Mayhem that happened on The Grayson Waller Effect, mostly being his fault for acting like an instigator, we’re kicking off the evening with the greatest of all time John Cena.

I was happy to hear that he’s going to have a match with AJ Styles as his partner to fight Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. Cena says that his mad at The Bloodline and found someone who’s just as upset.

Ha! Girl, I’m starting to notice a pattern. Every time Cena has a microphone, people feel the need to snatch it from his hand in an aggression manner. Although I know his pissed, even Styles does that too.

Anyway, they both instigate Jimmy and Solo to make an entrance, pretty much crying for a fight, but the brothers instinctively patronize Cena and Styles by leaving the stage.

So, John and AJ have a chat with Adam Pearce to make it official. According to Pearce, when it comes to The Bloodline, you have to talk to Paul Heyman. In conclusion, Adam will locate Heyman in order to make it happen, to the confusion of Cena and Styles.

Santos Escobar & Rey Mysterio vs. The Street Profits – Tag Team match

Escobar and Dawkins start this match off as Angelo has his opponent in a headlock. Later on, Santos manages to get his foot in with a drop kick to Dawkins’ chest.

Mysterio is tagged in and momentarily disposed of Dawkins. However, that quickly goes out the window once Angelo knocks Mysterio senseless and tags Ford in.

Rey takes out Dawkins with a cheap shot then launches Montez on the main floor and kicks him for extra measure.

Unfortunately, Rey misses with a body drop slide since Dawkins dragged Montez out of the way resulting Mysterio crashing on the ground. Escobar comes to check on him and gets bulldozed by Angelo. It was quite funny.

Ford does make a comeback with that wicked clothesline to Rey that whipped him so hard into orbit. The cover that followed was very close to winning.

Ford is sent crashing into the second turnbuckle after hoisting Rey on his shoulders.

The moment Santos comes in, he goes in at full speed. He even takes out Dawkins as well.

Escobar amazes us with a massive Huricarana from the top of the ring to Montez, yet it proved ineffective enough to keep Ford in the game. Zelina Vega couldn’t believe it.

Rey counters Angelo in mid-air with a DDT. Mysterio thought it had Dawkins pegged until Angelo returned fire with a powerbomb that almost took out Rey if it weren’t for Escobar.

Some people like it when someone at ringside helps them like Lashley did when he planted Rey against the apron, despite that Angelo didn’t seem too pleased about that like Dominik would be if Priest, Ripley or Balor would do that for him.

Somehow, Rey turned it around, flips Dawkins over for a victorious cover. That hesitation from Angelo caused his team the match. Lashley was shocked. Ha! Ha!

Winners: Rey Mysterio & Santos Escobar 

When the The Rock returned last week, 153 million views witnessed this momentous event. I’m proud to say I was one of those viewers. It was beyond incredible seeing The Rock again.

While the rest of us are still feeling the effects of The Rock, Austin Theory isn’t so much. He comes out of nowhere and starts yelling at Michael Cole, Kevin Patrick and Corey Graves. Cole thinks Theory feels disrespected since he believes he didn’t need Dwayne to feel relevant. He made last Friday explosive, now Dwayne.

A delusional perspective. Those views didn’t come because of you. Theory was being escorted away from the stage by officials. And thank you for not letting him spoil the evening more than he already has.

But onto a more… sinister side of reality. From what I’ve noticed, the Women’s Tag Team titles are cursed. Every one who’s held it: Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler, Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez, Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green and now, Green and Piper Niven have met with misfortune.

“Who could have conjured such a spell like that?” Why, Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn, of course. Ever since they lost the NXT Women’s Tag Team titles to Rousey and Baszler, things have been going wrong for anyone who came after.

And they couldn’t have arrived at a better time because I was wondering where they went.

Elsewhere, Theory is throwing a hissy fit because Pearce told him his damaged feelings don’t give him the right to highjack the show. Due to his stupid mouth, Grayson Waller got himself tangled into a match against The Brawling Brutes with Theory as his partner. Such an idiot.

In the locker room, Lashley voices how pissed he truly was about earlier while having a chat with the Profits. If the Profits can’t get the job done, then Angelo and Montez will have to return the suits they were given leaving Lashley to find someone else more worthy. “Tough love,” is how Cole described it.

Iyo Sky (c) vs. Asuka – WWE Women’s Championship match

Before the match even started, Charlotte Flair makes an entrance knowing she’s just as much a threat than those within the ring.

Once the fight officially begins, Asuka and Iyo are kicking for position, trying to get a firm enough lock on the other’s arm. This is their first ever match together in history despite crossing paths for 15 plus years.

Since Iyo successfully cashed in at SummerSlam, people have been calling that a fluke. It’s one thing to cash in, and it’s another to succeed in defending your title. I’m not one of those people. I think Sky will make it regardless.

Asuka manages to flip Iyo over for a quick cover that fails in the end. The Empress’ arm drags were effectively harmful as you could see on Iyo’s face.

Sky establishes a foot in as she arm drags Asuka from the top. Asuka has the champ scouted as she misses with a Moonsault, then Asuka knocks her down with a boot to the face.

