Happy M0nday everyone! Tonight’s edition of Raw opens up with the Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, and she had JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio by her side. She was giving the same speech we hear every single week from Judgement Day. To recap, they’re the best and nobody can beat them!

Ripley said that Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins have some decisions to make, and whoever decides to make a deal with J-Day will be walking out of Crown Jewel the World Champion this Saturday. She then said that she has the odds stacked against her this week, but Mami is always on top!

Now in typical Monday Night Raw fashion, Ripley was interrupted by Sami Zayn who made his way to the ring. He was quick to offend Ripley, saying he is so sick of hearing her talk about Judgement Day and them running the show. Zayn said his entire career he has been fighting people like J-Day, people who only care about power. However, Zayn said his name is “Rebellion” and he will fight J-Day no matter what until they have no power left and no longer exist.

Ripley replied by saying J-Day does not need a numbers advantage when it comes to Zayn and challenged him to go one-on-one with Damian Priest tonight. Dirty Dom said they should teach him a lesson right now, but J-Day could not lay a finger on Zayn before Ricochet ran out to back him up. There would be no brawl, but we were headed right into our opening match.

Ricochet vs. Dominik Mysterio

Ricochet was all over Dirty Dom to begin this match, but Mysterio took a cheap shot by hitting Ricochet in the groin to get himself going. He then threw Ricochet into the announce table before throwing him chest first into the turnbuckle. Mysterio got too confident and started gloating, that is when Ricochet caught him with an enzigiri and a standing shooting star press.

He followed that with a suicide dive to the outside, but Ripley then got herself involved allowing Dom to regain control. Dom put Ricochet through the 3 Amigos and next went for a 619, but Ricochet ducked and hit a handspring back elbow followed by a springboard crossbody. He next hit a superkick and then made his way to the top rope, but Ripley distracted the referee while McDonagh pulled Ricochet down. Dom then rolled up Ricochet with a handful of tights to steal a win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Dirty Dom with a dirty win. Credit: WWE

Following the match, Ricochet super-kicked McDonagh and hit Dom with a Recoil. He then went to the top rope, but Ripley pulled Dom to safety.

Alpha Academy vs. The Creed Brothers w/Ivy Nile

The Creed Brothers have arrived on Raw. Credit: WWE

Alpha Academy issued an open challenge on Twitter that was accepted by The Creed Brothers, Julius and Brutus, who are making their main roster debut. Julius and Gable got the match started with some chain wrestling, but Julius got Gable in a suplex position and lifted him on the ground standing up while holding him in the air. He then tagged in Brutus and passed Gable to him so Brutus could be the one to hit the suplex.

Otis was tagged in and Alpha Academy got some momentum going, Otis hit both Creeds with a double lariat and Gable dove from the top rope hitting both with a shoulder block. Gable locked Brutus into an ankle lock, but Brutus rolled through and hit Gable with a Samoan drop. However, Brutus could not gain momentum as Gable hit him with a German suplex and tagged in Otis.

Otis came in taking both Creed brothers out before hitting Julius with a Caterpillar. He then went for a power slam, but Julius hit Otis with a knee to the face. Julius followed that with a standing shooting star and Brutus hit a standing moonsault. Brutus then dove off the middle rope, but Otis caught him in mid-air to hit a power slam. Julius broke the pin by diving with a 450 splash and Gable then dove onto all three men with a moonsault.

Brutus Ball. Credit: WWE

While all this was going on Ivy Nile was arguing with Maxxine Dupri on the outside and Akira Tozawa tried to break them up, but Nile hit Tozawa with a German suplex. Back in the ring, Julius used all his power to hoist Otis up on his shoulders and Brutus dove from the top rope hitting the Brutus Ball. The Creed Brothers secured a very impressive win in their debut on Monday Night Raw!

Winners: The Creed Brothers

The Judgement Day was now backstage complaining that Ricochet deserves a beating for kicking Dom after their match. Priest said he’s got a lot to focus on, including Cody Rhodes and possibly cashing in on Saturday. He brought this up because he wants to know why Ripley booked him in a match against Zayn tonight. However, Ripley turned it all around and somehow had Priest excited for the match.

