the mat holding his back.

Michael Cole: Orton is seriously hurt.

Knight DDTs Drew on the outside platform.

With everyone down Logan Paul demands they open his pod.

Orton suplexes Knight but again is holding his back in pain.

The fourth person to exit their chamber is…Logan Paul.

Well, not exactly. Owens stops Paul from leaving his pod. He slams Paul into the walls of his pod and then crotches him on another.

Owens to Paul: Get in the ring!

Owens throws him over the top rope into the ring.

Logan Paul roughs up Owens in the chamber. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

A nasty clothesline drops Paul hard onto the outside platform. Lashley throws Owens through the wall of a pod. Lashley spears Paul through the wall of another pod. The crowd chants: Holy s–t! and Thank you, Bobby!

Drew nails Lashley with two Claymores. Drew pins Lashley.

Bobby Lashley has been eliminated.

Knight leaps up to the top rope cutting off Drew slamming him to the mat. AJ Styles enters the Chamber as Lashley leaves. He is carrying a steel chair. He beats Knight with the chair and gives him a Styles Clash on the steel chair.

Styles after his steel chair attack on LA Knight. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

Michael Cole: They cannot do anything about it because this is a No Disqualification match.

Drew covers a beaten LA Knight.

LA Knight has been eliminated.

Drew puts his knees up blocking Owen’s swanton bomb. There is a funny bit. Every time the camera goes to Paul the crowd boos. Randy Orton executes a RKO on Owens to pin him.

Owens has been eliminated.

Drew and Orton face-off in the ring as Paul lays against the wall of the cage. The announcers claim that with his injured back Orton can barely stand. Orton and Drew enter into a slugfest. Orton powerslams Drew but cannot follow up because of his back. Orton crotches Paul on the top rope. Drew attacks Orton’s back as Paul climbs on top of a chamber. Paul leaps off the top of a pod. He hits a crossbody on Drew. Everyone is down but not out.

Paul reaches into his trunks. He pulls out his brass knuckles. Cole reminds us again this is a no disqualification match. Before Paul can use them Orton blasts him with an RKO…from out of nowhere.

Logan Paul has been eliminated.

Now, it is just Drew and Randy left. Randy drills Drew with a draping DDT. Randy leans against the ropes nursing his injured back. He prepares for an RKO. Drew counters with a spinebuster. Drew is about to hit Randy with a Claymore but stops in his tracks. He stares down at Randy who continues to hold his back in complete agony. Drew stands over Orton smiling as Orton tries to get back to his feet.

Drew towers over Randy. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

It seems Randy was playing possum as he drops Drew with an RKO. Paul then punches Orton with his brass knuckles. Drew covers Orton for the easy victory.

Randy Orton has been eliminated.

The announcers point out the obvious fact that Logan Paul cost Randy Orton his WrestleMania opportunity.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

Rating: 8 / 10

HHH comes down to the ring. He announces that today’s attendance is 52,590. Fireworks go off. And that’s it from HHH.

Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Nia Jax – Women’s World Championship Match

As you would expect Rhea gets a thunderous welcome. Me, I think she has become overexposed. We see far too much of her and the shine has worn off for me. It is about time she moved onto the next phase of her journey, leave the Judgment Day, or whatever. Perhaps Dom Dom costs her the championship at Mania? She needs a change. She’s just stale to me.

Nia shoves Ripley into the ropes. The crowd boos. Ripley’s head butt and sloppy hurricanrana has Jax reeling. A senton and a splash in a corner from Jax stops all of that though. Jax rubs her butt in Ripley’s face. Jax hits a leg drop on Ripley’s back and stomps her face. Jax wipes away invisible tears for Ripley.

Jax trash talks Ripley’s family who are seated in the front row. Jax puts Ripley into a torture rack. Ripley turns that into a guillotine for about 20 seconds. Ripley attempts that hurricanrana off the ropes again. Jax powerbombs Ripley twice and hits a leg drop for a two count.

Nia misses a running leg drop and drops her hard to the mat with a Samoan Drop from the second rope. Ripley barely kicks out. Nia drags Ripley to a corner. Ripley stops the Annihilator by picking up Nia and dropping her face-first on the turnbuckle. Ripley’s frog splash from the top rope gets her a two count. Nia hip tosses Ripley over the top to the floor. Ripley catches Nia’s kick knocking her off the apron. Nia Samoan Drops Ripley on the announce table that doesn’t break. When Nia drops an elbow on Ripley it does.

Rhea Ripley celebrates her victory with her mom, dad and the rest of her family. Courtesy: WWE Network/Peacock.

Back in the ring, Ripley kicks out of the Annihilator. Nia sets her up for another. Ripley is quick to get back to her feet pushing Jax off the top rope.

Someone has a sign which reads: Nia Injured Me. Funny that.

Ripley superplexes Nia from the second rope. Kick to the face, Rip Tide for the win.

Winner: …and still Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley.

Rating: 7 / 10



Elimination Chamber: Perth Summary

The women’s chamber match was head and shoulders above the men’s this year despite a shaky start from Lynch and Naomi. Tiffany Stratton was exceptional especially with the crowd behind her strapping a rocket to her push one imagines. One wonders if she will stay a heel? The undercard tag matches were quite solid as well. Ripley’s win may have ended the show on a high note but it was the weakest match on the show.