Tony Khan, the president of AEW, was questioned about the promotion’s stance and policies on sexual harassment as part of the Worlds End press conference.

Khan addressed the serious subject matter all the while wearing the goofy hat and sunglasses ‘Timeless’ Toni Storm gave him during her appearance at the media scrum.

“It is something we are very serious about. We have had a policy in place and whenever there is anything like that we would make sure we do everything we can to prevent it,” he said.

Despite reports of backstage incidents including numerous instances of the talent assaulting each other Khan claimed that AEW’s safety record is exemplary.

“AEW has the best safety record I believe of any pro-wrestling company in the world. I believe we have the most safe environment. I believe we have the best safety record of any pro-wrestling company. I would hold the record of AEW up on safety to any company in the world. AEW is the safest place for pro-wrestling,” he said.

Khan himself stated this after the incident between CM Punk and Jack Perry at All In and why he had to fire Punk: “This stems from a backstage incident at AEW All In last Sunday. The incident was regrettable and it endangered people backstage. That includes the production staff, the people who put the show on every week. Innocent people who had nothing to do with it. I’ve been going to wrestling shows for over thirty year, I’ve been producing them on this network for nearly four years. Never in all that time have I ever felt, until Sunday, that my security, my safety, my life was in danger. I don’t think anyone should feel that way at work.”

Khan claimed that if anyone has an issue they can always speak to him or the disciplinary committee at AEW.

“If anything came to light to me I would take it to the disciplinary committee and that is how we have been doing out. Our disciplinary committee has been doing a great job. Everyone has an open line to me or anyone on that committee,” he said.

When asked later about the specific situation and allegations involving Chris Jericho, Khan said he “couldn’t speak to that” repeating what he said before.

During the Worlds End media scrum AEW had the comments, chat section turned off on YouTube.

Over the weekend controversy has surrounded Chris Jericho and allegations made against him by Nick Hausman of the Rumor and Innuendo podcast and Haus Of Wrestling.

“There are issues with Chris behind the scenes where I know a lot of people who were hurt by Chris and his actions. It’s very uncomfortable to me to see him lauded like he is and only having the focus on that because I do think there are a lot of questionable stories about Chris that will find their way out over time when people are ready to tell those stories that will cast him in a very different light…I mean, Harvey Weinstein won a lot of Oscars. Harvey Weinstein produced a lot of very popular films. Harvey Weinstein is now in jail … I’m not saying that is happening to Chris but the narrative can quickly turn if you’re hiding a lot of skeletons in your closet,” claimed Hausman.

An account on X (ISO Wrestling) reacted to a clip of the statement by reposting an older tweet and also stating later that there are women who are waiting to tell their stories: “So here’s the deal, you don’t quit the hottest fed going today (AEW) without reason. I have it from people in the know that Kylie was asked to go to Chris Jericho’s room. With the understanding that others would be there. When she got there it was just him. He made a pass at her (no other details are given) and she freaked out.”

Kylie Rae responded to the reply with a heart emoji.

Many have taken that and other reactions by Rae to mean that she is confirming the allegation and story.

Rae nor any other woman has come forward to make any public statement regarding their treatment by Jericho at this time.

At tonight’s Worlds End event Jericho was met with notable boos during his match with Sammy Guevara, Sting and Darby Allin against Ricky Starks, Big Bill, Konosuke Takeshita and Powerhouse Hobbs.


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