It was now time for MizTV with the Intercontinental Champion, Gunther, as the special guest. The Miz announced Gunther to make his way out, but he did not make his way out, instead, we got Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci. Kaiser said Gunther is not going to come out for someone like Miz who is the embodiment of what Imperium despises, he then called Miz a clown.

Miz bounced right back saying at least he is not another man’s sidekick and Vinci is the third-wheel. Vinci then attempted to answer back, but Miz found it hard to believe that Vinci actually spoke and asked Kaiser if he allowed him to talk. Vinci said he talks when he wants to, but Kaiser said no Vinci talks when Gunther or he tells him to. Clearly, Gunther did not want to hear anymore and he made his way to the ring.

Gunther said he is not Miz’s guest and he can’t believe he even still runs a talk show in 2023. He then said everything Miz does in the ring is beneath him and he does not respect him. Miz answered back by saying an invisible John Cena was more entertaining than Gunther. However, Gunther said entertaining doesn’t matter when the bell rings and Miz is not a serious competitor.

Miz said he was serious when he beat Randy Orton for the WWE title, serious when he beat Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania, serious when he won his second WWE title a decade later and he was very serious when he made the IC title the most prestigious title in the business and he has no problem doing it again.

Gunther laughed in Miz’s face and then instructed Kaiser and Vinci to begin destroying the set of MizTV. Miz tried to attack Kaiser and Vinci, but Gunther chopped him down and said Miz is not in his league. Gunther turned his back on Miz and Miz decided to attack him, but Imperium then triple-teamed Miz and he had no choice but to retreat to the back.

Following a commercial break, Miz charged into Adam Pearce’s office and he demanded an Intercontinental Championship match against Gunther. However, Bronson Reed had the same idea and he wanted to talk to Pearce about that as well. A lot of people want a shot at Gunther.

#DIY vs. Imperium

Johnny Gargano and Tomasso Ciampa have reunited as #DIY and this is their first match back as a team on Raw. #DIY looked like they have not missed a step and were working so well as a team to take out Vinci. Ciampa hit Vinci with a knee to the face and he then held the ropes open so Gargano could hit him with a suicide dive. However, on the outside Kaiser attacked Gargano from behind and Vinci dropped him with a side suplex on the apron.

Following a commercial break, Gargano was trying to get Ciampa tagged in, but Kaiser pulled Ciampa off the apron. Vinci then hit Gargano with a pop-up backbreaker, but Vinci then reversed a fireman’s carry into a spike DDT and tagged in Ciampa. After getting into the match Ciampa took out both of his opponents and hit Kaiser with a reverse DDT. All four men were now trading shots, Kaiser hit Ciampa with a discus clothesline. Kaiser then dove from the second rope, but Gargano caught him with a superkick in mid-air.

With Vinci on his own, we got vintage #DIY as they hit him with a Meeting in the Middle and won their first match back as a team!

Winners: #DIY

Shinsuke needs a challenge. Credit: WWE

Shinsuke Nakamura aired yet another video package demanding for his next opponent to show themself!

Candice LeRae vs. Xia Li

This match came to be after Li attacked LeRae from behind last week on Raw, LeRae was clearly still upset as she started very aggressively. However, Li then trapped LeRae’s head in the apron and kneed LeRae in the head. Back in the ring, Li knocked LeRae out cold with a spinning heel kick and the referee called the match off.

Winner: Xia Li

WWE aired a fantastic video package for Drew McIntyre ahead of his World Heavyweight Championship opportunity against Seth Rollins this Saturday at Crown Jewel.

Seth then came to the ring to respond to Drew’s video by saying “Boo-freakin-hoo!” He said people had it a lot harder than Drew in 2020, and there is no reason to feel sorry for him. Drew chooses to blame everything after 2020 on The Bloodline, but he doesn’t hear people like Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes complaining. If Drew is able to beat Seth this Saturday, Seth said he will be the first person to shake his hand and congratulate him. Seth was trying to continue talking, but he was jumped from behind by JD McDonagh.

