Greetings and salutations! We have a busy night ahead of ourselves for AEW as the Continental Classic continues. In the CC, Jay White will face Swerve Strickland, Mark Briscoe will face RUSH, and Jon Moxley will face Jay Lethal. Also on the show we will have Julia Hart defending her TBS Championship against Emi Sakura, and Christian Cage will respond to Adam Copeland as they are looking to clash in Montreal next week. One can only wonder what the Devil has planned for tonight. With so much on the go, we should head straight to the show’s action!

AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match: Jon Moxley vs. Jay Lethal

Bryan Danielson comes and joins the commentary team. Moxley and Lethal aren’t sure about each other and its a 50/50 match and slow one to start. Lethal drops Moxley and applies the Figure-Four early on, but Mox causes both of them to roll out to ringside. The brawling starts and Lethal dives onto Moxley. Lethal is feeling lucky and goes for a second one, but Mox dodges it and hits Lethal with a dive of his own. Back in the ring, Lethal notices that Moxley’s limping a bit and this puts the target right on Moxley’s knee. Lethal is looking to make the next Figure-Four meaningful as he continues to target the knee of Mox. After Mox tries a short comeback that didn’t go anywhere, Lethal goes for a Lethal Injection, but Mox counters it and drops Lethal.  Moxley’s second attempt at a comeback didn’t last long as Lethal slams Moxley’s leg and hits an Elbow Drop for a 2-count. Lethal sends Moxley to the outside.

Outside of the ring, Lethal continues to target Moxley’s leg and throws him back in the ring. Lethal hits a Dragon Screw off the ropes. Moxley tries to come back again and hits a huge Clothesline. Once again, the comeback didn’t last long as Lethal gets control for a bit until Moxley pushes Lethal into the ring post. Mox locks in a chokehold, but Lethal escapes and traps him in the Figure-Four. Moxley slowly but surely reaches the ropes and when he’s up he hits a Paradigm Shift, and waits for Lethal to get up before he clobbers him with a Lariat. Moxley with a Piledriver for a 2-count. Moxley locks in a Choke and Lethal taps out!

Winner: Jon Moxley

Eddie Kingston was seen not happy about his loss to Brody King. He says he is coming back stronger and better for for Bryan Danielson to be ready.

Backstage, Tony Schiavone announces that AEW Revolution will be on Sunday, March 3 at the Greensboro Coliseum. He says this is fitting to be Sting’s last match. Sting is there and he comments on how historic that building is for him and Flair. Ric Flair says that he and Sting had their classic match in Greensboro and Sting made himself that night. Flair says he will be going back to Greensboro for the special moment, and he is honored to be at Sting’s side.

AEW Continental Classic Gold League Match: RUSH vs. Mark Briscoe

RUSH attacks Briscoe early on, but Briscoe fights back and they trade strikes. Briscoe knocks RUSH to the outside. At ringside they trade loud and heavy chops. RUSH slams Briscoe into the barricade, but Briscoe comes right back and gets RUSH down and hits a diving elbow from the apron. Back in the ring, RUSH takes control and hits a German Suplex, but Briscoe hits a Lariat as a response. Mark drops RUSH with a shot to the face, but RUSH takes Briscoe down quickly. The two keep going back and forth until RUSH suplexes Briscoe. Briscoe hits right back with a Spear and a 2-count. Briscoe wants to end it and he climbs the rope to hit the Froggy Bow for another 2-count. Briscoe now goes for a Jay-Driller but RUSH escapes and hits him with a nasty looking  elbow to the face and hits the Bull’s Horns for the pinfall win.

Winner: RUSH

AEW Women’s World Champion Toni Storm is interviewed by RJ City. Storm says they partied hard, and one of the Kennedys was there or something like that. RJ City tells Storm she will defend the title next week (in Montreal), and she says she’s not worried.

MJF talks Joe and More…

MJF is still imping his way to the ring and wants to talk about facing Samoa Joe at Worlds End. MJF says he may not like Samoa Joe, but he respects him. MJF says thanks Joe as he highlights his TNA and WWE career. MJF says that “The Samoan Submission Machine” proved that alternatives matter, and he helped paved the road for AEW and non models and body-builders. MJF says he isn’t too shabby either and he has helped build AEW brick by brick. MJF says that he has beat the likes of CM Punk and Cody Rhodes to name a few. MJF says his match against Samoa Joe at AEW Worlds End is about his legacy. MJF calls Joe the final boss again and says he doesn’t care if his knee slides in and out, or if his shoulder is hanging on by a thread, as he promises to show the world that it’s not about the size of the dog. Instead, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog. MJF then says that Joe will have to put him down to take the title.

The lights go out and flicker. Masked men surround the ring and look at attack MJF but then Samoa Joe comes out and saves the day. The lights go out again and this time on the Khan-O-Tron we see a message being typed;  “In the shadows, our games begin.” The message asks MJF and Samoa Joe if they will face the unknown next week. MJF is angry and angrily says he is tired of the “Scooby-Doo bullsh*t” and vows to unmask The Devil. He says that if they want a tag team match, they’re on. Joe doesn’t look pleased as MJF talks for him.

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