Happy Monday everyone, it is time for the go-home edition of Raw before Survivor Series this Saturday night.

Tonight’s show kicked off with Drew McIntyre after he shocked the world last week by helping The Judgement Day retain their tag titles and shaking Rhea Ripley’s hand. He said people keep asking why, but he has been the same person this entire time. If you’re a fan of Drew he doesn’t see a need to explain his actions and he looked Jey Uso right in his eyes before he dropped him last week.

Jey screwed Drew over many times when he was part of The Bloodline and he never apologized to Drew, so Drew hopes Jey isn’t expecting an apology. He said Jey cost him the biggest moment of his life in front of his family at Clash at the Castle. Jey’s family took Drew’s big moment from his family.

Everyone is wondering if Drew has joined The Judgement Day and Drew said he has not joined them, but he will be on their team at War Games. He has joined them because Rhea Ripley gave him the best gift of all, Jey Uso in a cage. Before Drew could continue, Jey made his way out to the ring.

A War Games preview. Credit: WWE

Jey came out to fight, but as he tried to get in the ring Judgement Day rushed through the crowd and stood behind Drew. So, Jey needed his own backup and out came Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes to stand with Jey. They all got into the ring, but before a fight could begin Adam Pearce stood between the two teams.

Pearce said these men cannot touch each other before the advantage match later tonight, and if someone throws the first punch before that match their team will lose the advantage. He had some other announcements as well, with Drew joining J-Day’s team, Cody’s team has until the end of the night to find a fifth member for War Games. When it comes to the advantage match, both teams have until 9 PM to decide who will represent their team in that one-on-one advantage match.

Despite J-Day having Drew join their team, Damian Priest was not too happy about Rhea asking for Drew’s help without checking with the group. Rhea was quick to apologize and Priest then said he wants to be in the advantage match later tonight, but Ripley said that needs to be discussed as a group.

Later in the show, Drew joined J-Day backstage and he also wanted to compete in the advantage match tonight. He also said he does not like any of them, but he despises Jey Uso. Drew and Priest then had a little back and forth before Priest finally agreed to let Drew compete in the match, he told Drew to prove his worth.

We then saw the other team discussing who it would be to go up against Drew in the main event. Jey Uso has a bone to pick with Drew after last week, so it will be him facing off with his enemy in the advantage match. Cody also said he can call an old friend to be the fifth member of their team…enticing.

Nia Jax vs. Raquel Rodriguez

Rodriguez quickly tried to take control of this match, but Jax caught her with a uranage and stopped that. This really was a battle of two powerhouses, but Rodriguez changed the game up on us and dove off the apron with a crossbody onto Jax. However, once again the control switched, and Jax Samoan dropped Rodriguez into the ring post.

Jax then stretched Rodriguez’s body around the post and followed that by locking in a submission. However, Rodriguez somehow found the power to lift Jax on her back and drop her down, she then hit a hurricanrana and a big boot. Rodriguez now hit her corkscrew spinning senton, but she then tried to lift Jax and her lower back gave out. Jax then hit a running senton and hit the Annihilator to get the victory.

Winner: Nia Jax

Becky Lynch vs. Xia Li

This match has been brewing since Lynch was still the NXT Women’s Champion and Li has been mowing down the Raw roster recently. This match started quite slow until Lynch hit Li with a baseball slide and then jumped off the apron with a big forearm. Li got herself back into the match as she hit Lynch with a kick to the face when she tried to get back in the ring.

After a commercial break, Lynch began making her comeback and hit Li with a Bexploder suplex. However, it did not do too much damage and Li responded with a spinning kick to Lynch’s back and followed that with an airplane spin slam. Li then made her way to the top rope, but Lynch met her up there and landed a superplex. Lynch then went for the Man-Handle Slam, but Li blocked and hit her signature spin kick that knocked Lynch to the outside. Li met her out there and went for another kick, but Lynch ducked and threw her into the ring post.

Both women were now back in the ring trading strikes and Lynch ducked another spin kick to hit the Man-Handle Slam for the victory.

Winner: Becky Lynch

After the match, Damage CTRL made their way through the crowd, but they were attacked from behind by Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair and Shotzi, Lynch’s teammates in War Games. All eight women were brawling, but after being broken up it was Lynch, Flair, Belair and Shotzi standing tall!

The problems in Imperium continued, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci just could not get on the same page. Kaiser feels like Vinci is trying to undermine him and he does not want his help tonight, he wants to handle Johnny Gargano on his own.

Ludwig Kaiser vs. Johnny Gargano w/Tommaso Ciampa

Kaiser wanted to prove himself tonight and he started quite hot, he was hitting Gargano with every strike imaginable. Gargano did get a bit of momentum going and went for a suicide dive, but he was caught with a slap and then a running European uppercut. Kaiser then tried to hit a running kick, but he was cut off with a slingshot spear from Gargano.

The comeback was on, Gargano hit a roll-through kick and suicide dive, he then dove from the second rope with a tornado flat-liner. Kaiser then reversed a run from Gargano and hit him with a discus clothesline and followed that with a tilt-a-whirl facebuster. His momentum continued as he hit a rolling fireman’s carry and a PK, but Vinci then made his way out and this distracted Kaiser.

Kaiser was so angry to see Vinci out there and Gargano utilized this distraction by kicking Kaiser and then hitting One Final Beat to steal a win. Vinci looked quite happy to see his tag partner lose tonight.

Winner: Johnny Gargano


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