It looks like “Yeet!” spells defeat for the WWE and Jey Uso.

Jey Uso and his fans have embraced the “Yeet!” catchphrase even before he was traded to Raw and The Usos were disbanded as a tag team.

The expression which was originally used when someone threw or hurled something and evolved to become a generic expression of excitement has been so closely associated with Uso that the WWE even issued merchandise with the saying attached to it.

Unfortunately, it seems the WWE didn’t do their homework. An independent wrestler, Kasey Scott Huffman, owns the trademark and has since June 2021. That is why the phase and Uso’s shirts were blurred on last night’s broadcast of Raw.

Uso’s “Yeet!” merchandise has also been removed from the WWE shop.

In order to continue using the phrase in pro-wrestling the WWE would have to purchase the rights from the owner.

Until then, it seems Jey Uso and his “Yeet!” catchphrase will remain in limbo.