From Las Vegas, Nevada, the WWE hosted its Wrestlemania XL Kickoff where WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will have a face off with WWE Hall of Famer, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

The hosts of the event was Pat McAfee, Michael Cole, former WWE champion Big E and five-time world champion CM Punk.

There was two health updates on the two superstars. Big E says he is in good health and his neck if fine. CM Punk is less than a week from surgery on his triceps and confirming he won’t be able to compete at Wrestlemania XL.

The WWE will also be teaming up with X (formerly Twitter) creating WWE Speed. This will showcase matches five minute match exclusive on the social media platform weekly beginning in spring 2024.

WWE World Women’s champion Rhea Ripley got interrupted by Becky Lynch during her talk about Elimination Chamber. Lynch promises that it will be ‘Mami’ vs. ‘The Man’ at Wrestlemania. The two then had a brief face-off.

WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins took the stage. He is still waiting for the decision of who will be his WrestleMania opponent will be. He then calls for Cody Rhodes to make his entrance and speak to him.

Instead, the WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns comes out.

Reigns speaks to the crowd. As the Tribal Chief, he alone will decide who he will face at Wrestlemania XL. He chooses The Rock.

As if on cue, The Rock comes out and does his signature microphone work, talks to the crowd about beating Reigns at WrestleMania. He also shows off his and Roman Reigns’ family tree. He proclaims their family the ‘first family’ of professional wrestling.

There is a handshake deal between Reigns and The Rock but ‘The American Nightmare’ has other plans. As the Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes still holds the decision of who will be the main event at Wrestlemania XL. Rhodes announces that he has chosen Roman Reigns.

Rhodes tells Roman Reigns and The Rock’s grandfathers were still alive they would be ashamed of Roman Reigns.

Reigns is furious.

“Let me make something perfectly clear to you. When you talk about his family you are talking about my family. When you talk about his ancestors you are talking about my ancestors and when you talk about his blood you are talking about my blood. So, now we have a problem,” said The Rock slapping Rhodes in the face.

WWE officials stepped in. Seth Rollins is still yet to find out who is match will be against. The match for the WWE Universal championship is now up in the air as Rhodes has picked Reigns as he rightfully earned that pick by winning The Royal Rumble but The Rock and Reigns have agreed to their WrestleMania match. What does it all mean?