It was a double blow for the Cosmic Angels faction in Stardom and also the promotion as a whole.

Stardom announced at a press conference today that not only has Cosmic Angel’s leader Tam Nakano had to vacate the World of Stardom Championship due to injury but because of Natsupoi’s injury, the faction has had to surrender the Goddesses of Stardom Tag Team Championships as well. Natsupoi had held the championships with her partner Saori Anou.

Rossy Ogawa, Stardom’s Executive Producer, announced that a four-person tournament will be held to determine the new World of Stardom Champion.

“The first round is Mina Shirakawa versus Momo Watanabe and Maika versus Ami Sourei,” he said.

The winner of the tournament will face 5STAR GP winner Suzu Suzuki at Dream Queendom 2023 on 29th December. The winner of that match will be the new World of Stardom Champion.

He also revealed that new Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions will be crowned in Nagoya on December 2nd during a tournament. Maika and Megan Vane, the winners of this year’s Tag League, will be competing in that tournament.

“Tam Nakano, are you watching? Finally, the belt is given back. I’ve been waiting. I was waiting for the belt to be given back and I’d finally hear something from your mouth but to my surprise there was no comment. I’m very, very disappointed. If you can’t come to the venue at least make a comment. If you can contact Rossy at least make a comment,” said 5 Star GP 2023 Champion Suzu Suzuki criticizing Nakano. She was confronted by Hazuki afterwards.

Natsupoi had this to say about surrendering the belts: “I have decided to return the Goddess of Stardom belts. To all the talent and fans who have been waiting, I’m really sorry. I was hoping to hold this belt as the champion and wait until the finals of the Tag League match that took place the other day but I couldn’t. I’m not a champion. I looked at all the talent who were fighting desperately and wondered what to do? When I saw this belt sitting alone at home I decided to make this decision,” she said.

“That’s okay, your body should be the priority. Let’s roll it together again,” said Natsupoi’s partner Saori.

“I sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to my return,” said Natsupoi stating that she will do her best to recover and win back the belts.