The Brawling Brutes vs. Pretty Deadly – Tag Team match

After last week’s loss, the Brutes look to gain a victory against Pretty Deadly this time. Holland goes after his opponents at full force since he’s still pissed. A momentary double Ten Beats of the Bodhran erupts till Elton Prince escaped.

Prince delivers rapid blows to a fallen Butch in the middle of the ring. Butch retaliates with a harsh Step Up Enziguri. We’re not exactly sure who Holland is frustrated with, but he chose to walk out leaving Butch to be mangled.

The rabid animal does fight back despite the fact that he’s alone now. He’s doing well so far, can’t deny that. Butch almost, almost got Elton with that striking kick. Damn, the sound it made.

Pretty Deadly steals it when Wilson tags his partner just as Butch performs the Bitter End on Prince only to be caught in a roll-up win.

Winners: Pretty Deadly 

Shotzi finds Charlotte to thank her for bringing confidence and self-love back into her after Damage Control shaved her head, and left her alienated by her peers. She suggests that despite not wanting to forget the past, Becky is also hurt by it and a few kind words could really go a long way like it did for her.

Nick Aldis informs us that Carlito is badly hurt, so much so that he won’t be able to compete tomorrow. Nick makes the decision to postpone the match. However, I suggest he places Dragon Lee in as a substitute.

And like a dream come true, Aldis puts Lee in thanks to his determination to teach Escobar a lesson.

Rhea Ripley will defend her Women’s World Championship against an ambitious Zoey Stark. Also, will the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion retain when he meets The Miz in a match?

The women’s War Games and the men’s will be a showstopper indeed. The Judgment Day make sure to keep their challengers alert.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka & Bayley – Tag Team match

Note that Charlotte made an entrance with Becky’s theme music, but Lynch won’t come out to the queen’s melody. Ha!

Oof, hell. That punch to Bayley’s face Becky just pulled was neatly placed. Well done early on. Lynch allows the queen to tag her as The Man delivers a baseball slide to Bayley then a raining blow to Asuka.

A beautiful Moonsault by Charlotte flattens her adversaries. Damage Control turns things around as Bayley pounds into Becky. Bayley and Asuka were making sure that Lynch remained trapped in their corner.

Asuka has Becky gasping for help. Lynch is able to fend Damage Control off and tag Flair. The queen delivers a crossbody and takes them both out.

A fall away slam from Flair to Bayley. Unfortunately, Charlotte wasn’t aware of the tag being made as she attempts to put Bayley through the Figure 4 only for Asuka to deliver a Codebreaker.

Lynch comes back intro the fray with a double DDT. Since Bayley wouldn’t stay down, Becky tries the disarmer… but Asuka thwarts it. Becky counters with a Manhandle Slam and cover that could have ended this, but Charlotte was too close to her when she speared Asuka to prevent her from interfering. Whoops.

Bayley takes advantage by shoving Lynch into Flair then rolls Becky up for a win. Let’s see how this plays out tomorrow night. See you there, folks!

Winners: Damage Control


TOP PHOTO: Becky talking with Charlotte while Bianca and Shotzi try to keep the peace. Courtesy of WWE