Iyo accomplishes two drop kicks from the coast of the ring, shoving Asuka from the top onto her back harshly.

Asuka’s intensity knows no bound as she delivers Kawana-style kicks to Iyo, who’s dangling on the turnbuckles.

Asuka pegged Iyo with a superplex, but it also took too much out of the Empress. She did cover the champ, but the match goes on.

Iyo keeps a good grip around Asuka’s waist, so she could deliver a bridge suplex. Once the challenger gets out of the cover, she reserves into a submission soon after. A modified Komora.

Iyo gets out just in time after that rocking basement slide kick to her head that could have ended her Championship performance.

Sky makes a springboard drop kick look effortless as she sends Asuka plopping to the outside.

The champ did have great ring awareness as she applied the cross face on Asuka. Yet the challenger quickly applied the Asuka Lock, blocking Iyo’s air supply as well as her escape route. Only just because Asuka’s shoulders were down, which forced her to break the hold.

Asuka definitely was putting Iyo threw hell right now. Asuka Lock after Asuka Lock. Roll ups and other submissions of agony. This match was beautifully brutal.

I promise to God, Iyo was possibly down and out after the latest Asuka Lock the Empress applied. She was fading fast as Iyo struggled to get to the bottom rope. She couldn’t, so in ridiculous fashion, Bayley grabs Sky’s foot and places it on the rope as she alerts the official.

I’m sure Iyo would have lost if it weren’t for that nonsense. That prompted Charlotte to get involved by attacking Bayley.

Asuka notices that she lost because of Bayley, which distracted her from incoming knees to the back of her neck by Iyo. She retains with a splashing Moonsault.

I would have preferred she win without Bayley’s interference.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Backstage, Pearce was able to draft a contract to sanction a match between Jimmy and Solo versus Cena and Styles… at Fastlane! Oof. I didn’t see that coming. Jimmy agrees that they’ll be in the ring later to sign it.

On the other hand, Heyman is perplexed as to who gave Jimmy those orders because they should come from Reigns. Luckily, Jimmy says he’ll wait to know what Roman has to respond.

Sikoa alludes to the fact that after tonight, there won’t be anyone left facing them at Fastlane. I’m sure.

The Brawling Brutes vs. Austin Theory & Grayson Waller – Tag Team match

The bell rings and Butch goes straight for Theory’s chest. Austin rapidly turns it around with a heavy clothesline, flipping Butch over.

Once Waller gets into this, he delivers vicious knee strikes to Butch’s head. Things were deteriorating for the Brutes, but the ball soon rolls in their favour.

Butch and Holland team up to deliver 20 Beats of the Bodhran. What was stupid of Waller is that he later tried to imitate the Ten Beats onto Butch. Thank God, he didn’t due to Butch’s joint manipulation skills.

You can’t copy the Irishman, Waller. It wouldn’t be surprising if Sheamus showed up to beat your ass for that.

Theory and Waller team up to destabilize Holland by rocking his knees down. Butch drop kicks Theory before he could pick up the win.

Grayson was about to do that rolling Stunner to Butch, but he ducked out to allow Holland to bulldoze him into the corner.

Holland really impressed me when he twisted Theory around into a Boston Crab submission. I’ve never seen Austin so distorted like that. Ha! Ha! Ha! Butch also made sure to grab Waller into a sleeper hold, so he won’t save Austin.

Leave him to his fate. Ha! Sigh… Annoyingly, Waller shoved Butch into the post, performs the rolling Stunner to Holland then Theory ends it all with A-Town Down.

Winners: Grayson Waller & Austin Theory

There was supposed to be a contract signing for Fastlane to serve as one the main events, but when we noticed that AJ Styles didn’t make his usual appearance, we went backstage.

Sikoa saying that he’ll make sure no one will be ready for them became a reality as we see Jimmy assaulting Styles. Cena was flabbergasted, so he makes his way to the back.

Meanwhile, Solo frog splashes Styles from the top of God knows where and flattens AJ so badly that we don’t get to see it.

Staff and officials were able to remove the crates that were blocking the way to retrieve Styles from the debris. There were electrical sparks on in the background as well, thankfully, it wasn’t too wild.

Nevertheless, AJ was hurt so profoundly that they needed to call an ambulance. He was knocked out cold. Cena along with the members of The O.C. were there too.

That was still unlikely to stop Karl Anderson from saying “I told you so” to a blacked-out AJ Styles.

Jimmy has been doing a lot of idiotic things since wanting to return to The Bloodline, but this has been the most disgusted I’ve ever been towards him.

I never thought he’d stoop this low.

Cena ran back to the main stage to fight them despite being alone. He fought valiantly, but the number’s game was too great. Sikoa delivers striking Samoan Spikes to John. Jimmy adds even more anarchy with Uso Splashes while mocking the “you can’t see me” bit.

And just to add even more salt to the wound, Jimmy signs the contract and expects Sikoa to do the same.


TOP PHOTO: Jimmy and Solo standing on top of Cena’s body. Courtesy of WWE