Today’s NXT Vengeance Day conference call was meant for  questions about this weekend’s show but the media honed on other topics of interest.

Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels spoke about protecting and reassuring talent after the recent Vince McMahon allegations, how the NXT stars fared at the rumble and about possibly opening the ‘forbidden door’ by collaborating more with different wrestling companies.

The WWE hall of famer was asked if there is any implementation of any policies or protections of the any NXT employee who might feel they are being taken advantage of, abused or mistreated. Michaels responded in saying that it is sad situation.

“We try to focus on the men and women who come through these doors and I think we foster a safe and supportive atmosphere down here,” Michaels said. “I know they re-installed and upgraded the regulations in 2022 but we are always conscious of that. I think its incredibly important that we support the talent and give them safe working environment and I would like to say we do a fantastic job down here.”

He stated that everyone in the company is aware of the situation and those like it, pleaded with everyone in the industry to be open and honest about the subject.

Michaels was also given the opportunity to address allegations that made towards himself by Brutus Beefcake. HBK said that he doesn’t shy away from anything he’s done in the past and that Beefcake even retracted his statement.

“I don’t know how to say this without sounding shameful but being with a lady was not something Shawn Michaels had a difficult time doing. I’ve never been in a situation where it was NOT consensual or in any way, shape, or form,” Michaels said. “I’ve never taken advantage of someone in that respect.”

Michaels was asked about how the talent did in Royal Rumble last weekend. He was excited for the WWE and NXT and for the future. The NXT stars had major roles in the Royal Rumble. Michaels said that for the NXT members who participated it was huge moment to spotlight their talent. Even saying that Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes and Tiffany Stratton are the foundation of the current iteration of NXT.

“It was fun and enjoyable for them. It was everything you wanted it to be and everything I think they hoped it would be,” Michaels said of the Rumble.

Another topic in the conference call was about the possibility of partnering or collaborating with another wrestling company. In the women’s Royal Rumble, TNA Knockouts World Champion, Jordynne Grace, made an appearance. Michaels responded by saying this is where he has a tough time balancing the relationship with WWE’s Chief Content Officer Paul Levesque. Michaels said that it was nice to see the door potentially opening for more collaborations and he is excited to see more if more possibilities happen.

Michaels ended the conference call with remarks to the media.

“I’ll be honest. I won’t lie to you. I want us to get back to the fun ones (conference calls) and enjoying this business. That’s why I do it but again, I appreciate you guys.” Michaels said. “You got to do your job and it’s not fair to you for me to get mad at you about that. So, again, so I appreciate you guys. Once again, I hope after this, we can talk about Vengeance Day. Hope we can focus on the future of NXT and incredibly talented young men and women that are coming up in this industry. I think there are tremendous times ahead.”

The lineup for NXT Vengeance Day is the finals of the Dusty Cup, Bron Breaker and Baron Corbin vs Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams. There will be a No Disqualification match between Dijak and Joe Gacy. Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo and Adrianna Rizzo will take on Bronco Lima, Lucien Pierce and Jaida Parker in a Six Person Tag Team match. NXT North Amercian Champion Oba Femi will verse Dragon Lee. NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria will take on Roxanne Perez. The main event will be NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs Trick Williams.

NXT Vengeance Day will be taking place in F&M Bank Arena in Clarksville, Tenn on Sunday streaming on Peacock.