It’s Saturday night and it’s still all right for fighting, especially on X/Twitter between Billy Corgan and Dave Meltzer. I wonder what the fuss is about?

As for tonight, Bryan Danielson earned a chance to face TNT Champion Christian Cage for the title. But first, let’s get to your…

Rapid Rampage Review in Rhyme™


Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker beat The Hardy Boys and Brother Zay,

And Jay Lethal defeated Beretta without much delay.

Emi Sakura faced Skye Blue and lost,

Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta stopped The Gates of Agony with no physical cost.

So the question is after all that, is watching Rampage these days a reason to stay?

Now for what you really wanted to see, it’s…

AEW Collision

We come to you from the Huntington Center in Toledo, OH. Nigel McGuinness, Tony Schiavone, and Kevin Kelly have the call as The Rated R Superstar comes down to ringside. He gets on the mic to address what Cage had to say, and that brings out the TNT champ with Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus along with a dude in a suit and security.

Cage confronts him about being on his show, along with security detail for his protection. He needs to get ready for the main event, and Cage tells Copeland to hit the bricks because he’ll be like Toledo and “be known for nothing.”  Ouch!

Now Danielson comes out to rebuke Cage and talked to Tony Khan earlier and he agreed that Wayne and Luchasaurus will be banned from ringside tonight to make it fair.  Next up to add their two cents are Big Bill and Ricky Starks.  They interrupt this “remake of Wild Hogs” while Starks respects Cage, and addresses Danielson and how he needs to step away from him.  Then Starks sees Copeland giving him the stink eye, and this exchange is just too good not to print:

Starks:  Don’t look at me with those bug eyes.  I’m talking to this guy.

Copeland:  It’s your stupid silk slacks, dumbass.

Starks:  Yeah. Sadly, you didn’t take style from the other place, but either way….

Copeland:  You took it from The Rock. You’re a vanilla…a midget version of  him, but shut your mouth and talk to him instead of me, kid.  Know your role!

Starks:  Wow. That really set me over the edge.

Ha-HA!  Wordplay.

Anyway, he proposes a fight, and that brings FTR out.  They know Starks said there will be no rematch, but Wheeler says when they get healthy they will fight their way back to the top spot. Danielson then adds he wants a fight, and Cage shoves security into all four men, and they get to be the Star Trek red shirts.

We get a little promo on MJF in the New England area with the New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and others to discuss the issues of anti-Semitism.

Now Bobby Cruise announces the First Match of the night which is for the…

Courtesy of AEW.

Ring of Honor Television Championship Match: Samoa Joe(c) vs. Willie Mack

As the Code of Honor is adhered to, Mack starts with a wristlock to a release, and then the “Meat” chants get into full force as Joe tackles and punches down Mack in the corner.  Mack comes back with a running enzugiri and nails a plancha to the floor on the champ.  During Picture in Picture, Mack and Joe chop away, but it is the ROH TV champ who gets back in the ring with a chop to the back and a kick to the chest as he covers for two.  Mack chops away and then gives Joe a purple nurple (you fiend!) and then splashes him in the corner.  Mack connects with a cannonball in the corner and then covers for two.  Joe returns fire with a boot to a standing senton for a two count, and then he gives Mack a powerslam that almost underrotates and Joe still gets a count of two.  Joe goes for an enzugiri that gets blocked and Mack retaliates with a stunner for a two count.  He goes up the top turnbuckle for his Six Star frog splash and Joe trips him up and delivers the musclebuster for the three count and that means…

Your Winner, And Still ROH World Television Champion:  Samoa Joe

Lexy Nair is backstage with the hot and flexible CJ, and she is here to help guide wrestlers to gold and make champions. Action Andretti pops in and offers his services.

That was quick.

Also, Danhausen is very, very nice. Plus, he’s very evil.

