Greetings and salutations! We have afullslate for Collision tonight including a Tag Team Title match and a triple threat for the TNT Title as Christian Cage looks to become the legit champion. We are a week away from Wrestle Dream so I expect a full set up. Without further ado, let’s get to the action!

We start things off right away with the TNT Championship match….

TNT Championship: Luchasaurus (c) VS Christian Cage VS Darby Allin

Cage starts things off yelling orders to Luchasaurus. Cage tells Luchsaurus to attack Allin, but he leaves the ring. Allin takes the chance and attacks Luchasaurus then focuses his attack on Cage.  Allin and Cage battle a bit in the ring until Cage throws him out. Cage controls the match and there is a chair in the ring now. Cage controls Allin and lays himon the chair and steps on it.

Allin tries everything he can to fight back but his effortsare in vein as he is taken out by Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus thinks about the pin, but Cage tells him not to. Cage takes the pin instead and it’s only good for a 2-count. Luchasaurus is starting to look angry at the situation. Allin, now outside gets double teamed by the heels. Allin gets thrown to the steel steps.

Luchasaurus and Cage both go for spears, but Allin moves quickly out of the way and hits the turnbuckles. Allin gets a couple 2-counts on Cage. Allin now finds the open window to hit a Coffin Drop onto Luchasaurus and Cage at the same time.

Allingoes to the top again, but is met by Luchasaurus for a huge slam. After finally touching the TNT Title for the first time, he and Cage argue. Allin pushes them into each other and buts a Coffin Drop on Luchasarus, but Cage is in to throw him out of the ring and steal the pinfall win.

Winner: AND NEW TNT Champion; Christian Cage

After the match. Cage celebrates and hugs Luchasaurus but Luchasaurus doesnt look thrilled. Luchasaurus then puts Cage over his Shoulders to celebrate.

We get a recap of Omega saving Jericho. In the back, Callis talks about Ibushi and Omega’s relationship and says they are more than brothers. Callis then hypes the match at Wrestle Dream.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with the new TNT champion Christian Cage and Luchasaurus. Cage says that he is finally finished with Allin, but Schiavone says that next Sunday at Wrestle Dream he will defend it against Allin….

HOOK and RVD Vs. Matt Menard & Angelo Parker

Menard and HOOK start the match and Menard hits an arm drag. HOOK takes Menard down on the mat and puts him in a front face lock. HOOK hits some elbows to Menard’s face, but Anna Jay grabs HOOK’s leg and he trips to the floor. RVD is tagged in and delivers an Arm Drag to Parker. RVD follows this up with a series of kicks to Parker. RVD poses to the crowd.

HOOK is in the ring and throws Menard and Parker out of the ring. HOOK tries to tag in RVD, but Parker grabs him to stop but, but HOOK breaks through with a series of Suplexes and finally gets the tag. RVD hits a rolling thunder to Parker, and follows that up with a Toe to the boot to Menard. Jake Hager comes into the ring with a chair, but RVD dodges him and hits the Van Daminator. HOOK gets a hold on Menard, while RVD hits a 5 Star Forgsplash to win the match

Winner: HOOK & RVD

We get a video package of Eddie Kingston winning the ROH Title. Kingston announces he’s putting up the titles to go against NJPW star Katsuyori Shibata.

We get a Dark Order ad where we are told to join.

The Kingdom, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett call out Best Friends after their match on Rampage

Julia Hart Vs. Kiera Hogan

The match was originally supposed to be Hart VS Willow Nightingale, but Nightingale was attacked and sent to the hospital. Hogan kicks things off by attacking Hart in the corner, but Hart gets the advantage and hits a Suplex to Hogan. Hart punches Hogan, who is trying to protect herself and is able to get some kicks in. Hart puts Hogan in a headlock but Hogan escapes  with the help of some punches. Hogan with some kicks to Hart. Hart manages to  hit a Drop Toehold to Hogan. In the middle of thering, Hart puts the Heartless submission on Hogan, and Hogan is forced to give up.

Winner: Julia Hart

After the match, Julia Hart continues to attack Hogan. Skye Blue comes out to make the save but gets a face of mist from Hart after King intervened.  Brody King says this violence will not end until Hart gets a shot at Kris Statlander and the TBS Championship. King tells Statlander to put her title on the line next week at Wrestle Dream or the body count will continue to rise. Julia Hart says the House always wins.

A video package plays for The Righteous. It’s again stated that they will challenge Adam Cole and MJF for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles at WrestleDream.

