We are two days away from Final Resolution, but instead of a traditional go-home show that would be the final build for the matches on that event, Impact Wrestling presented a joint-promotional show with the Mexican AAA lucha libre promotion. Seems like a missed opportunity to get the final push for the Pay-Per-View, but what are you gonna do?

The ring with its bright yellow mat made for a neat visual. And the raucous crowd certainly gave the show a fun atmosphere. But this was effectively a one-off spot show featuring members of the Impact and AAA rosters, sometimes wrestling against one another and sometimes teaming up.

Match 1: Chris Sabin and Trinity vs. Chik Tormenta and Dinamico

This was an intergender match and unlike in some other promotions, there was no rule that forbade male vs. female fighting. This was a pretty fast-paced match to kick off the show. After some fast action that allowed all four participants an opportunity to shine at various points, Trinity got the win after a Glow Bomb on Tormenta.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Trinity

In the back, Josh Alexander cut a promo, giving credit to Alex Shelley for beating him at Bound For Glory, saying he was the better man that night. Alexander said that he is refocusing on becoming a champion again and once again being the company’s standard-setter. So at Final Resolution, he is tagging up with Zack Sabre Jr. against the Motor City Machine Guns, as a way to prove that he still has what it takes to be that standard.

Match 2: Eddie Edwards vs. Myzteziz Jr. vs. Latigo

This was a typical three-way match, with some action featuring all competitors at once, and then some sequences where two men formed a temporary alliance to team up against the third. Myzteziz Jr. hit some high-flying moves, taking out both opponents with consecutive Flying Dives to the floor. There was a lot of choreographed flippy-doo stuff by Myzteziz, and a dive by Latigo at one point. Latigo hit a sloppy Canadian Destroyer on Myzteziz on the entrance ramp, and then Eddie punished Myzteziz with a Brain Buster there as well. Too much more happened before it finally ended too many minutes later with a Shooting Star Press by Myzteziz Jr. onto Eddie.

Winner: Myzteziz

In the back, Trey Miguel demanded that “Speedball” Mike Bailey wear some shoes when they meet at Final Resolution.

Elsewhere in the back, the Motor City Machine Guns ran down their singles and tag team credentials and said that proved they were the best – which is why they will beat Zack Sabre Jr. and Josh Alexander at Final Resolution.

Match 3: Jordynne Grace and Sexy Star vs. Deonna Purrazzo and Maravilla

The referee hugged Maravilla after the introductions and also got a kiss on the cheek by Purrazzo, which is weird, but not as weird as doing a throwaway show like this two nights before a PPV event. Purrazzo and Maravilla isolated Sexy Star for a very long time. She finally escaped and tagged in Grace, who took control and had the match won if not for the biased official who clearly was in the pocket of Purrazzo and Maravilla, not counting or slow counting when Grace had one of them down for the pin. Sexy Star took Purrazzo out with an ugly Flying Dive (more like a Flying Fall) and then Grace kind of hit a Grace Driver on Maravilla, and with Purrazzo unable to make the save and Maravilla not getting up from that, the referee had no alternative but to count the fall.

Winners: Jordynne Grace and Sexy Star

A video package aired with the Impact crew hyping up tonight’s event and talking about how much they like working in Mexico/AAA.

Match 4: Tommy Dreamer and Laredo Kid vs. Brian Myers and Black Taurus

This was a pretty standard tag team match for the most part. At one point, in what might have been a miracle, Tommy Dreamer looked like he was going for a Flying Dive, but he had to settle only for a Double Clothesline off the apron. But he soon fell prey to some cheap tactics and then took a lengthy beating by Myers and Taurus. He finally got the tag, and Laredo dazzled with some high-flying offense. Myers ate a cookie sheet to the face courtesy of Dreamer, and then Laredo Kid hit Taurus with a Canadian Destroyer and a Sunset Bomb for the pin. After the match, Dreamer propped up a table in the corner and put Taurus through it with a Spicolli Driver.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer and Laredo Kid

In the back, Trinity said she was looking forward to Hard to Kill where she will defend the Knockouts Championship against Jordynne Grace. Grace walked in and said that before that, they will be teaming up at Final Resolution against Gisele Shaw and Deonna Purrazzo. And that they need to be on the same page for that match – and only after that can they focus on beating each other at Hard to Kill.

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