Happy New Year and welcome to Kings of Colosseum. We’re going to have lots of fun, no doubt about that since we’re treated to a double main event being a Dream match between Jacob Fatu and Matt Riddle, who’s making his MLW return. Plus a Championship match where Alex Kane defends his title against a reemerging Richard Holliday.

I’m glad he’s feeling better.

Wasted Youth & Alec Price vs. TJ Crawford, Tony Deppen & Griffin McCoy – Trios match

We’re starting the night very hot with a Trios match that combines one of the most irritating assemblies ever made thus far being Deppen, Crawford and McCoy coming together. Arg…

Price and Wasted Youth came in with matching jerseys as they waste no time going after their opponents to make sure they have the upper hand early. Tony and company didn’t give their challengers the respect to bother fighting for a moment there.

Honestly, it was a whole mess just watching them struggling to grab the other long enough for a winning cover. I hate muddled matches. Ha! Things start to spill onto the outside of the ring like it naturally would.

Crawford, McCoy and Deppen were now in control after that show of sneakiness earlier. Tony was chocking Marcus Mathers in the center of the ring with his shirt like a psychotic animal.

Mathers manages to reach his teammate, and tag Price into the game as he uses his long ligaments to batter Deppen to a wobbly-looking fish. A dizzy one.

Wasted Youth play an amazing double team on Deppen that nearly puts him away if it weren’t for McCoy’s interference. The little bugger… A double boot by McCoy and Deppen was, dare I say, well in sync.

Dyln McKay was being bounced around like a damn ragdoll that I actually found it comical. More so that Crawford and company couldn’t put him down. Ha! The confusion in their eyes was priceless.

Alec truly blew our minds when he bounced off of Crawford’s shoulders in order to deliver a beautiful DDT to McCoy. Wow-wee!!

The team of Price and Wasted Youth pick up the win when the currently undefeated duo perform the exclamation point being the 450.

Winners: Wasted Youth & Alec Price

Elsewhere, Zayda is looking for a scoop when she tries to speak the World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane for some insight on his upcoming fight. She’s delusional enough to believe that Kane won’t still be Champion by the end of the night.

Maybe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves like some people tend to do. Mr. Thomas isn’t having it with her presence, and neither am I.

Kane calls Richard Holliday “Hoe-lliday”. Ha! Ha! Ha! He promises to take his “beautiful chocolate arms”, wrap them around his challenger’s neck and choke him out.

Ha! ha! Mister Saint Croissant, Kane called him, for bringing a roadblock to his door.

Hyper Misao vs. Janai Kai (c) – World Featherweight Championship match

Misao takes Janai down to the mat with a side Russian headlock, yet Kai is able to wrap her strong legs around her opponent’s throat and attempts to pop her head like a champagne bottle. Ha!

Misao catches the champ by surprise with that quick crossbody as the champ bounces off of it. She is dragging Kai a little bit. I’m amazed by that move Hyper calls the Hero’s Correction System.

During this match, a shot of Azteca henchmen were seen hanging around near the crowd. I wonder why they’re here.

Kai crashes onto Misao’s back then stacks her up for a near fall. The champ is now on top at the moment. The Kick Demon has switched the pace in her favor.

Most people who have come in contact with Kai have fallen rapidly. Hyper is holding her own very well. She manages to turn an incoming move against the champ. Hyper even uses her bicycle to her advantage.

I’ve never seen Janai getting manhandled the way she’s getting right now. It’s kind of weird. Ha! If anyone has put Kai through hell, it would be Misao with that Chicken Wing crossface submission hold. Janai was actually fading.

Hyper made sure Salina de la Renta wouldn’t interrupt, so she sprayed something in her eyes just before Salina could. Wow! Although Misao put up a great fight, best one against Janai, she lost when the champ applied that painful Demon Clutch submission. Damn… My eyes enlarged.

