Circle6 Entertainment has announced that a new King of the DeathMatches tournament. It will be held December 30th in Los Angeles, CA.

Circle6 has acquired the rights to the tournament from IWA Mid South and is “committed to preserving its rich heritage and bringing it to the mainstream”.

The  tournament will be broadcast live on FITE TV as a pay-per-view event and will be voiced by former WWE commentator Matt Striker.

The 12-man field in the tournament will feature ultraviolent competitors from the United States, Japan, Mexico, Samoa and the UK.

Information about tickets and more can be found at

Circle6 states that it is “focused on dispelling misconceptions about deathmatch wrestling, emphasizing the athletes’ dedication to crafting an unforgettable experience for fans. The emphasis is shifted from blood and gore to the artistry and skill displayed in the ring.”