One shouldn’t be shocked that the World Titan Federation would relish in their dirty work of dismantling the Bomaye Fight Club. Because of that, a match between the two Earth-crashing factions has been sanctioned for later tonight.

Steph de Lander sides with Matt Cardona at the beginning of the show, preparing for One Shot taking place in New York. This is going to be a long night with this lot on my scene. Ha!

Cannonball vs. Jimmy Lloyd – Thumbtacks Pit of Death match

Wow… MLW is insane. Ha! I realize that more and more as time goes on. Where else are you going to find a thumbtacks match at this level of derangement?? It seems fitting for these two ruthless individuals. The only way to win is by sending your opponent into the pit. My God… They’re not the only ones who will be scarred this evening.

Alright, let’s go.

Lloyd goes after Cannonball early with punches to the head, but it appear to be ineffective to the big man as he tosses Jimmy across the ring before splashing him with a clothesline.

Regardless of the beating Jimmy is receiving, he still fights on against Cannonball. This will be a tough nut to break, especially since they have to throw their challenger into the pit of thumbtacks.

Lloyd avoids danger in the corner then sends a double running knee to Cannonball’s throat. That upper hand was quickly squashed as the big man bangs Jimmy’s forehead right on top of the thumbtacks. Oof… A few of those sharp metallic pins were stuck in Jimmy’s scalp as he bleeds. Cannonball made things even more nerve-racking by shoving a handful of tacks into Jimmy’s mouth than slapping him.

Lloyd retaliates with a neck breaker then attacks Cannonball with a chair. He also rams Cannon’s hand in the pile of tacks.

Jimmy chases Cannonball to the back after hitting him with a baseball bat covered with bared wire. Unfortunately, he shouldn’t have. Rickey Shane Page was waiting. But a shocking turn of events reveals Akira intercepting Rickey. Surely, someone we didn’t expect.

Jimmy kept going as he slams chair after chair against Cannonball’s head, but the big man can take it until he couldn’t and crashed into the Pit of Death awarding Lloyd the victory.

He survived. Now, will he endure Rickey Shane Page at One Shot for the National Openweight Championship?

Winner: Jimmy Lloyd

When Tony Deppen returns in two weeks following his suspension, he will face Nolo Kitano. There’s no doubt that Kevin Blackwood will be watching.

Mance Warner said his goodbyes last week after losing to Cardona, but I can tell that this “Mask Goodbrother 3” is him. What the hell kind of name is that?

The Mane Event vs. Lucky 13 & Austin Luke vs. Wasted Youth – Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Encounter match 

As the match begins, everything is already a mess to watch, but the Mane Event are the ones rolling early on as they dumped Wasted Youth on the outside and focused their efforts on Lucky 13 and Austin Luke.

Wasted Youth return into the fray and somewhat destabilize the Mane Event as they work as a team, squashing Jay Lyons. Luke and Lucky slide back in and take on Wasted Youth.

I am impressed with Wasted Youth’s performance in the ring, even though, Lucky corners Marcus Matthers as he tried to reach his partner, Dylan Mcay, he was taken out quickly by Austin.

Mane Event double teams against Wasted Youth with beautiful teamwork like no other. They almost gain the win with that move they call the Big Finale, but Lucky and Luke bulldozed the closing gap.

Wasted Youth speed back into the ring to double team on Lucky and Austin. They dispose of Luke, then perform a victorious spinning splash in their debut.

Winners: Wasted Youth

Hammerstone vanished from the league after losing his title to Alex Kane at Never Say Never only to resurface last October requesting his release. It was granted in November. What possessed him to switch from being MLW’s poster boy to wanting out? Well, all that was answered when he joined the World Titan Federation at Fightland.

Mister Saint Laurent orchestrated a plot in the background in order for management to agree to Hammerstone’s demands, turning him into a free agent, ruining the relationship he had with the fans.

Hammerstone can now get what he wants, to battle the Bomaye Fight Club since they’ve been labelled as “posers”.

BREAKING NEWS Rocky Romero has agreed to defend his MLW World Middleweight Championship AND CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship at One Shot against Mascara Dorada.

Zayda Steel vs. Gia Scott

Scott has the advantage as she places Zayda in a headlock and continues to drag the girl around the ring with that shoulder tackle. Steel turns things in her favor with a side headlock takedown of her own.

Gia connects with a clothesline and a drop kick. Unfortunately, Zayda clawed Gia’s eyes then grabbed a fistful of hair to throw her down.

Scott fights back with a couple of back elbows plus a big boot to Zayda’s face. Alas, Gia is on the losing end when she gets face planted by Steel’s cheating ass as she uses the bottom rope to pin her.

As if things couldn’t get any worst, MSL wants to sign Steel as the first “Federette” of the Titans. The audience try to convince her not to. But… like the dumbass she is, she signed her soul away.

Winner: Zayda Steel

BREAKING NEWS for the first time ever on MLW, MSL has brought to One Shot a bodybuilding contest to see who’s the most tanned, the most cosmetically appealing, the most vascular, the works. Bodies by Mister Saint Laurent, he calls it. He also promises that an American singer will be performing “America the Great” to kick off that portion of the show.

Tom Lawlor locks hands with the original World Heavyweight Champion, Satoshi Kojima. The Kick Demon Janai Kai defends her World Featherweight Championship against Maki Itoh. And of course, Miyu Yamashita will engage in battle versus Delmi Exo for the Princess of Princess title.

Bomaye Fight Club vs. World Titan Federation – 6-man Tag Team match

Representing the Bomaye Fight Club are Mr. Thomas, J Boujii and O’Shay Edwards. As for WTF, it’s Alex Hammerstone, Tom Lawlor and Josh Bishop. The bell hasn’t even rang yet, and these boys start brawls. The Bomaye Fight Club charged first.

Edwards went for Hammerstone, Mr. Thomas tackles Bishop and Boujii squares off against Lawlor. Who cares about the legalities of a Tag match? The fight officially begins with Tom and J. Lawlor already has Boujii in a Boston Crap submission and reinforces it by crossing his opponent’s legs.

Bishop slams J twice against the mat then tags Hammerstone to inflict further damage. They made sure to isolate J from his teammates. Alex simply dropped J on his stomach like a sack of turds.

Frequent tags were made between the WTF members during this match, still keeping Boujii away from his reinforcements. J does try to fight back… for a moment.

Finally, Mr. Thomas is brought into the fight as he ploughs through the other Tom then takes out Bishop on the apron. Hammerstone and Edwards were tumbling on the main floor. A chaotic mess.

Bishop shoves Mr. Thomas into J as he covered Lawlor. The Federation continues with their onslaught as Hammerstone delivers a big boot to J’s face then the Midnight Pendulum. He advices Lawlor to stack Boujii up and obtain the victory.

A brawl erupts between the Bomaye Fight Club and WTF as Alex Kane shows up to even the score. Kane and his team stand tall.

Winners: World Titan Federation


TOP PHOTO: World Titan Federation winning their match. Courtesy of MLW