I dunno what in the name of The Season of the Witch is going on, but what a cool commercial.  But we need to head back to the ring for…

“Rock Hard” Juice Robinson (with Jay White, and The Gunns) vs. “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Robinson tries to get into the head of The Fallen Angel early in the match as he throws his shirt at him and takes control of Daniels.  He throws him to the middle ropes to stun Daniels and Robinson tosses him out as The Bang Bang Gang mug him.  He’s sent back into the ring and eats a running back elbow by Robinson.  During Picture in Picture, the Stray Bullet, but Daniels gets the upper hand and rams him into the guardrails which leads to

Ads (Can the Monkeys in the Truck *NOT* do that when it looks like it’ll be an interesting match?!  I ask so little!)

We come back and Robinson punches away followed by a senton for a two count.  Then Daniels reverses with a Northern Lights suplex and then hits a flatliner.

Daniels then nails his STO and a high-angle DVD gets another count of two.  He calls for the Angels Wings, but Robinson shoves him in the corner and unleashes The Left Hand of God. Follows with a cannonball and the Juice is Loose (Implant DDT) ends it.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Juice Robinson

After the match, White gets down on one knee and gives Robinson a (replica) Dynamite Diamond ring, and punches out Daniels with it. He then gets on the mic and tells the fans he’s been knocking out losers for years. He says that when he earns the ring, he’ll put it on the Left Hand of God.

But really, he doesn’t need it and will take the ring and pawn it out. White adds on to proclaim he will be the AEW champ after he beats MJF to make it official at the Full Gear PPV.

Dustin Rhodes on wanting to enter Dynamite Dozen in Houston

Nair is backstage with the hairless cat, Nick Wayne, to talk about the sitdown interview he’ll have next week on Dynamite with Jim Ross and his mom. He’s taken aback but says everyone can find out about it on Dynamite

And for…well, let’s be charitable and call it a match…

Kyle Fletcher vs. “Beefcake” Boulder

Yeah, do you smell the squash that’s about to happen?  Because I can. 

So, in honor of this match, here is a great recipe for a Beef and Zucchini Squash skillet for those cold winter nights. 

As for the match, a dragon sleeper by Fletcher ends it.

Your Winner via Pinfall:  Kyle Fletcher

Renee Paquette talks with The Acclaimed and successfully defended three times in 48. but apparently, Daddy Ass and Bowens note that Caster needs help with relationships. So after a brief coaching sesh,  Paquette comes back as Caster congratulates her on her oral sessions.

Ahh, Comedy.

Then Menard, Parker, and Garcia come into the picture and say their Trios title run is at an end, and want them to challenge them in Memphis at Battle of the Belts VIII.

Two things from this:  We have an eighth Battle of the Belts?  Also, will there be an actual title change?

We’ll find out next week, as the next title match is for the…

Courtesy of AEW.

TBS Championship Match: Kris Statlander (c) vs. Skye Blue

Commentary talks about the change in attitude ever since Hart sprayed Blue with the mist.  But once the bell rings the match favors Statlander, and she is too powerful against Blue.  Blue manages a neckbreaker between the ropes and during Picture in Picture Blue sends her to the outside.  Statlander and Blue battle out on the floor, and she chops her chest and sends Blue back in.  Blue is showing no respect to the champ, and Statlander gives her a twenty-second delayed vertical suplex.  She whips Blue to the corners but Blue moves away and clubs her chest and follows with a snapmare.  She gets a chinlock and keeps the champ grounded until Statlander powers up and nails a Blue Thunder bomb for a two count, and then Blue hits a huracanrana for another count of two she is getting frustrated.  Blue goes up the top turnbuckle and Statlander catches her.  Blue manages to reverse to an avalanche powerbomb and a crossbody but she catches her and slams hard to the mat.

Blue hits a thrust kick followed by a rollup for two, but Stalander delivers the Saturday Night Fever delivers the pin and the win.

Your Winner, and Still AEW TBS Champion:  Kris Statlander

As she goes for a handshake, Blue waves her off.  Then Willow Nightingale enters to create some space between the two, and Statlander takes the hint and walks off.

Kyle Fletcher cust a promo from the back, and says he wants a match with Kenny Omega on next week’s Dynamite.

We get a vignette on La Faccion Ingobernable, and they are coming back to AEW.

Until they pick up some wins, color me uninterested.

