According to an X by Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell), “Two weeks ago, the WWE terminated Panini for breach of contract,” with over two years left of its contract. Panini is still selling WWE licensed trading cards, so WWE will seek an injunction against Panini.

In response, Panini has launched a suit against WWE, which states, “Panini seeks declaratory judgement that WWE’s purported termination was invalid and improper, and breached the Agreement.”

panini wwe suit


As for now, the NBA, MLB Players, WNBA, NASCAR, UFC, and some some soccer leagues still have licenses with Panini. However, in late August, NFL Players Inc. severed its contract with Panini.

The major player, unsaid in the above news, is the company Fanatics, which purchased Topps trading cards in January 2022. Fanatics has been growing and has been aggressive in the marketplace. Fanatics also acts as the distribution arm for WWE’s merchandise.