Jay White VS Andrade El Idolo

The match starts off with White and Idolo locking up and White manages to escape. Idolo locks in a second Headlock. WHite struggles out and manages to put Idolo in the side headlock takeover. The two go back and firth until they end up outside of the ring. Both men get back to the ring quickly. Back in the ring, Idolo hits a few Snap Suplexes to White. Idolo is looking for a Three Amigos, but White stops it. Idolo throws White out of the ring, and Juice Robinson tries to get White back in form. White is back in the ring, and gets the advanage of the match again. White launches Idolo outside the ring and Bullet Club Gold surround him and tease him. from the break, White is now chopping Idolo. Idolo moves out of the ring and hits a Clothesline to White. Both men trade chops and Idolo with a Dragon Screw to White, and follows that up with a forearm. Idolo and White battle back and forth and BBC get White out of the ring, but Idolo goes to the top rope and jumps onto all members of BCC.

Idolo with a Double moonsault to White, but its only good for a 2-count. White goes for a sleeper suplex, but Idolo gets out of it. After some chops,  White suplexes Idolo to the outside of the ring. White rolls Idolo back in the ring. White with a Enzuigiri for a two-count. After more chops, and then an elbow to a jaw, Idolo gets a 2-count of his own. Idolo with a running Knee to White’s face. Juice saves Whit yet again by putting White’s foot on the ropes forcing a break to the count. In the ring, Idolo locks in a Figure 8, but Juice saves White again while the Gunn’s distracts the referee. White with a Blade Runner and the win.

Winner: Jay White

A video package plays for Santana and Ortiz. Ortiz says Santana is a keyboard warrior who runs from his problems, but he won’t be able to run much longer.

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty are backstage. Taylor talks about the history of his tag team with Keith Lee in Ring of Honor. Taylor says it’s his time now and Lee is the only person standing in his way. It’s teased that Keith Lee will take on Lee Moriarty soon.

AEW Tag Team Titles: FTR (c) VS  The Work Horsemen

Aussie Open come out and join commentary. The match starts off with Wheeler and Henry. Henry gets a one count after a quick take down. Henry tags in Drake while Wheeler tags in Harwood. Harwood and Drake lock up and go back and forth, until Drake lands a Suplex. Henry is back in for a few moves and Drake is in again. Harwood and Drake with some back and forth action including a series of punches and kicks. Drake take Harwood out and getsa 2.9 count. Drake with a Moonsault, but misses. Harwood now has Drake in the sharpshooter for the win.

Winners: AND STILL AEW Tag Team Champions; FTR

Aussie Open get in the ring and remind FTR in eight days, they will be in the fight of their lives. Kyle Fletcher says Aussie Open might not have lived up to the hype since coming to AEW, but they will prove themselves at Wrestle Dream. Dax Harwood mocks them for their bad luck streak and says if they don’t bring the dog-like attitude to Wrestle Dream next week don’t bother showing up.

CJ Perry is backstage. Perry says Miro has lost his way. Perry says all she wanted to do was help lead him to gold again. Miro says his temptation is her as the lights and cameras change her. They both agree to take their own path in AEW. Perry asks Miro not to lay his hands on anyone she decides to manage in AEW. Miro walks away and doesn’t give her an answer.

Texas Death Match: Ricky Starks Vs. Bryan Danielson

The match starts off with Starks attacking Danielson in the corner with punches. Danielson with a Dive, sending Starks outside of the ring. Starks and Danielson fight in the crowd. Danielson with the advantage as he kciks Starks on the Steel Steps. They are making their way to the ring until Starks throws Danielson in the crowd. Starks is back in the ring. Starks with a dive onto Danielson into the crowd.

Back from the break, Danielson is bleeding from the ring bell hit. Starks is hitting him in the forehead with the mic. Starks attacks Danielson’s leg with a chair. Danielson is on the ropes and Starks is biting the bleeding head of Danielson.

Danielson finally is able to dropkick Starks, but his left knee is hurting him. Danielson with some Kicks. Danielson was going to spear Starks but he hits him with the chair. Starks stomps Danielson’s head onto the chair. Starks is in control and he is choking Danielson with a steel chain. The referee is counting and it’s up to 9, but Danielson is up before he is counted out.

Starks goes for the spear but Danielson converts this into a Crossface. Danielson is now using the chain to choke Starks, but Starks gets out of it with a few forearms shots, but Danielson rolls him over and does the same.

Both men are on their knees and trying to hit each other, but they fall to the mat and the referee is counting to 10. Starks has a chair, but Danielson hits a Running Knee to the chair, causing Starks to bleed now. Danielson with a series of stomps on Starks’ face and spits on him. Danielson wraps the chain around his knee and does a Psycho knee to Starks. The referee starts counting to ten and Starks can’t move to the match is over!

Winner: Bryan

Wheeler Yuta and Big Bill come out to check on their guys as the show ends…