Seth Rollins vs. JD McDonagh

Once Rollins got back to his feet and the bell rang, he was all over McDonagh and was throwing him into the barricades. Rollins chopped through McDonagh’s chest multiple times, but McDonagh battled back with a corkscrew tope. McDonagh could not stay in control long as Rollins launched him over the top rope and hit him with a suicide dive. Rollins stayed on the attack with a sling blade and running knee, but McDonagh caught Rollins with a headbutt and a standing Spanish fly.

No cash in tonight. Credit: WWE

The World Champion came right back with a buckle bomb and then went to the top rope, but out from the back came Damian Priest with his briefcase and a referee. Priest was staying put waiting for a chance to cash in, but Rollins did not slow down and he hit a superplex. Rollins then hit a Pedigree and followed that with a Stomp, he pinned McDonagh for the win while staring down Priest. He challenged Priest to make a move, but Priest said be careful what you wish for and walked to the back.

Winner: Seth Rollins

More people are after the Intercontinental Championship, Ricochet and Ivar want to get their hands on Gunther!

Next week it will be Ricochet vs. The Miz vs. Ivar vs. Bronson Reed and the winner earns a shot at the IC title!

Trick-or-Street Fight — Natalya vs. Chelsea Green w/Piper Niven

The Hart Foundation?! Credit: WWE

With this Halloween-themed street fight, Green and Niven had the perfect costume, they were dressed up as The Hart Foundation! Green as Bret Hart and Niven as Natalya’s father, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart. Green began this match by hitting Natalya in the face with a pumpkin pie, but Natalya hit Green with a candy corn kendo stick! However, Green caught her with a trash can lid and then laid Natalya on a table, but when she dove off the barricade Natalya rolled off the table.

After Green went through the table, Natalya held Green underwater making her bob for apples. She wanted to get both Green and Niven in a double sharpshooter, but she got pushed into the ring post. Green then lifted a pumpkin off the table and under this pumpkin was Nikki Cross, who scared the hell out of Green. Green then went psycho pulling a bag out from under the ring, but this was not a bag of thumbtacks, no this was a bag of candy corn! My goodness this was terrible, Green ended up winning with an Unpretty-her! Just awful stuff here.

Winner: Chelsea Green

Damian Priest vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn looked great from the opening bell, hitting Priest with a variety of strikes, a diving elbow and a moonsault off the barricade. However, as Zayn got back in the ring Priest caught him with a superkick and he followed that with a back elbow and falcon’s arrow. Zayn continued to fight back, he climbed the ropes to hit a tornado DDT and then attempted to dive to the outside. Unfortunately for him, Priest caught him in mid-air by the throat and chokeslammed him on the ring apron.

Reckoning. Credit: WWE

Priest was in full control, but he could not keep Zayn down, so of course out from the back came Dirty Dom and Finn Bálor. This distraction allowed Priest to hit a Reckoning, which is his own version of the Cross Rhodes that he has not used in a very long time. Zayn began to battle back, so Bálor distracted the referee while Dom punched Zayn in the face. This led to Jey Uso running out to take out Dom and Bálor, but Jey then got in the ring to superkick Priest causing a disqualification and giving Priest the win.

All three members of J-Day jumped Zayn and Uso, so now hobbling out on his one good leg came Cody Rhodes. Rhodes went right after Priest all while Zayn and Uso took out Dom and Bálor by diving over the top rope to the outside. Rhodes then got Priest onto the announce table, but JD McDonagh came through the crowd and pulled Priest off the table saving him. Priest then ran out of the arena through the crowd and McDonagh was caught with a Helluva Kick from Zayn.

Zayn handed McDonagh to Rhodes on the announce table and Rhodes hit him with two Cross Rhodes on the announce table! Rhodes now grabbed a microphone to tell Priest last week he tried to take him out and he was unsuccessful, he has the briefcase and all these accolades but he is not the leader of J-Day. Priest is forever walking behind every other member of J-Day, and Rhodes said he is officially back on his path and this Saturday his path goes straight through Priest!