Winner: Janai Kai

Matthew Justice & 1 Called Manders (c) vs. Josh Bishop & Tom Lawlor – World Tag Team Championship match

Ah… you expect as much from these men. They’re uncapable of waiting for the bell as the brawl is underway on the main floor. Ha! The Second Gear Crew were mostly in control in the early goings of this fight as they obviously bring the hardcore energy to the table.

Manders takes on Bishop while Justice deals with Lawlor. A chopping competition between Manders and Josh ensues at full force. No one is budging, and they’re chests were turning red… like the movie. Ha!

The tides turn as Tom and Josh hammer some chairs against Manders, so Matthew delivers a crossbody that takes out the challengers.

The Second Gear Crew setup some odd contraption using four chairs and two long planks of woods inside the ring, but they have yet to use it. Constant interruptions by Bishop sending Matthew against the post, and Lawlor managing to slip out from Manders’ clutches.

Well, this little bit left me in absolute shock. When Zayda interfered with the match, Manders made her pay by delivering a thunderous clothesline. My mouth was left wide open and laughing. I didn’t expect this AT ALL.

Bishop sees this as an opportunity to chuck Manders onto the previously setup table on the main floor, completely breaking it. Holy damn.

Bishop thought he had Matthew pegged, but Justice turned his potential demise into a pile driver through the contraption he and his partner formally built to retain the titles. Good on you guys.

Not for Joshy, though. He was soo pissed that he attacked Manders and Justice with a plank of wood just as they were making their exit. MSL tried to calm him down… momentarily. Ha!

Winners: Second Gear Crew

Akira vs. Rickey Shane Page (c) РNational Openweight Championship Taipei Death match 

Akira couldn’t wait since he came from Tokyo for this, so he urges Rickey to get his ass out here. We want blood. I asked for this for a while. Thank you!

The Death Fighter has the advantage when he went after Page hot, however, the champ does manage to strike back in defense mode. An elbow to the face plus a crossbody. Page becomes even more vicious when he sends Akira crashing into wood then hammers a piece of it into the Death Fighter’s head.

Akira was in a bad way as blood is seen dripping from his open forehead cut. It was horrible, yet I can’t stop watching.

Rickey said he was going to destroy Akira, and he’s doing just that. He wanted to duck tape Akira like he did before when he shaved his head, luckily, the Death Fighter escaped.

My, my. The shards of glass embedded in their knuckles explode on impact with the flesh. They look like white confetti. Akira delivers an impressive suplex that also crushed his head a little bit.

Akira was looking to dislocate Rickey’s ankle. It didn’t last for too long. Despite the agony and the continuity of this match, Akira fights on with the support of the fans behind him chanting his name.

Things went downhill from there when Rickey dumped a bucket of broken glass on Akira plus a large thin plank of glass placed across two chairs right above the Death Fighter’s face, he leaps from the top and crashes into the glass and Akira.

Holy damn, damn, damn. Akira was twitching.

Sigh… I was enjoying this bout. Why did Sami Callihan have to show up and ruin everything?? Rickey ended up retaining his Championship. Apparently, Callihan has joined The Calling.

Winner: Rickey Shane Page

Love, Doug vs. Brett Ryan Gosselin – Love is Blind match

It took, what, maybe two minutes for these two to find the other in the ring as if you were watching a game of Marco Polo. Gosselin and Doug instinctively ducked the moment they touched each other. Then they delivered a double clotheslline.

It was bound to happen, but Brett temporarily removed his face covering to spy as to where Doug is without the referee’s awareness, then he grabbed some brace knuckles he hide in his pants and knocked Doug out of the ring.

Ha! Ha! Brett thought the referee was Doug, so they ended arguing. What’s even more hilarious is the fact that there’s a winner at all. Doug was able to find Brett and deliver a victorious DDT.

Winner: Love, Doug

BREAKING NEWS Mistico is coming to MLW on Feb 3, the very essence of Lucha Libre.

Alex Kane (c) vs. Richard Holliday – World Heavyweight Championship match

Kane had Holliday in a waist lock, but Richard quickly turned it into a headlock at the speed of lightning. He makes sure to keep the champ grounded and squished.

