Well, it’s Salina de la Renta’s first week back as Executive Producer at MLW as Jesús Rodriguez introduces her as such. The crowd was booing at the beginning for some reason. Maybe they really don’t like Rodriguez.

Salina wants to take this industry further by bringing it to Mexico. Also, whatever plans she had for Alex Kane tonight was interrupted by Ichiban’s appearance.

She looked done with life. Ha! Ha! Ha!

If de la Renta wants to make a huge splash then she’ll have to allow a World Middleweight Championship match for Ichiban against the current champion Rocky Romero. She laughed it off.

She hates being cut off, so she decides to have Ichiban wrestle Jesús Rodriguez RIGHT NOW.

On other news, Salina has a big announcement concerning Fightland coming up soon. Ooh!

Ichiban vs. Jesús Rodriguez – 20 minute time limit match

Ichiban explodes out of the gates with a drop kick right on the mark as it pushes Jesús down. He was momentarily on a roll, but Salina attempts to distract him by throwing some sort of white powder in his face, which misses in order for Jesús to capitalize.

Rodriguez goes into a quick cover after that well-maneuvered vertical suplex. He had the referee’s attention on him for a while, so Salina could use the middle rope to choke Ichiban with.

Ichiban makes a comeback coming down with a right hand against Jesús’ head from up top then follows that with a Stunner.

Jesús catches Ichiban in mid-air, plants him on the mat then rings his ears with a side kick. All that wasn’t enough to put Ichiban away.

Jesús misses with a Moonsault, which Ichiban capitalizes with a drop kick and a running Bulldog. The match ends with Ichiban performing a winning Ichiban Kai.

And speaking of Kai, Salina really does see Ichiban as a threat, so it didn’t take long after the fight that Rocky Romero and Janai Kai would descend.

De la Renta and Rodriguez would join the carnage soon after to make sure that Ichiban won’t be getting to Fightland by authorizing Romero to slam him against a chair.

Winner: Ichiban 

If Salina wasn’t showing any remorse before, she sure as hell is continuing with that attitude as she announces the Fightland Tag Team match she was able to secure.

The odd thing was that every seven seconds or so, she’s interrupted by the chanting sound of “Bomaye!” echoing across the hallway. Ha! Her face.

Rocky Romero (c) vs. Volador Jr. – CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship highlight match

The introductions weren’t even complete before Volador drop kicked Rocky. Also Jr. suicide dives after him, so he can get an edge on his opponent.

Rocky turns things around in his favour by constantly squishing Volador in the corner.

Romero was putting Jr. through hell as you observe them profoundly. Simply trying to apply multiple pins.

Volador get his arm bent differently. Rocky is on the receiving end of a Backstabber as they both venture to pin the other.

Volador looks to fly and perfectly lands on top of Rocky on the main floor.

A Sunset Flip by Romero wasn’t enough to pin his challenger. A series of German suplexes back and forth was initiated at some point during the fight.

Rocky may have used so many moves to reign, but he still has a very bold problem being Volador in his path.

Rocky retains after beating Volador by applying the arm bar submission as Jr. taps almost immediately due to his shoulder pain.

Winner: Rocky Romero

As we return to MLW, we are looking at the new World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai and Salina de la Renta backstage.

Kai is known as the “Kick Demon,” as she refers to herself. The sole person worthy enough in the women’s division to be part of Promociones Dorado. She is one of the multiple surprises Salina has in store for us.

Specifically the three promotional industries in one roof for Fightland. The Tag Team involving Ichiban where he will face Rocky Romero of NJPW and Bárbaro Cavernario of CMLL has been confirmed. As for his teammate, he found the talented Mascara Dorado 2.0 to join him.

Following this, Delmi Exo was fuming about Salina’s version of change, especially if it means she loses her title to a new competitor. De la Renta simply reminds Delmi that it’s her fault for not allowing her to manage Exo’s career, so the consequences that come after are hers to bear.

Later on, Salina bumps into Mister Saint Laurent’s creepy ass self. Even she was uncomfortable…. But anyway, they had an agreement. Laurent was able to provide Salina with a hundred stolen documents she could use for extortion while she grants any member of the World Titan Federation a title match anytime, anywhere he chooses.

Next Thursday, Second Gear Crew’s 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice will have the chance to face the current World Tag Team Champions, The Calling’s Akira and Rickey Shane Page.

Somewhere in the parking lot, Salina is seen talking to Mance Warner as she attempts to drag him down verbally, yet Warner practically encourages her to hit him if she wants to.

That is until Jacob Fatu catches her hand. All Fatu wants is a match in Mexico given that’s Salina’s specialty. “I think you should be careful what you wish for.” Salina says ominously.

Also, more on the B3cca and her music record story next week since she couldn’t compete for the World Featherweight Championship at Slaughterhouse… and Love, Doug too.

Back to Salina’s major announcement that includes Alex Kane. Despite complementing her on a job well done, Kane feels the need to call Salina’s new reality show “Hoe Island,” which got fans giggling. Not Salina though.

She replies that Mr. Thomas is Kane’s pimp, and that he spends his time down on all fours considering he’s the “hoe”. But we’re not here for that. Salina’s surprise is that Kane will defend his World Heavyweight Championship at Fightland against none other than Jacob Fatu!


TOP PHOTO: Salina de la Renta standing next to Janai Kai. Courtesy of MLW