Speaking of uninteresting things here is…

Keith Lee vs. Turbo Floyd

Let’s clear up a few things since we were supposed to be getting Brian Cage versus Komander.  Apparently, Komander was injured, according to X/Twitter, and Khan has postponed this match for a later date.

That’s fine, and I hope the luchador has a speedy recovery.  I also understand this was probably thrown at the last minute.  So some of you are thinking I need to call this match like it happens, right?


You must be new here because this deserves a Haiku In Review™:


Limitless Lee shows

The Outrunner why All Bask

In His Glory.  Done.

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty watch on a monitor backstage, so this is far from done as far as they are concerned.

The Redeemer Miro notes that he is being tested as his wife has re-entered his life. He is willing to destroy anyone, including Andretti, and this is the promise.

I mean, I appreciate a man protecting his wife, but this…?

Well, it could be worse, and it will be for Andretti in the long run.

Jim Ross joins at commentary for the Main Event for the…

Courtesy of AEW.

TNT Championship Match: Christian Cage (c) vs. Bryan Danielson 

As we get boxing-style intros, the bell rings and they tie up.  Cage tosses him and gestures that he is the champ.  Then they go to a test of strength, and Danielson trips him up and Cage doesn’t want to deal with a submission and escapes.  There’s some nice chain wrestling by both men, and Danielson about catches him in a LeBelle lock but Cage escapes and goes outside the ring.

During Picture in Picture, Cage puts pressure on the American Dragon, and then chops him in the corner, and then…

Ads (You witless donkeys in the truck!  Do that for a match like Lee/Floyd, or Robinson/Daniels, not for this!  I swear I will slap someone with a clipboard if that beats some sense into you!)

We come back and Danielson gets a standing switch to a surfboard into a pin for a two count.  Then the action spills outside, and he throws Cage to the guardrails and Danielson follows with a running dropkick.

Back in the ring, Danielson goes for an Indian Deathlock to a bow and arrow and it’s another pin attempt for a count of two.  Then he drops him on his bad arm, and Cage targets the bad wing amid “F*** you, Christian!” chants.  He whips him into the corner and Danielson goes up for a crossbody splash that misses.  Cage covers for two and keeps working his bad arm.  He gets a double wristlock, and Danielson fights out of the hold.  Cage keeps on the pressure ramming him into the ring post and then a back body drop on the ring apron.

Cage keeps focused on the arm during Picture in Picture and slams it on the commentary desk.  He sends Danielson back in the ring and props him up top for a superplex and Danielson blocks and head-butts him down.  He dives for a head butt as Cage is bleeding from the forehead.  That follows with a series of headbutts and Danielson backflips and nails a flying clothesline.  He kicks away and gets an avalanche Busaiku Knee for a two-count.  Cage kicks and gets a sunset flip but Danielson escapes and nails a running dropkick, followed by a huracanrana but gets reversed to a rollup for a count of two.  Cage gets a thumb to the eye stuns him on top rope and follows with a frog splash for a two count.  He gestures for a Killswitch, and Danielson steps on his knee and kicks his chest.  He counters and Cage rushes for a spear but Danielson kicks him down and covers for one, two…nope.

Now Danielson stomps him down and rushes to the corner but Cage gets a flash spear and Killswitch keeps him down for one, two…oh, so close.  Another spear misses and Danielson lands the Busaiku knee for a count of two, and he quickly goes to the LeBelle Lock but Cage manages to get a foot on the ropes to break the submission.  He tries again but Big Bill comes down and distracts the ref and Starks on the opposite side hits Danielson with the AEW tag title belt, and Cage rolls him up for one, two, and three.

Your Winner via Pinfall, and Still AEW TNT Champion:  Christian Cage

That soon brings out Nick Wayne and Luchasaurus then all five men beat him down post-match until FTR rushes out for the save, and Copeland joins the fray to even the odds. That leaves “The Hairless Cat” Wayne in the ring and he gets a spear for his troubles.

Danielson and the rest stand tall in the ring, as the show fades to black.


Final Thoughts:

Danielson can do no wrong in the ring, and Cage is at his best as a heel.  Those two made magic in the ring, along with Robinson/Daniels and Joe/Mack.

For now, we’ll see ya next Saturday!