The Rock doesn’t seem to care if some wrestling fans are not smelling what he is cooking these days.

A guest on The Pat McAfee Show, The Rock addressed a number of issues including the backlash over him taking Cody’s place in the WrestleMania main event.

“I was not surprised at it. I did expect it but…by the way I’ve known Cody for a long time. He’s a buddy of mine. ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes and my old man ‘Soul Man’ Rocky Johnson, they were boys! They tag-teamed together down in Florida. We used to go over to the Rhodes house a lot, all the time, when I was growing up. And we’re tight in that way. I love Cody. I love his passionate fans. Then, there’s the OTHER passionate fans of Cody and they’re called? What’s that? Oh, Cody Crybabies!” he laughed.

He then cut a promo on those Cody Crybabies.

“You got the Cody Crybabies and you have the Cody fans and then you have Cody himself and there’s a clear distinction between the three. But The Rock says this: Those Cody Crybabies, the ones for every ten tweets, they’re shoving a Chicken McNugget in their mouth. Every 20 tweets, they’re shoving two McNuggets up their ass. The Rock says this, All you got to  do is sit back, know your role, shut your mouth, and enjoy the ride that The Rock is gonna take your candy asses on! So, hashtag that! Hashtag shut your bitch asses up! Hashtag Cody Crybabies!” he said in character as he leaned into the frustration some fans are feeling.

Despite the ‘Cody Crybabies’ comment, The Rock was careful when speaking about wrestling’s passionate fanbase and what might happen at the WrestleMania press conference tonight.

“Of course as what you’re talking about, in our world of professional wrestling, which we all love and enjoy in our world of WWE, that’s one of the best parts about it. When you can anchor into the passion of the fans…Here we go, and history is going to be announced that history is going to be made! Cody Rhodes is going to make his decision on who he’s going to face in WrestleMania, even though we all have a feeling of the direction that is going. I cannot wait,” he said.

He also spoke about the WWE’s future now that he is a member of the board of directors of TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of UFC and WWE.

“Like everything. it is strategic. Everything is well thought out and there’s a story to be told there. There’s a story to be told. A longer story. But, the key I feel is when you’re in this position, I’m very lucky and fortunate to be in this position is to also make sure, that you’re flexible along the way. The North Star goal to me is to continue to build WWE as a global brand and if this is our world of pro wrestling fans, and it’s a big fan base, as you guys know, going into WrestleMania, let’s cast the net way past this. Let’s bring in new people in so they can enjoy the product and keep them here and in order to do that let’s keep our eyes on the North Star but let’s be open to how we get there. Long-gamer, bud. Bring some old people back in too. Yes, definitely bring some old people,” he said.

The WrestleMania press conference will take place at 7:00 PM ET tonight. You can watch it live on Peacock or the WWE’s YouTube channel with the link below.