Ann Callis, Janel Grant’s attorney, is claiming there could be more victims coming forward due to the allegations and civil lawsuit brought against Vince McMahon, the WWE and John Laurinaitis.

“My office and my inbox have had a barrage of people wanting to come forward to attest about this culture of corruption and also possible victims. We are just beginning now to wade through all this but we’re frankly overwhelmed,” Callis told News Nation in an interview.

Callis is a retired chief judge of Illinois’s Third Judicial Circuit who dealt with sexual assault cases in the past and once ran for Congress in the 13th Congressional District of Illinois.

Callis stated that the McMahon case has shocked even her.

“This is in its own class. This is in its own class of depravity that she had to endure,” Callis said of plaintiff, Grant.

“She was an island unto herself. She felt extremely isolated. She felt victimized. She felt that she was a prisoner,” Callis added.

Callis described her client as “dehumanized and discarded” but a resilient woman who hopes that she can lead by example and inspire other victims to come forward. Callis stated that part of the discovery process will include interviewing those who knew what was going on including the people McMahon allegedly shared private photos and videos of Grant with.

“Her hope is that by coming out, by stepping forward, by bringing this complaint and putting her face to this complaint that other victims of Vince McMahon and the WWE will end up becoming public. She wants to help them find her voice and get justice,” she said.

Callis maintained that Grant is still suffering from what happened and even contemplated suicide.

“What happened to her was particularly egregious, the sexual slavery she endured. The devastating consequences that happened to her physically and mentally when she was going through this. She is still suffering through this with PTSD. She had suicidal ideations,” said Callis.

An experienced prosecutor, Callis knows what she will be up against if the case makes it to a jury.

“We are going against the WWE, a multi-million dollar corporation who turned a blind eye to what was happening there to Janel. Also, Vince McMahon, a multi-billionaire and John Laurinaitis, who is a powerful person in his own right. The only weapon we actually had was the true facts that we put in this complaint and the details to try to even the playing field where she felt so powerless before,” she said.

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