I can’t wait for Saturday night. We’re jam packed with must see matches that range from the women’s War Games to the Intercontinental Championship. Also, Corey Graves is back with us after an extended vacation with his wife and baby. I’m happy!

Let’s start the evening with Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Shotzi and Charlotte Flair. Lynch makes it clear that, although we’re glad to see her join War Games, why did she team up with her frenemy Charlotte Flair? Well, when you have a common enemy like Damage Control, “The answer is always going to be a hell yes!”

Shotzi is… impatient, to say the least, to enter the carnage against Damage Control because they cut her hair and changed her into who she is now. A stronger, unpredictable, unbreakable badass. The one thing to thank them for.

Someone else also finds Flair and Lynch’s union to be unbelievable, Bayley, as she walks to the stage. She knew Charlotte and Becky for over ten years, so Bayley knows the little jabs they both took in order to trash talk the other during car rides or personal conversations in the looker room.

Lynch counters by challenging any two Damage Control members versus herself and Flair in order to show that they can get along. Bayley happily agrees as she reveals that this was part of her plan to demonstrate the early implosion prior to Survivor Series.

I hope you all watched Monday Night RAW because the apex predator, the legacy of WWE Randy Orton is back and joining Jey Uso, Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn at Survivor Series. Hell yeah!!! We’ve missed the Viper. However, despite how excited we are to see Orton in the ring, Jey looked concerned.

He remembers what he did that costed Randy over a year of recovery during the Tag Team Unification match they had. The look of slight fright in Jey’s eyes says everything. I’m wondering if Orton forgives the Usos for their actions. Jimmy changed for the best only to change for the worst later on while Jey ventured down a brighter path to redemption on Mondays. Maybe Randy will be satisfied with Jey instead.

Someone might think I’m being paranoid for saying that there’s a hidden ploy going on behind Bayley’s back, but I beg to differ. When she arrived backstage expecting her team to be just as ecstatic as she is, they weren’t so much. Bayley did suggest that Kairi and Asuka team up as the Kabuki Warriors like before, or Asuka and Iyo since we’ve never seen that… Having said that, Dakota figures it should be Bayley and Asuka that take part.

Sane, Sky and Asuka seem to agree more with Kai than with Bayley. Why do you think that is? You can’t tell me something suspicion ISN’T going on.

The Judgment Day (c) vs. The Street Profits – Undisputed Tag Team Championship match

Damian Priest and Angelo Dawkins start this match first. Priest already has an upper hand on Dawkins with his strong offense.

Angelo knocks Finn down a peg or two before tagging Montez as they play a double team as we see Bobby Lashley looking on backstage with a drink in hand.

Ford destabilizes Damian off his feet for a moment then sends the big man spilling on the main floor. He doesn’t seem to be as focused as he usually is. Judgment Day were left stunned as well on RAW when they found out that Orton was going to be present.

Ford slaps Balor so hard that he whiplashes in front of the commentary desk. Montez follows that up by body splashing his opponent. Everything was going fine for the Profits until Priest bulldozes Montez on the table then poses like Randy does.

The Judgment Day were in control until Ford looks to fight back with a couple of heavy blows to Damian inside the ring. The jump kick Priest delivered to Ford rocked him enough to collapse on the mat.

Priest misses in the corner and hits his head against the top of the post. Dawkins gets into the match and ploughs through Balor then punches Damian. Angelo has been very powerful during this fight as he takes on both Finn and Damian.

The Profits deliver an amazing blockbuster from the top rope. It almost took Balor out, and frightened Rhea Ripley. Judgment Day were reeling for a bit, then they finally got their footing back with a Slingblade to Montez, and a thunderous blow to Dawkins.

Because of Ripley’s distraction, Finn was able to cause Montez to wobble down from the top as Damian grabs him and delivers a modified Tombstone then Balor finishes Ford off with Coup de Grace.

Lashley looks upset. Ha!

Winners: The Judgment Day

Well, we’ve reached the part of the evening to bring The Grayson Waller Effect into play as we welcome Kevin Owens… or at least I thought it was going to be KO. Instead, Austin Theory came out dressed as Owens. Luckily, the real Prize Fighter showed up just in time before Theory could utter a single word. Ha!

KO was confused. His suspension ended today, and he was announced to be on the show last week, so he’s here only to find a terrible impersonation. Waller explains that this whole nonsense was to make fun of Owens, yet Theory actually looks good, so the joke failed amongst other things. Ha!

LA Knight tells Waller that he would have lost during their match regardless because that’s a fact of life. Grayson’s life. Theory and Waller start debating about punching Knight and Owens. They took a while, so Kevin invites LA Knight to jump them side-by-side with him.

The Prize Fighter and the Megastar graciously clear the ring.

Kevin Owens & LA Knight vs. Grayson Waller & Austin Theory – Tag Team match

The battle has already started with Owens and Theory. Austin rolls under the ropes and tags his partner. KO delivers a couple of affective chops to the chest.

LA Knight continues his team’s momentum as he delivers a few well-placed shoulders to the gut and suplexes Grayson. Theory and Waller tried to sneak attack Knight, luckily he saw through that, delivered a clothesline to Grayson and continuously banged Austin’s head against the commentary desk.

Double head banging by Knight was entertaining to watch until Waller squashed him on the main floor. Later on, KO destroyed both men in his path. He almost got Waller with that Swanton bomb.

A bit of disorienting anarchy happened in order to flatten Owens on the mat, keeping him away from LA Knight.

Owens is finally able to tag Knight after rolling away from an incoming attack from Waller. The Megastar starts hammering blows at Theory’s face.

LA Knight had Theory beat, but due to Waller’s interception, the match continues. Knight had enough and goes after Grayson. Austin grabs ahold of Knight, looking for A-Town Down, KO helps his partner out, the Megastar shoves Theory into Waller, KO delivers a Stunner to Grayson, and Knight performs the BFT against Theory to secure a victory.

Winners: KO & LA Knight

Backstage, Bianca tries to calm the flames within Becky when she was… fiery earlier towards Flair. In the end, Lynch answered the call, so whatever animosity the queen and The Man have, they need to put it aside for tonight and tomorrow.

War Games will be Carlito’s first premium weekend event in over 13 years. He’s excited for that. Despite how great that is, all he could think about is his injured friend Rey Mysterio in the hospital. Carlito delivered a message in Spanish for Escobar, and he responds by interrupting.

Santos is enraged when Carlito says he’s family is Rey when he’s not wearing the LWO colors, nor the tattoo. Carlito counters by saying that Rey was always his family. Escobar disagrees because according to him, Rey and the LWO were HIS family, not “an outsider’s”.

The breakout between all of them is Carlito’s fault so Santos says. Including the recent injury… Both men start to brawl ahead of their match tomorrow. A knee sneak attack against Carlito ends this spur. Sort of… At least Dragon Lee was there to assist.

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