The momentum changes suddenly with a belly-to-belly takedown by Alex Kane. Oof, the air shifted real nice.

Holliday climbs back on top with a leg drop across Kane’s chest as he laid on the apron, waiting for doom. Since he couldn’t get the three count, Holliday decides to stomp on Kane’s hand.

The champ rams Richard into a corner then follows that up with another suplex to the challenger. Holliday later counters with a Cutter. And Kane bulldozes through Richard with a spear. Ha!

He was very, very close to winning the title with that sit out powerbomb he performed against the champ. Kane nearly didn’t make it. He does deliver a powerful choke slam to Holliday after that.

Kane should have won here and now when he had Holliday in a sleeper hold, but the referee was whacked by Richard a few seconds prior. Although Holliday tapped, MSL made sure the official wasn’t getting up to end the match by simply not helping the man.

Richard advantageously delivers a low blow to Kane. Commentary was confused as to why did Holliday send Kane on the floor, that’s because Lawlor and Bishop are here. The numbers game.

Bishop puts Kane through a table just for the hell of it all. WTF actually thought they would have won with that disgraceful stunt, fortunately, the referee counted to two. Ha! Ha!

Bomaye! Bomaye! Bomaye!

Kane wasn’t able to get Richard the first time, but the choke hold forced Holliday into blacking out and losing. Alex retains his Championship, and rightfully so. WTF weren’t pleased. Ha! Ha! Ha! Bravo!

Winner: Alex Kane 

BREAKING NEWS MLW executives have decided on who’s going to be Alex Kane’s next challenger at Super Fight on Feb 3, and it’s none other than the original World Heavyweight Champion himself, Satoshi Kojima.

He was throwing bagels. Who was able to get a bagel from him?

The energy of excitement and happiness that Satoshi will attempt to become the first two-time World Heavyweight Champion is soiled when Sami Callihan interrupts for the second time this evening.

He’s upset that Kojima is getting a title shot when he’s the most sought after free agent today. Eh… Sami has been fired from everywhere he’s been. His voice is too annoying to be paying attention to anything he’s saying. Callihan was being so rude that he spat water in Joe Dombrowski’s face then told Kojima to go “f*ck himself!” before entering into a brawl.

To resume this, Callihan is jealous.

Charlie the cameraman is always on the receiving end of something when it comes to Salina de la Renta. Ha! Ha!

Anyway, on Jan 20 for MLW Reload broadcasted on YouTube, Good Brother 3 will face the woman who broke his heart, Steph De Lander. Also, Nao Kakuta versus Moka Miyamoto from TJPW is a recent confirmation. Zayda will be facing Notorious Mimi.

What I wanted has been confirmed. Satoshi Kojima will enter the ring against Sami Callihan. Matt Riddle will be an action as well.

Jacob Fatu vs. Matt Riddle – Dream match

The beginning of the match was a demonstration of admiration from the fans. You would hear both “Uce” and “Bro” at the same time.

Riddle tries a choke hold, it fails. He tries to dismantle Fatu’s left arm, it also fails. Ha! Then he attempts to rock the Samoan Werewolf with a kick, but he answers with an uppercut.

Jacob seems to be the one with the upper hand compared to Riddle. Hmm. I suppose Matt hasn’t met a Samoan quite like Fatu before. I think Solo Sikoa would be on the same caliber as Fatu.

Riddle and Fatu engage in a chopping competition in the middle of the ring as sweat drops from their skins. Riddle follows through with a couple of right hands then an exploder.

Now the ball is rolling in Riddle’s favor with that standing Senton.

What is with the uce/bro shouts? Anyway, Matt is left stunned after being on the receiving end of an Aller Uce.

Fatu kept countering Riddle’s ventures to choke him out. You know they were effective because of the grimace on Jacob’s face, but he managed to liberate himself for a little while.

Matt went right back on the attack by heavily sinching in a submission too great that Fatu had no choice, but to tap.

Winner: Matt Riddle


TOP PHOTO: Kane choking Holliday. Courtesy of MLW